Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots

Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots

Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots


Lahore Smart City is a place where long-held dreams are becoming a reality. It is truly a jewel among the rest of the housing societies because of its outstanding amenities. As a result, the Lahore Smart City is rising to be the fifth influential wonder of its kind in the continent. 

Investors and prospective clients have already begun booking the plots of their liking. The lodging society provides benefits for both residential and commercial properties. 

This blog will help you see why a commercial plot in Lahore Smart City is profitable for you. 

Owners and Developers 

The Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited is developing the housing society. Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited, or FDHL, is a renowned real estate developer. It is noted for its incredibly well-planned buildings with superior engineering when compared to other builders. 

The FDHL was established in 1984 under the business ordinance. The mission of FDHL is to change living into a futuristic and intelligent existence. 

Furthermore, FDHL develops projects with the ultra-modern and opulent lifestyle in mind and delivers exceptional customer service and extensive consultation to their target demographic. 

Why Lahore Smart City?

The Lahore Smart City is dedicated to combining modernism, tranquility, and stability brilliantly. Accordingly, the developers of Lahore Smart City feel that great dreams are essential not only to fall asleep but also to work on and generate something fascinating indefinitely. 

Moreover, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has approved the lodging society. Therefore, an investment in this brilliant housing scheme would prove the best choice and let us see why. 

Lahore Smart City will become a reality in two to three years. Indeed, it will be a true example of cutting-edge foundation and engineering combined with uncompromising international standards.

Therefore, it is a secure investment to make in a jewel-like housing society catering to the needs of a variety of people. 

Lahore Smart City Commercial Plots 

There is nothing more electrifying than the commercial opportunity in Lahore Smart City. The management is to offer limited commercial plots on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, better be ready for it. 

The housing society is launching two of the most demanded plot sizes given below, 

  • 4 Marla 
  • 8 Marla 

These commercial plots will be available in the Overseas Block and Executive Block on a three-year installment plan. Furthermore, you need to deposit the installments by the first day of each installment month. The booking is to start from 10%. 

Overseas Block 

The commercial property in the Overseas Block would be highly beneficial. Namely, it is an opportunity for individuals who live abroad or have dual nationality. Only they can apply for a place in the Overseas Block. 

The Overseas Block will be equipped with all the amenities that people would expect in a foreign country. The block contains a mosque, clinics, accommodations, restaurants, stores, and schools. Additionally, the area consists of residential plots and residential villas. 

The total cost of a 4 Marla plot in the Overseas Block will be up to PKR 9,450,000. Moreover, an 8 Marla plot in the Overseas Block will cost up to PKR 17,950,000. 

Executive Block 

The Executive Block is one of the most popular ones. It contains residential plots, apartments, mosques, a mini-mart, parks, and a jogging track. 

Even the Executive Block is an excellent option for a lucrative commercial investment. The block caters to the needs of local Pakistani investors. Their priorities lie with the commercial property in Lahore Smart City because this opportunity is too good. 

A 4 Marla plot in the Executive Block will cost up to PKR 8,950,000. The cost of an 8 Marla plot in the Executive Block will be up to PKR 17,450,000. 

What are the Benefits of Commercial Plots? 

A property in the most exemplary housing society brings in numerous advantages. However, commercial property in Lahore Smart City comes with a competitive edge compared to residential property. 

Let us explore this fascinating fact.  

Consistent Returns

One of the most inherent benefits of commercial plots in Lahore Smart City is that they are more profitable due to providing consistent returns and, of course, significant cash flow. 

The commercial plots in the housing scheme shall have a longer lease term. It means a more extended cash flow period is guaranteed. Indeed, in commercial properties, the lease documents are essential since they determine the value, price, and agreed to rent suitably in the presence of a lawyer. 

Fantastic Location 

Location plays a vital role in the success of a commercial property. The region of the lodging society is connected to Lahore’s major metropolis. It offers a safe and environmentally friendly atmosphere. In addition, it is near the Lahore Interchange on the Lahore Bypass.

This smart city is also accessible via the Lahore Grand Trunk Road and the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. In addition, the Allama Iqbal Airport and the DHA Lahore are roughly 18 minutes away from the site. 

Business Opportunity 

Commercial investment in Lahore Smart City will put you in the center of the real estate industry and the people looking for specialist assistance. Firstly, you can begin a business of your own. Take the chance of becoming the monopoly in the region. 

Also, you can generate a second revenue stream by renting the commercial space to agents and brokers. You are gaining significant profits in both ways. 

Are you wondering about the Profits? 

Do you want to evaluate your returns? Then, follow the procedure of the capitalization rate, and you will know of the great numbers. 

It is time to look at the capitalization rate, or “cap rate,” for short, once you have limited down your possibilities to the potential commercial properties of your choice—this aids in determining the probable return on investment of a property.

Cap rate is calculated by dividing your property’s net operating expenses by the acquisition price. You can find the cap rate by doing the following steps. 

  • Multiply the average monthly rent for your property by 11.5. It will give you your gross revenue. Furthermore, this will show how much money you can generate from the property for a two-week vacancy per year.
  • To determine your net income, subtract your monthly operational expenses (utilities, taxes, and maintenance) from your gross income.
  • Then, the cap rate is calculated by dividing net income by purchase price.
  • Finally, obtain the percentage of prospective returns on the property by multiplying the cap rate by 100.

Consequently, now you know how exciting the profits are, how wise a decision you are to take and what an incredible passive income awaits you. 

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Under the new sky of the future, the Lahore Smart City commercial plots shall dominate the property market. Therefore, Sigma Properties and Marketing suggest that you keep your priorities with the retail investment in Lahore Smart City. They are limited, at the most favorable prices, and in the best possible location. 


Taj Residencia Review

Taj Residencia Review

Taj Residencia Review

The Taj Residencia is an unparalleled housing society in the vicinity of the Federal Capital. It stands out from all of the rest in the market due to its quality building and class. There is so much satisfaction to be had through a contemporary life of utmost serenity at Taj Residencia. 

Let us delve into a review of Taj Residencia to see why your investment will be the wisest decision ever. 

Exceptional Developers

The first element to review for Taj Residencia is the performance of the developers. Who are the masterminds behind the curtain? It is the Sardar Group of Companies. 

The Sardar Group of Companies has contributed significantly to the real estate and economy. It is one of the nation’s most renowned construction companies. Namely, the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad reflects its commitment to excellence. 

Other projects of brilliance by the Sardar Group of Companies are the following,

  • The Centaurus Apartments 
  • Movenpick 
  • Pak Gulf (Pvt.) Ltd. 
  • Taj Residencia 

Consequently, your investment in Taj Residencia is in the right hands. 

First-Rate Amenities 

The next element to review is the availability of amenities. When you invest your hard-earned money in a housing society, you deserve to have access to every comfort you need. Indeed, Taj Residencia is to exceed expectations in this case.

Every possible necessity and luxury will be accessible for the residents. They will provide immediate medical assistance, educational facilities, shopping centers, and employment opportunities of the suitable standard. 

The establishment of medical centers is to begin shortly. They are also to deliver a mini-golf course and botanical gardens. Naturally, the development work for these will take time. 

Indeed, we have an excellent review to give in this regard. It is because the developers have delivered their promises before and shall do so again. 

Strategic Map Design 

The country’s best venture designers have come together to provide the master plan. It spans over a land of 10,000 Kanal. The layout plan is very well-conceived to prevent any hindrance in the future. 

Taj Residencia has a dynamic master plan that promotes future development. It shows eleven blocks with plots that are neatly separated by broad streets and roads. 

There are many green spaces in the master plan. It is due to the developers’ aim to provide an eco-friendly community. Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has fully authorized the layout plan. 

The proposal of the initial master plan had guaranteed that the lodging society would be an exciting place to live.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to give the housing scheme a chance. 

Convenient Location 

A location contributes significantly to your decision to live anywhere. Thus, we will analyze the site of Taj Residencia. 

The housing scheme lies close to the Twin Cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It is located at Bhata Road near the CDA Sectors I-14, I-15, and I-16. 

I-14 and I-15 link roads serve as the main entrance point to Taj Residencia. Moreover, the Taj Residencia Road construction will connect the housing society to the Islamabad Motorway via

Rawalpindi Ring Road. 

Therefore, the location is favorable because you can reach the Federal Capital in less than 20 minutes. In 45 minutes, you can reach the Centaurus Mall. Furthermore, it is almost a 30 minutes’ drive to the Srinagar Highway and the M2 Motorway. 

You can also access Chakra Road in less than 10 minutes. The New Islamabad International Airport is at a 40 minutes drive.

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Wide Range of Plots 

The variety of plot sizes is a crucial element to analyze to know all the possible investment opportunities. You would be thrilled to see that you can invest in either a 5 Marla plot or a 2 Kanal one according to your budget and need. They are available at a 2.5-year installment plan. 

Furthermore, the management has also launched a new plot size of 3.5 Marla for your convenience. It is available at a 4-year installment plan. 

The plots are available for immediate possession after the down payment. We are giving the plot sizes below, 

  • 3.5 Marla 
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal 
  • 2 Kanal 

Your investment in the lodging society keeps becoming a more exciting opportunity. Hence, it would be beneficial if you considered booking your dream plot today.  

Modernistic Villas 

Is constructing your house a troubling task for you? Well, here comes another positive review. Taj Residencia allows you to have an entirely built villa of the most brilliant infrastructure. 

All you have to do is sign a few documents and make the necessary payments. Then, the management will completely supervise and construct your villa for you. 

The villas provided by the housing society are as follows,

  • Villa (1 Kanal)
  • Model Villa (1 Kanal)
  • Modern Villa (10 Marla)
  • Mediterranean Villa (10 Marla)
  • Eclectic Villa (10 Marla) 
  • Villa (14 Marla) 

Hence, you need only choose the villa of your dreams and let the housing society handle the rest. 

Lengthy Development Span

The housing scheme is in its initial development stage. It will take a few years to be fully completed. 

Phase 1 of Taj Residencia contains eleven blocks. The blocks named A, B, C, and D are under speedy development. As a result, many residences are built, and people have moved in.

Currently, the management is focusing on the development of Phase 2 of Taj Residencia. 

It will take some time for the complete implementation of the housing venture’s intricacy and ingenuity. However, Taj Residencia will be unrivaled and superior to the rest at its completion.

Expensive Lodgings 

An essential element to review is affordability. However, Taj Residencia does not fall in the category of an affordable living environment. The name of Taj Residencia comes alongside Eighteen Islamabad.

Both of the housing projects are focusing on a sky-high level of excellence. Therefore, if the limits to excellence are the very skies, then the Taj Residencia is the right place for you.  

Client Review

One of our clients who invested in Taj Residencia has said, “I needed to get a house for my family and property for passive income. Thus, I have invested in a 5 Marla plot. The installment period helped me earn more money and come back to invest. I invested in another 5 Marla property. Now I have both a supreme lifestyle to give to my family and lucrative investment in one place.” 


Taj Residencia is the focus of investors in the Federal Capital. The review for Taj Residencia clarifies that an investment in it is the best decision to take. Sigma Properties and Marketing shall assist you every step of the way. 

Home Buyers Guide to an Escrow Process

Home Buyers Guide to an Escrow Process

Homebuyers Guide to an Escrow Process

Buying a residential property is a complicated process that most people are unprepared for and do not fully comprehend. Multiple steps must be completed during the buying and selling of a property, from the offer to the home inspection to the mortgage approval. Homebuyers guide to an escrow process, learn and follow the steps.

One of the confusing places for clients in the process of being in escrow, which occurs between the moments a seller accepts the offer and the buyer gets the keys to the new house. 

What is an Escrow?

Escrow is a legal term that refers to a third party who is permitted to retain payment or asset while two transacting parties complete their conditions of the agreement. Both parties agree for the escrow to release the income or asset whenever the terms are met. Escrow is in charge of safeguarding the customer against any potential fraud. In the event of a buyer complaint, the escrow is entitled to address the disagreement through its appropriate body, whose decision is binding on both parties to the transaction. 

Escrow Agent 

The escrow agent plays a vital role. The legal arrangement of escrow consists of a trust agreement in which assets (such as money, stocks, and title deeds) are given to an independent third party, often known as the escrow agent. He holds them in trust until the contractual condition is met. Then, the holder is legally permitted to accept escrows for deposit or delivery to the specified principals. 

The escrow agent delivers the assets to the designated beneficiary when the escrow agreement’s terms are met. You can use the services in a variety of situations. First, he functions as the principals’ fiduciary for the escrow. As such, he must behave in good faith, loyalty, and reasonable care to perform his duties and execute the principals’ orders. As a result, the escrow holder can be considered a dual agent, acting both as an agent and a fiduciary. It is worth noting that the escrow holder does not function as a middleman between the principals and does not become involved in the disputes. 

How Long Does It Take To Close An Escrow?

The escrow process typically takes about 30 days to complete. Although several factors will determine the actual timetable. Most transactions will be able to adhere to this schedule. Escrow can take up to 60 days in some cases. However, this is usually the consequence of difficulty during the closing procedure. Here are a few matters that can affect how long the escrow process takes:

  • Whether the buyer was pre-approved or not.
  • State laws govern the escrow process.
  • How long does it take for a lender to underwrite a loan?
  • If there are any contingencies introduced following the inspection.  

Establish an Escrow Account 

During a real estate deal, escrow begins once an offer is accepted. At that point, the buyer and their real estate agent will work together to establish an escrow account. The account will be held by a neutral third-party company, assisting in the transaction management. 

A financial institution, title business, or escrow agency could be the escrow company. They will hold into account any money or documents exchanged throughout the closing process. The funds held by the escrow holder are contained in the escrow account, from which they are collected and disbursed by the Escrow Agreement. 

The principals of the escrow pay these funds. The agent makes prompt disbursement of the cash as a result. Thus, opening an escrow account is a voluntary agreement that safeguards your investment funds. 

Such escrow accounts allow for two types of payments: monthly payments and escrow closing payments. The periodic payment method disburses funds every month, whereas the closing escrow payments are made only after the initial contract between the principals. 

Hold out on the Lender’s Appraisal

During the closing process, the mortgage provider will arrange an appraisal. It is required to obtain financing for the property.

The appraiser double-checks that the property value matches the asking price. It will protect the lender of the property even in a foreclosure situation. 

Get Your Residence Inspected

During the escrow procedure, buyers should also schedule a home inspection. It will expose the property’s actual condition. Reviews are not usually mandatory, but they are always advised during the closing process.

The reason for this is that inspections can disclose aspects of a home that a walk-through cannot.

Closing of the Escrow 

The final phase in the escrow procedure entails a significant amount of paperwork. The escrow officer will then issue a new deed to the property, naming the buyer the owner. Next, they will send the act to the relevant county recording offices for recording. The buyer must then give the remaining down payment and funds to meet the remaining closing charges. These payments will be sent to the escrow account and then dispersed to the seller and seller’s lender. After these are received, the buyer will receive the keys to their new house, and the escrow account will be formally closed.

Escrow in Pakistan 

There is a brilliant escrow service of Telenor Easypaisa. A few online merchants are offering it. The Zafar and Associates Firm also provides help in the escrow process. When it comes to real estate, Pakistan has many housing and business projects that people have put their hard-earned money into but have lost everything. The developers sell worthless “files” and then disappear with all of the money in their bank accounts. 

There are several examples of similar property frauds in

Pakistan’s real estate industry, but there are no effective measures to prevent them. 

Hundreds of illegal projects are running beneath the radar of development officials, with no action taken against them other than a newspaper ad proclaiming them illegal. As a result, we propose implementing an escrow service for real estate transactions to safeguard buyers from property fraud.

It is a basic but successful notion already in use in several nations, including the Gulf States. The government must establish a third party to protect the buyer because real estate entails extensive and recurrent payments. 

Civic Authorities and Escrow 

The civic authorities are directly accountable for real estate activities under their jurisdiction. Therefore the CDA, KDA, RDA, LDA, and others may also operate as escrow agents. 

They retain the property or the payment as an escrow agency while the buyer and seller meet the terms of the agreement.

For example, suppose you buy a plot in a new housing complex in Islamabad every month. CDA appoints an escrow agency to store your asset while you make your monthly installments. After completing your installments, CDA obtains confirmation from the housing plan and transfers the plot to your name. 

Alternatively, the CDA can accept all payments from the buyer and only release funds to the seller once the property has been transferred to the buyer. 

The approach makes a lot of sense in Pakistan’s real estate industry. It is because property theft is rampant here due to the affluent sector’s lack of regulation. Therefore, we hope that the relevant government bodies will pay attention to this issue and develop a robust Escrow.

Payments structure to reduce the danger of property fraud in Pakistan.  

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The escrow process protects purchasers, sellers, and even lenders. The methods outlined above will aid in the discovery of any potential issues with the house or loan, allowing all parties to work out a solution. For further consultation, visit us at Sigma Properties and Marketing. 


Good Debt to Equity Ratio

Good Debt to Equity Ratio

A Good Debt to Equity Ratio 

Growing a business necessitates financial investment. Equity and debt are the most popular ways to raise capital.  Companies require money to launch goods, recruit personnel, service consumers, and expand operations when scaling. There are various ways to obtain cash, and each will have a different influence on your business and its growth rate.

What do debt and equity imply? What role do they play in your company’s financial health? This authoritative guide shall let you see what good debt to equity ratio is. 

What is Debt?

Amounts owed for monies borrowed from a bank or private lender are referred to as debt. The lender agrees to lend funds to the borrower in exchange for the borrower’s agreement to repay the funds and interest on the debt at regular intervals. A company takes on an obligation to use the money for its day-to-day operations.

To borrow money from a bank or a private lender, a firm usually needs hard assets. A hard asset is a receivable for a delivered product or service recorded on the balance sheet and demonstrates to a lender that the company can repay the loan. Borrowing is more difficult for a startup firm or one that has hard assets.

What is Equity?

Equity is a stock or security that represents a company’s ownership interest. Simply put, it’s your ownership of an asset after your debt on that asset is paid off, such as a company, property, or car.

When a corporation employs equity financing, it sells shares of its stock to investors in exchange for funds. Check out this guide to equity financing for more information.

What is the Debt to Equity Ratio? 

The debt to equity ratio is a measure of a firm’s financial leverage, and it shows the amount of debt and equity utilized to fund the company’s assets. It’s computed by dividing the total liabilities of a company by the entire equity of its owners. The ratio is a simple calculation that shows how much money a company has raised to run it. It’s a crucial financial statistic since it signifies its stability and ability to raise extra funds to expand.

It is essential to understand that the debt-to-equity ratio varies by industry because different businesses require varying amounts of debt and money to run and scale.

The formula for Debt to Equity Ratio 

Let us look at how to use the debt to equity ratio now that we have defined it. The obligation to equity ratio is calculated using the formula below:

The two components of the procedure are:

  • Total Liabilities 
  • Total equity 

Total liabilities

A company’s total liabilities include short- and long-term debt and other obligations (e.g., bond sinking funds and deferred tax liabilities).

Total equity

It refers to the difference between total liabilities and total assets. On a company’s balance sheet, total liabilities and total assets are listed. 

The Ideal Debt to Equity Ratio

Although the outstanding debt to equity ratio varies by industry, the standard agreement is it should not exceed 2.0. While certain giant corporations in fixed asset-heavy sectors (mining or manufacturing) may have ratios greater than two, this is the exception rather than the rule. 

Risk is linked to the debt to equity ratio. A larger ratio indicates that the company is taking on more risk and is relying on debt to fund its expansion. When the debt to equity ratio is 2, the company gets two-thirds of its capital from debt and one-third from shareholder equity. 

As a result, it borrows twice as much money as it owns (2 debt units for every equity unit). A company’s management will strive for a debt load compatible with a desirable debt to equity ratio to function without fear of defaulting on its bonds or loans. 

Capital-intensive industries, such as finance and manufacturing, sometimes have higher ratios of more than 2. A high debt to equity ratio implies that a company is relying on debt to fund its expansion. Companies that invest a lot of money in their assets and operations (capital intensive companies) have a more significant debt to equity ratio. For lenders and investors, a high debt-to-equity ratio indicates a riskier investment because the company may not generate enough cash to repay its loans. 

The Debt to Equity Ratio’s Impact on Business Profitability

When analyzing a company’s balance sheet, it is vital to consider the industry’s typical debt to equity ratios and those of the company’s closest competitors and the broader market.

If a company’s debt to equity ratio is 5, but the industry average is 7, it is not necessarily a sign of bad corporate management or economic danger. There are numerous additional metrics used in corporate accounting and financial research that should be considered alongside the debt to equity ratio as indicators of financial health.

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Why Debt Capital Is Crucial 

A company that completely disregards debt financing may be missing out on essential growth prospects. Debt capital has the advantage of allowing firms to leverage a modest sum of money into a much more significant sum that the firm can pay over time. It enables businesses to fund growth initiatives more quickly than they might otherwise be able to, theoretically resulting in higher profits.

A firm that does not use debt financing’s leveraging potential may be doing a disservice to its owners and shareholders by limiting the company’s capacity to earn maximum profits.

Interest paid on debt is usually tax-deductible for the business, whereas stock capital is not. Debt capital has a lower cost of capital than equity capital. 

Negative Debt to Equity Ratio 

If the company’s debt to equity ratio is low or close to zero, it usually suggests the company has not used debt to fund operations. Investors are unwilling to invest in a firm with a low ratio since the company isn’t reaping the potential profit or value that borrowing and expanding operations could provide.

Long Term Debt to Equity Ratio 

The long-term debt to equity ratio indicates how much of a company’s assets are financed by long-term debt, such as loans. Divide long-term debt by shareholders’ equity to get the long-term debt to equity ratio.


The debt to equity ratio is valuable for entrepreneurs and investors since it indicates how much a company relies on debt to fund its purchases and operations. For further information, feel free to consult Sigma Properties and Marketing.


Where to Invest Capital Smart City or Park View City

Where to Invest Capital Smart City or Park View City

Where to Invest Capital Smart City or Park View City?


Pakistan’s real estate sector is viewed as one of the country’s economic foundations. To many, it appears to be a very safe and lucrative industry to invest in—the World Bank estimates that roughly 60–70 percent of the country’s total wealth is held in land assets. It is a colossal sum that represents the real estate sector’s security and returns.

Two of the best housing complexes in Islamabad’s surroundings: Park View City and Capital Smart City Islamabad. These two housing plans adapt to various price groups, are located hundreds of miles apart, and offer various amenities. Because Park View City and Capital Smart City Islamabad both cater to and target distinct markets, it’s tough to tell them apart. The following is a quick overview of both housing plans that can assist you in making an informed real estate investment selection.


Capital Smart City

The Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI) is a housing society in Islamabad’s Rawalpindi region, near the new Islamabad International Airport. It is surrounded by the Al Mairaj housing scheme, Eighteen Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, and Blue World City. It is being built adjacent to the Thallian Interchange of the Lahore – Islamabad motorway.

Since it is being developed by Pakistan’s renowned Habib Rafiq Limited HRL group, the housing development is regarded as one of the best in the region. When planning and delivering real estate developments in Pakistan, the HRL company has an immaculate reputation. This society provides its residents with a one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge living experience, complete with excellent amenities. This housing society will become Pakistan’s first Smart City by incorporating sophisticated technology and intelligent features. Capital Smart City is ten times larger than its neighboring society University Town, with a total land area of 55,000 Kanal.

The housing scheme is one of the few in the region to receive RDA planning and development clearance. The Capital Smart City site is one of the best in the area because it connects to the twin cities’ main highways and motorways and the future Rawalpindi Ring Road. The rates for plots in Capital Smart City start at PKR 1.9 million. Properties for sale in Capital Smart City are to be acquired with a 10% down payment. The remainder of the cost is divided into equal monthly or quarterly payments over a ten-year term that is convenient for you. Overseas plots and executive blocks are also offered in Capital Smart City.

Park View City Islamabad

The Vision Group is developing Park View City Islamabad in Islamabad’s districts. Mr. Aleem Khan, a well-known real estate developer and successful leader linked with the present ruling party, owns and leads the Vision company. In terms of proximity to Islamabad, the Park View City Islamabad location is one of the best. The tranquil and green Islamabad botanical gardens share a boundary with Park View City. Because of its gorgeous vistas and high-end amenities, this housing enterprise is famous among investors. It is designed to be the ideal location for families who want to live in a safe, family-friendly community with a futuristic vision and breathtaking views. It’s a society with unequaled amenities and an ideal picture. Each block of the organization is designed with a distinct perspective and function to give a thrilling living experience for its people.

Park View City Islamabad location

According to the most recent Park View City Islamabad location and map, the housing society has Malot Road and Kurri Road. Bahria Enclave Islamabad, Bani Gala, Shaheen Town, and the CDA’s Park Enclave are all in the same neighborhood as the housing complex. Apart from its prime location, Park View City Islamabad is one of the few housing developments in the region to have received full approval from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Park View City Islamabad plot prices start at 3.5 million PKR, with plot sizes ranging from 3.5 Marla to 2 Kanal.

It is one of the finest choices for future homeowners who wish to enjoy the fantastic views of Margallas without sacrificing their daily commute to Islamabad’s metropolitan centers, such as the Blue Area and others. Park View City Islamabad has now completed about half of its construction. People are moving into their new Park View City homes and living in this housing community. Park View City’s security and upkeep are comparable to the Defense Housing Authority and Bahria Town.


Park View City and Capital Smart City are two of the most successful housing societies in Pakistan, competing head-to-head. Both of these societies are exceptional in their way. But the question “which one to choose?” remains, and the answer to that is it all boils down to personal preference and what works best for you. Sigma Properties hopes that this article provides you with more knowledge to make informed investment decisions.

Best Time To Buy A House

Best Time To Buy A House

Best Time To Buy A House

There is a certain season and month for a business to start and earn more profit. The best season for opening an ice-cream shop is summer and for a coffee shop is winter. Similarly, there is also a specific time, season, and month for starting a real estate business. In this article, you will have knowledge about the suitable time of financing in buying a house that can give more earning. So, best time to buy a house varies.

However, there is no single factor that could play a role in your decision to buy a house. Sometimes, the values of homes in the market are in range, but your financial position is not permitting you to invest in buying houses. In short, the spring and summer are the best seasons to buy a home in. In contrast, the real estate market is in the stationary position in winter and autumn.

But, it would help if you kept in mind some affecting factors that affect the market despite the seasons are suitable for investment. Like recently when a severe wave of covid-19 hit the world badly. In that case, the perfect season of investment in houses also failed to deliver expected outcomes. For your convenience, I will suggest years, seasons, and months buy a house.

Best time of the year to purchase a house

Time To Buy A House

No one can say the exact time for a business to start. However, there are some reasons why the business experts have categorized the parts of the year to show us the best time for investment. They have wholly studied the structure and function of the real estate markets and then set the bulk of guidelines for those who are new to the field. At a glance, let me inform you about the status of investment in real estate in four different seasons of the year.

 Best time to buy a house in summer

The season of summer could be the best time to buy a house. Fortunately, you can have the full detail of investment or buying a house in different seasons in this article. However, as I discussed above that summer is the best season to have a house. But, have you ever focused on why summer is the best time to buy a house? Let me clear it for you.

People tend to construct more houses in summer as there are longer days in summer to get more work done. So, the availability of houses increases. You know it better that greater numbers of items have smaller prices. But, one thing to remember is not to haste in investing in any house, because of the tough competition, the house is available today may not be available tomorrow.

Buy a house in winter

As you read above that the real estate market cools down during the winter season. People likely don’t want to go toward investing in building houses. Usually, the prices are high due to the lack of available houses, and you cannot buy your favorite house with your available assets. So, winter is not the best season to buy a house.

 Buy a house in spring

The spring season comes directly after the winter season. Therefore, the markets trends are in a grower position in this season. So, prepare yourself in this duration to have more capital for investing in houses in incoming season. However, if there is an opportunity for you to buy a house with your available assets, then buy it.

 Buy a house in autumn

I would suggest you buy a house in the ending days of the autumn season. After reading the above paragraph, don’t make the final decision. Analyze the market because sometimes some factors affect the market. They cause the market prices high or low. Finally, the buying of a house also depends on your financial position and your need. Sometimes, if you need a house, you should not care about all the seasons but go buy a house.

Buying a house in 2021

Sometimes there is an indifferent season for investing in buying houses. The year 2021 is one of them. Earlier in the article, you read about summer, winter, autumn, spring. Besides these all seasons, 2021 is an indifferent year of all those factors discussed under the above topics. The covid-19 badly affected all the markets related to real estate.

You have had read the news I published before about the decrease in withholding taxes, due to which a tough competition was occurred in the business of the real estate. Buying a home with your present capital may be difficult for you. Because, due to the increase in coronavirus cases the government applied lockdown in many local and federal areas, which lead to stopping the construction work. As a result, the number of houses in the market is low as compared to other years in which there was no pandemic. Consequently, it led to higher prices of the houses in every season, even in the whole year 2021.

Apparently, you look able to buy a house in every season of the year, but if any obstacles stop your way, then ‘sigma properties’ is always there for your help. We will suggest you the best time to buy a house and also help you to get different housing plans.