Park View City Islamabad Development Updates 2021

Park View City Islamabad Development Updates 2021

Park View City Islamabad Development Updates

The Park View City is being constructed at a fantastic speed. Here is a detail of the Park view city Islamabad development Updates 2021.

Block A and B

The Park View City is in a significant position, with the residents’ and investors’ attention. The residents are building their houses and living there. Many residences stand half-constructed while many are constructed and containing families.

The lodging society has become a hub of vitality. It is a perfectly serene and clean environment to raise a family. Consequently, most of the property in Blocks A and B is sold out. The 5 Marla residential plots in H Block are selling out fast as well.

Blocks C, D, and E are currently away from the spotlight, yet development work is expected to begin soon there as well. All of the blocks enjoy a beautiful view of the Margalla Hills.

Overseas Block

The Park View City Islamabad’s Overseas Block has received very positive feedback from investors abroad. It is because the block promises a beautiful lifestyle, precisely like the one they are already accustomed to and search.

The commercial area of the block is the most anticipated one. The Overseas Block in Islamabad is sold out, and construction of lavish homes is currently underway.

Park view city overseas areas development updates

Walk and Downtown

Park View City’s Downtown Islamabad is the housing scheme’s most picturesque commercial area. It will contain shopping arcades, banks and ATMs, entertainment venues and a lot more. It is the keen investors’ favored goal. They have invested their money in Downtown Islamabad to enjoy a massive amount of passive income.

The Walk and Downtown are nearing complete. The management will hand over the possessions soon too. The commercial plots of 6 Marla and 8 Marla have been very popular among the buyers. Now the developers are focusing on the new Block J.

Wide Carpeted Roads

The housing society has a perfect and systematic network of roads. The developers have directed the workers to carpet the roads with asphalt. They were fully completed a long time ago. Asphalt’s benefits add up to higher value. Asphalt is a safe, smooth, and long-lasting surface. It is possible to design it in such a way that it will survive perpetually.

Park view city roads updates

Main Boulevard

The main boulevard of the housing society is complete. It is a unique marvel, with a wide road and light poles on both sides. The Main Boulevard is linked to all the main points within the housing scheme. You can see the Margalla Hills greeting you as you enter the Main Boulevard.

Entrance Gates

The gates 1 and 2 of the Park View City Islamabad are fully completed. The structure of the gates gives the residents a warm, inviting feel. Gate 1 provides immediate access to the Overseas Block. You can reach gate 2 from Bhara Kahu.

Park view city entrance gate

Lahore Smart City Development Updates 2021

Lahore Smart City Development Updates 2021

Lahore Smart City Development Updates

The Lahore Smart City has shown tremendous progress ever since its inception. The most crucial work of all is the laying of underground pipelines and the carpeting of roads. The housing scheme is focusing on the two of them, and the process is nearing effectuation. The development of houses is expected to begin within the following months. 


The roads in the various blocks are carpeted with Asphalt and curbstone.

Lahore smart city development updates

Lahore smart city development updates Lahore smart city development updates

Lahore smart city development updates

Plantation in Progress 

The Lahore Smart City has planted trees and plants to improve the environment. They clean the air, save water, aid climate management, preserve soil, and improve the environment in various other ways

Lahore smart city Plantation in Progress 

Lahore smart city Plantation in Progress 

Nursery Area 

The Lahore Smart City is establishing eco-friendly nurseries. The latest images of the nurseries are given below,

Lahore smart city Nursery Area  Lahore smart city Nursery Area 

Plaster and Brick Masonry 

The plasterwork, along with the brick masonry, is in progress.

Plaster and Brick Masonry Lahore smart city

Plaster and Brick Masonry Lahore smart city

Installation of Flags

The housing society has also finished the installation of flags along C-1 Road.

Installation of Flags lahore smart city

Installation of Flags lahore smart city

Light Tower 

The assembling of the light tower pole is in progress as well.

Lahore smart city Light Tower 

Nova City Islamabad Development Updates 2021

Nova City Islamabad Development Updates 2021

Nova City Islamabad Development Updates 

The Nova City of Islamabad is proceeding towards rapid construction – Nova city development updates. Immediately after Eid, the construction machinery and equipment will arrive on site. The project is expected to deliver 4500 Kanal in less than a year. It is on its way to becoming a symbol of excellence.

Learn here in detail the ongoing development activities in the Nova city Islamabad 2021. Let’s have a look.

Main Boulevard 

The main boulevard of the housing society is entirely constructed. The developers are now focusing on the streets and lanes. The land leveling work is done, and the plots are distinguished as well. The development of underground pipelines is to begin by the end of the year

Nova city Main Boulevard 

Paved Roads 

Nova City Islamabad has carpeted the roads with asphalt and concrete. The developers prefer asphalt pavements as they offer a more consistent surface than other pavements. Not only are smooth roads safer, but they also save money. In addition, vehicle wear and tear is reduced due to fewer bumps on the road, lowering vehicle operating expenses

Paved Roads Nova city Islamabad

Site Offices 

The site offices have also been established at Nova City Islamabad. You can visit the office and get an understanding of the booking criteria. There is experienced personnel waiting to give you the right direction. 

Light Poles 

Nova City Islamabad has installed light poles on both sides of the roads. The spacing between the light poles is kept between 20 and 50 meters. 

The height of these poles is 6.5 meters for residential street lighting. They are ideal for residential and commercial subdivisions and projects, as well as recreational walkways and parks.   

Nova city Development updates Light Poles 


A tree helps to maintain a healthy environment and climate in a given location. We could not go a single day without the benefits of trees. As a result, the housing scheme performs its moral obligation to plant more trees and adequately care for them. Currently, they have planted many trees in the lodging society.

Rudn Enclave Developers Announcement

Rudn Enclave Developers Announcement

Rudn Enclave Developers

The talk of the town, Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, has welcomed a new member on board as the developer. Indeed, it is a step that shall alter the construction of the housing society. Let us delve into the details of this new developer and what good fortune he brings to Rudn Enclave.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi 

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is a shining example of brilliance and class, conveniently located near the Federal Capital. It is Rawalpindi’s crown jewel. Society is designed to pamper you with a tranquil and dreamlike lifestyle. You will be able to reap the benefits of this new jewel for the rest of your life if you invest in it. 

Owners and Developers 

The Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi is a prestigious project developed by RMRSCO (Pvt.) Limited and National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, or NESPAK. Mr. Rahim U Din Naeem is the company’s CEO. He has only one goal: establishing the company as a center of excellence for architectural and client-oriented projects.

Mr. Muhammad Abdullah is an additional developer who has recently joined hands with Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. He is an excellent developmental strategist and promises to take the housing project to a new level of success. 

Muhammad Abdullah 

Mr. Abdullah is an experienced urban planner by profession. He is one of the most well-known and internationally respected development strategists, town planners, and management consultants in the Pakistani and worldwide real estate and construction industries.

With an overall national and international experience of 28 years and degrees in CRP and MBA Project Management, he specializes in the following, 

  • Making cutting edge development strategies
  • Strategic planning
  • Project management services
  • Contract administration
  • Planned information system
  • Asset management
  • Master plans
  • Zoning plans
  • Layout plans
  • Planning, scheduling, budgeting, implementation, and monitoring of megaprojects. 

 Besides working in Pakistan, he is also rendering his services as chief strategist and development management professional for various projects of similar nature in Dubai and Canada. 


In 2003, he founded a company named Asset Management Associates. He worked as the project consultant and project director on behalf of the government of Pakistan for the implementation of the Pakistan Telecommunication Reorganization Act 1996. 

Indeed, he is the pioneer of land information systems in Pakistan. In addition, he has the honor of serving as the project consultant of National Telecommunication Corporation NTC to deal with its assets all over Pakistan.  

Moreover, he contributed to a deal in Pakistan with Etisalat Digital. Resultantly, it leads to the accomplishment of the landmark deal of Pakistan with Etisalat Digital for transferring 26% shares of PTCL at the cost of 2.68 billion dollars. It is the largest single transaction ever made in the country’s privatization history. 

After completing his degree in City and Regional Planning from UET Lahore in 1996, he joined CDA Islamabad and worked there for a significant time. Then, he began serving the Development Management Private Limited. It is a subsidiary of Asia Pacific Group with head offices in Singapore and Japan. 

Later, he started to work as a freelance consultant. In addition, he provided his services for the town planning of different housing projects all over the country.

Urban Planning and Design Private Limited UPDL

The Urban Planning and Design Private Limited is to undertake the Project Management of Rudn Enclave.

UPDL has remained true to its founding principles – that the clients and workers deserve the finest – which is still the cornerstone for their dynamic operations today. 

Besides all this, Mr. Muhammad Abdullah has been connected with UPDL. He also provided services for town planning, infrastructure design, landscape design, development management, and supervision of the most iconic projects of Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia Islamabad. 

Through UPDL, both housing schemes are spread over an area of about 65000 Kanal. Therefore, they are a symbol of providing a unique and luxurious lifestyle to residents. In addition, the city integrated management system that Mr. Abdullah introduced for Gulberg Islamabad is worth mentioning. 

Mr. Abdullah as Project Director 

Mr. Abdullah has now made Rudn Enclave his priority. Accordingly, he has come on board as the project director and technical advisor. 

He will provide the overall technical assistance and management of the previous design and execution works. 

He is also to act as a developer through Al-Haq Builders and Developers for the construction of old development works, including but not limited to the following,

  • Earthwork
  • Water supply
  • Sewerage
  • Drainage
  • Road network
  • Culverts
  • Bridges
  • Transportation
  • Water filtration plants
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Grid station
  • Electricity network
  • Gas supply
  • Street lights
  • Optical fiber
  • Solid waste management
  • Municipal administration 

Al Haq Builders and Developers

It would be pertinent to mention that Al Haq Builders and Developers is a subsidiary of UPDL. The company has extensive experience in large-scale building and infrastructure works. Moreover, the company is equipped with the latest construction machinery and a highly skilled workforce. 

Construction contractors have already carved a niche because of their client-centric, best management practices, modern construction techniques, dedication, commitment, quality, and artistry. 

Therefore, the Al Haq Builders and Developers are in charge of all development work for Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. 

New Leafs Private Limited 

In addition, New Leafs, another proud subsidiary of UPDL, will undertake the project’s horticulture and landscape development works. It is essential to highlight that the New Leafs have been responsible for the horticulture and landscape works of Gulberg Greens, Park View City, and DHA Islamabad. 

New Leafs contains more than 300 staff and the latest equipment. What’s more, it has the honor of having the largest nursery in Pakistan, spreading over an area of approximately 36 acres at Pattoki. It also has nine large-scale production units in Islamabad. 

A Wonderful Future at Rudn Enclave 

Mr. Muhammad Abdullah, UPDL, and New Leafs have a documented track record of converting their clients’ dreams into reality in the industry. Their technical, financial, and management qualities are unrivaled. Resultantly, all of this makes them the best candidates to carry out the project’s different strategic formulation, planning, and development tasks.

Hence, through the team’s collective wisdom, they will deliver a safe, healthy, elegant, and luxurious housing project of the city at affordable prices. 

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The Rudn Enclave Developers are beginning a revolutionary housing project. So naturally, there could not have been a better team of developers for Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi. Sigma Properties and Marketing insist that you invest in the housing society and own your dreams. 

Capital Smart City Interchange

Capital Smart City Interchange

Capital Smart City Interchange Development

The Capital Smart City (CSC), located near the Federal Capital and Rawalpindi, is a modern housing society. Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited have formed a joint venture for Capital Smart City. 

The housing scheme is equipped with the most advanced technological infrastructure. As a result, the citizens have been given a new dream of wonderfulness and reality. Indeed, it is the dream of a luxurious lifestyle unlike any other, thanks to the brilliant developers.

The unmatched Capital Smart City is already exceeding the expectations of investors. The lodging society has achieved remarkable progress in a short period. Now, it has begun work on an exciting interchange that shall alter the accessibility to the housing scheme beneficially. 

Mr. Muhammad Malik Aslam is the Group COO of Capital Smart City. He has given an overview of the new interchange planning. So, let us look into the most recent development of the interchange, as it has widened the idea of the perfect real estate dream. 

Importance of the Interchange 

Initially, the access to Capital Smart City was only from Chakri Road. There was no direct access from the M2 Motorway. Therefore, the entrance at Chakri Road required the visitors to take a longer route of over 40 minutes to enter the housing society.  

Therefore, there was a dire need for an interchange leading to the housing society from the M2 Motorway. Furthermore, the interchange approved by the National Highway Authority shall eliminate the extra time that the visitors usually spend to access the housing society. 

Approval of NHA 

The National Highway Authority (NHA) supervises the planning, development, operation, repairing, and maintenance of National Highways and Strategic Roads. These highways and roads are committed to NHA by the Federal Government. 

NHA was analyzing the perfect location for the interchange in Capital Smart City. So, it was carefully inspecting three different sites for building the interchange. Everyone was keenly waiting for their final word. 

Accordingly, the NHA has finalized a location out of the three and announced it. 

There was an exciting curiosity among the investors about the interchange. They were wondering where it will be and how will it affect the lodging society. 

Therefore, the answers to all of those curiosities are here. There are no doubts about the location of the interchange.  

CSC Interchange Location 

The decided site of the interchange is in front of the Overseas Block 2. It will connect pass through the block and go all the way to its connection to the Main Boulevard. The interchange of Capital Smart City will increase the accessibility of the residents to the New Islamabad International Airport. 

CSC Interchange Procedure 

The project’s design phase will go through stages, from conceptual design to final design. The contracting authority is responsible for acquiring any required consents relating to the design, construction, engineering, technical, and installation standards.

The management of Capital Smart City has submitted the design of the interchange. The procedure for it includes two stages. 

Firstly, the concept design needs acceptance. It is submitted to the concerned department with a report. Its approval is expected in the following days. 

The design is ultimately the responsibility of the contracting authority. However, the government has the right to inspect the structure and notify the private jurisdiction of any contract violations. 

The contract of NHA and Capital Smart City stipulates that they cannot begin building until the NHA has given its consent to proceed after reviewing the design. 

As soon as it is approved, the management will proceed to the second stage of the procedure. The second stage contains the structure design. First, the venture designers will create a plan for the pipes, bridges, and all else that needs assessment. Then, they will submit it for approval.  

Revision of Master Plan 

Surbana Jurong is a reputable consultancy business headquartered in Singapore. It has devised the Capital Small City Master plan. 

The company has approximately 120 offices around the world. Furthermore, it is one of Asia’s major urban, engineering, and infrastructure consulting firms.

Currently, Surbana Jurong is revising the master plan of Capital Smart City. Within the next 3 to 4 weeks, the management will receive the new master plan. Furthermore, the developers will share the master plan with the investors in 7 to 8 weeks. 

Interchange and Overseas Block 2 

The land in the Overseas Block 2 is in the works. The development work on Overseas Block 2 was slow due to rainy days, causing delays. And more importantly, the focus of the block was on the pending interchange decision. 

Now, the placement of the interchange has been announced. The NHA has approved for it to be right in front of the Overseas Block 2. 

A portion of the Overseas Block 2 is coming under the link road area in front of the new interchange. As a result, this demands the necessary modifications in the master plan. 

Of course, this brings the balloting of Overseas Block 2 into question. Is the balloting linked with development, or will you do the developers do it beforehand? 

The aspect to understand is that the fixing of the interchange matters. The location where it is placed is going through the center of the Overseas Block 2 and goes to the Main Boulevard. It will be connected to the Main Boulevard. 

Therefore, the changes in the master plan mean that there is a wait for the balloting.   

The developers will need to relocate the entire portion coming under the link road. Hence, after revising the master plan, the developers will immediately go to the balloting phase of Overseas Block 2. 

Latest Interchange Development 

Capital Smart City has patiently waited to have its own designated interchange. The latest update in the matter of the interchange is that its location is approved. 

Consequently, the master plan is in revision according to the site chosen by NHA. The construction of the interchange is to begin by the end of 2021. 

However, the interchange will face a long period of construction. It is because the activities that take place during construction are numerous. Yet, the most time-consuming is the phase in which all of the work packages are delivered.

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The interchange development of Capital Smart City will increase property value in the Overseas Block 2 and of the rest of the blocks. Indeed, it will be a fruitful development for the venture designers and the investors dedicated to the project every step of the way. Therefore, Sigma Properties and Marketing recommend that you book your dream house in the housing society today.  

Capital Smart City Development Updates 2021

Capital Smart City Development Updates 2021

Capital Smart City Development Updates

Here in this blog, we will cover the latest Capital Smart City development update in 2021. The developments activities in the smart city at full swing in all blocks. Let’s take an overview.

The Capital Smart City (CSC) is a paradigm of a modernistic housing society near the Federal Capital and Rawalpindi. It is a joint venture of Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited. It contains the most high-class technological infrastructure. The housing scheme has provided the citizens with a new dream, an opulent lifestyle unlike anything else.  

The Capital Smart City has made significant progress in significantly less time. It has broadened the definition of the ultimate real estate dream, so let us delve into its latest development updates. 

1.  National University of Technology (NUTECH)

The National University of Technology (NUTECH) and Islamabad’s Capital Smart City (CSC) have joined forces to establish a futuristic, innovative campus of Technology University of International Standards in the housing scheme. The NUTECH campus hosted a signing ceremony between NUTECH and FDHL (CSC) on July 23, 2020. 

According to the agreement, Capital Smart City will serve as a significant partner in assisting NUTECH in obtaining land for its main campus and providing subsidized support services for its operations. Mr. Zahid Rafiq, Chairman of Capital Smart City, and his team were congratulated by NUTECH Rector Lt Gen (R) Khalid Asghar and Pro-Rector Maj Gen Khalid Javed. 

Their partnership will promote higher education in indigenous technology creation, promotion, transfer, and implementation. In addition, it will train young engineers, technologists, and the skilled workforce of tomorrow. 

The ultimate purpose of this joint venture is to boost Pakistan’s industrial and economic progress. In the following years, NUTECH Main Campus will assist in attaining its vision and mission of generating entrepreneurs and industrial leaders of character.

NUTECH Campus, located in Capital Smart City, will be the region’s most significant technological university, with over 35,000 students. 

2.    Extensive Horticulture Work 

Horticulture work is being done alongside earthwork, leveling, and road construction as part of the green effort. The green belts and parks will be ready to provide an energetic feel to the project when the development work is completed.

Horticulture work is critical to a housing project’s attractiveness. With monsoon plantations, Capital Smart City has taken its ecological endeavor to the next level. A plantation area has been established, and the cultivation of lovely trees and flowers has begun.

The green belts have already begun to emit a relaxing atmosphere. Here are the recent photos:

Extensive Horticulture Work

3.    Financial Square 

The Financial Square is the focal point of the housing scheme. It is a zone where numbers align and produce profits for the investors and residents. It will be recognized as the city’s financial hub, catering to both local and multinational corporations. Corporate banking, conference and exposition halls, hospitality, and 5-star boutiques are among the businesses represented. 

A lavish 4-star hotel is currently under construction. The establishment of the Qatar Financial Center and Pak Financial Center is also taking place in the Financial Square. There will also be a central park, Jamia Mosque, CPEC Tower, and mixed-use apartments and offices. 

Capital smart city Financial Square

4.    Earthwork – Access Roads

34.89% of the land in Capital Smart City is reserved for roads. The access roads are being cleaned and built quickly to ensure that visitors have easy and direct access to the site. In addition, the National Highway Authority has approved the dedicated interchange on the M-2 highway (NHA). The Smart Interchange’s construction is planned to begin soon.

Take a look at the most recent developments in access road construction:

Capital smart city roads development updates

5.    Grand Mosque Inauguration 

The Grand Mosque in Overseas Block C is inaugurated. They officially opened the Grand Mosque in Overseas Block C in February 2020 with a Friday prayer attended by Capital Smart City’s authorized agents, investors, and management.

The Jamia Mosque is now finished. The management team offered Asr prayer, led by M Saqib Musatafai Saheb, a prominent scholar. The most recent pictures of the mosque are shown here. 

Capital Smart City Grand Mosque

6.    Overseas Block 

It is one of the most critical development updates. Phase 1 of the Overseas Block will be the first to take possession. The rumor was that they would give possession in 2021, but there has been no confirmation, and the market is waiting excitedly.

Nonetheless, the Overseas Block is undergoing accelerated construction to be ready for ownership as soon as possible. The majority of the leveling and road construction has been completed. Plotting is in progress. The following photographs provide a general view of blocks A and C and street views of blocks B and D.

Take a look at these current images of Capital Smart City to see how quickly things are changing:

Capital Smart City overseas block development

7.    Executive Block 

The land is currently being cleaned and leveled at the Executive Block site. In addition, the installation of sewer lines has begun, as has the construction of Smart Villas.

After Overseas-1, the executive block phase-1 is expected to take possession. As a result, rapid growth is also taking place in the Executive Block.

Capital Smart city Executive Block Development

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Capital smart city ring road development update

8.    Lake View Heights 

Lake View Heights is under rapid development to guarantee that the luxury flats are ready for occupancy as soon as possible. The Lake View Heights in Overseas Block C provides each apartment with a magnificent view and an experience akin to the worldwide lifestyle. 

Capital Smart City Lake View Heights

9.    Smart School

The Smart School in Block B has reached completion in only a matter of a few months. The images show the splendid structure of the school is:

Capital Smart City smart school

10.    The Bridge’s Inauguration 

Two access bridges have been constructed and are now open to the public. Despite a labor stoppage caused by Covid-19, the connecting bridge at Sill River was finished and inaugurated in record time.

The 450-foot-long bridge is part of the Access-2 road, which opened in August 2020. The bridge’s before and after photos are displayed below. 

Smart City bridge development updates

Capital Smart City the Bridge's Inauguration 2021


The above-mentioned Capital Smart City Development Updates are exciting. They show the dedication of the developers towards the project. Sigma Properties & Marketing recommends that you invest in the housing society to reap the benefits of a lifetime.