Top City Islamabad

Top City Islamabad is an exceptional lodging society equipped with first-rate amenities. It is the optimum paradigm of unmatched quality and excellence. Since its inception in 2012, the residential project has enjoyed steady growth. Furthermore, this project offers an innovative infrastructure that reflects a modern lifestyle for those who want to keep up with technology and live more efficiently.

Owners and Developers

Top City is an excellent project by the Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC) with the CEO, Kunwar Moeez Khan. In recent years, he has made a substantial contribution to the real estate industry. Kunwar Moeez Khan is a true nationalist and a forward-thinking realtor who emphasizes improving the inhabitants’ quality of life. He is a true visionary who has consistently recognized and valued his team’s commitment to attaining their objectives.

Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC)

Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions’ (KMKC) functional approach aims to employ best international practices throughout the design and construction process. The KMKC seeks to set a high standard in the construction business by displaying professional qualities and honesty. They have employed experienced engineers and talented architects to put their artful planning into action. Apart from Top City Islamabad, Kunwar Moeez Khan Construction has also directed the development of KMK Towers, the success of which reflects their top-notch expertise and reliable energy towards the real estate industry.

Top City Location

Islamabad is Pakistan’s fourth-largest city. It has a population of 2 million inhabitants, according to the 2017 census. As the population continues to grow, so does the demand for new housing developments. TopCity-1 Islamabad, one of the most significant contributions to the Islamabad real estate market, was born out of a need for superior housing.

Top City Islamabad is promoted as an intelligent global city to complement its high-profile neighboring housing society, Capital Smart City, Pakistan’s first smart city. The housing project is on the Srinagar Highway, previously known as Kashmir Highway, near the New Islamabad International Airport.

  • It is on the Srinagar Highway’s southern side.
  • It is at the junction of the M-1 and M-2 motorways.
  • It is 3 kilometers away from the New Islamabad Airport, and the H, G, and F blocks of Top City are close to the airport’s gates. The nearest is G Block, which the CAA has taken over due to security concerns.

NOC and Approval

Investor trust is more likely in a society that has legal status. There is no significance of any society without NOC approval. Top City has acquired its NO Objection status in a short time. However, the No Objection Certificate or NOC for the lodging society has been approved and registered with the RDA. RDA and ICT, CAA, NHA, and the Department of Environmental Protection have all granted it the appropriate permits. You can check the NOC information on RDA’s official website for further details. In case you find any misleading information about the legality of society, you can claim it at any time.

Development Status

The development work in Top City Islamabad Latest News is nearing completion. They completed most of the development in its significant regions. The 1 Kanal plots in Block B are available immediately, although the blocks C, D, E, H, and F are rapidly developing.

Guests and residents will find it easier to discover various places thanks to signboards installed throughout the housing society with road and street names. There have also been developments in subsurface energy, sewerage, and waste management systems. 

Top City-1 also claims to incorporate all of the most cutting-edge technologies such as fiber optics, metering, e-health providers, public Wi-Fi, e-tags, and intelligent monitoring systems.

All these developments are for providing easy life to its residents. Furthermore, the developers also aim to structure high-class and international standard facilities. There is no other option for clients around the city to find such development works as the top city housing society offer.

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Top City Islamabad

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Top City Islamabad Map

Top City-1 is easily accessible from Srinagar Highway, formerly named the Kashmir Highway, and the route is simple for anyone to pursue. The society is only 10 minutes away from the Federal Capital, and the New Islamabad Airport is only 3 kilometers away. 

Since the Srinagar Highway Extension from the motorway intersection around New Islamabad Airport was under construction, they identified an alternate access route from the Fateh Jung Road.

master plan of taj residencia

Top City 1 Master Plan

Top City 1 is a colossal property that spans 5906 Kanal. The venture designers have divided it into many blocks, including A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. However, given the risk of being adjacent to the New Islamabad International Airport, CAA has taken over Block G of the society.

The residential project also includes a variety of farmhouses in addition to residential and commercial properties. The following is the housing society’s comprehensive master plan:

location map of taj residencia

Noteworthy Features

Commercial District

The commercial area of Top City will consist of retail arcades, convenience stores, eateries, banks, and offices. It will be the heart of the lodging society where all the investing energies are focused. The residents will have access to every need of theirs within the lodging society.

Central Parks

The lodging society will contain a network of walkways and jogging tracks consisting of benches and manicured grass, with trees and bushes covering most of the park’s space. The parks closest to residential areas will have well-laid walkways and jogging tracks with benches and well-kept lawns.


The cinema is an excellent complement to the entertainment life of the housing scheme. It will play all of the biggest Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters as well as local movies. The residents will enjoy the fun trips to the theatre because they will find a tranquil and relaxing environment with comfortable seats and tasteful popcorn. 

Educational Institutions

Top City’s educational institutions will provide a dynamic learning experience with modernistic computer and science labs, sports grounds, and other amenities to help our students grow. There will be some of the best professors in the country instructing there. The parents will not have to be concerned about their children going far from home to acquire education.


The dwellers will receive quick medical assistance from the housing scheme’s hospitals, including neurosurgery, pathology, dentistry, general surgery, psychiatry, and vice versa. Small clinics will be at a convenient distance from the residential area.

24 hour Security Surveillance

The Top City Islamabad will be under 24-hour surveillance. The housing society is a gated community with CCTV cameras, armed security guards at every corner, and a wireless security system. Within its high perimeter walls, you and your family will be perfectly safe. 

Underground Utilities

Any public utility system constructed beneath the surface of the earth is an underground utility. Electric cables, telephone and data cables, water and sewer pipelines, and gas and oil pipelines are examples of underground utilities. These utility lines are typically a community’s lifeline, allowing it to function correctly.

The housing society provides a 24/7 supply of the utilities of water, electricity, and gas. They have already laid the pipelines. 


Central Mosques are there in the lodging society for the congregational prayers. The mosques shall contain a big prayer hall that can accommodate up to 250 prayer mats. 

On either side of the mosques, separate entrances for male and female guests will lead to their respective stairwells and prayer rooms. A different lift will also be available to provide accessibility.

Possession of Plots

Indeed, the cost of the plots at the Top City Islamabad have experienced numerous ups and downs in the previous ten years. The housing society provides residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal and commercial properties of 5 Marla. Top City’s central retail sector is about to open, with larger commercial plots available for significant developments.

The 1 Kanal residential properties in the B block of the housing society have been handed possession to their owners. In contrast, the remaining blocks of the residential project, blocks A, C, D, E, H, and F, will be granted possession soon after the expedited development.

Payment Plan

The prices at Top City are easily affordable to everyone. Investors choose 5 Marla plots in the housing society because they are the easiest to trade and range from PKR 55 lakh to PKR 60 lakh.

A 10 Marla plot in TopCity-1 costs approximately PKR 70 lakh to PKR 90 lakh, while a 1 Kanal plot in TopCity-1 costs around PKR 90 lakh to 1.5 core. The prices offered by this housing society are comparable to those provided by Park View City, another potential real estate development in Islamabad’s CDA zone.

Apartments Payment Plan

master plan of taj residencia

Residential Plots Payment Plan

master plan of taj residencia

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

master plan of taj residencia

How to Book a Plot in Top City Islamabad? 

For reservations and further information, visit the Sigma Properties and Marketing office in Blue Area. You can also book your plot online.

  • You can download the booking form from the society’s official website. Fill out the form with the essential information.
  • Deposit in pay order, cash, or demand draught payable to Sigma Properties and Marketing.
  • Submit your booking form, as well as all supporting documentation and payment order. 

Required Documents

  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Applicant
  • 2 Photos of Applicant
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Nominee

Why Invest in Top City?

Top City Islamabad is an exemplary housing project that fulfills the dreams of the citizens by offering a quality lifestyle and amenities. The developers aim to establish a revolutionary housing community in the Federal Capital, which provides housing, industrial plots, residential villas, and apartment buildings.

Clean and Green Environment

The lodging society has provided an eco-friendly environment for the residents. Environmental pollution in the form of contaminated air, water, and land contamination has significantly impacted the city’s residents. Therefore, they resort to housing societies far from city life. A healthy life is only feasible if clean air and land are available.

Closeness to the Federal Capital 

Top City is at a beneficial distance from Islamabad, at a drive of 21 minutes via the Srinagar Highway. The dwellers will be able to avail themselves of a life away from the city without having to be at an enormous distance. Furthermore, investors choose to invest in properties close to Islamabad because of the excellent value that the capital provides to the property.

Procurement of NOC Document 

The lodging society is a legally commissioned housing development, unlike some of the other housing complexes in the region. It implies a No Objection Certificate from the Islamabad Development Authority for planning and development approval. Investors only consider housing societies that are approved, and Top City is one of them. A NOC from the RDA in the Federal Capital is necessary for a housing plan to be lawfully commissioned.  

High Level of Security 

The residential society is a gated community that provides the residents with the maximum level of protection. The housing society will be under 24-hour security surveillance with armed guards stationed in each district. Another advantage over city living is that you can ensure this type of safety while living there. Top City will provide a family-friendly environment not to have to worry about your children being unsafe. 

Superlative Design and Architecture  

The developers of Top City Islamabad have burnt the midnight oil to be able to provide unparalleled accommodations. Several notable and formidable modernist buildings are also built in the housing society to integrate nature and modernity, giving residents the best of both.

Pros and Cons 


Convenient Prices

Top City offers an easy payment plan, with the residential plots starting from PKR 4,500,000. Those who invest in this housing society’s 1 and 2 Kanal plots gain a strategic benefit of PKR 1.5 million. In comparison to other communities, there is a significant price advantage. 

Excellent for Overseas Pakistanis 

Overseas Pakistanis look for the quality way of life that they are accustomed to all their lives. Top City, fortunately, offers world-class amenities for a truly international experience. The technological successes, eco-friendly environment, and brilliant maintenance have set Top City aside from housing societies.

Rewarding Commercial Investment 

The commercial zones that the residential society has built have attracted investors because they provide limitless options. The lodging society has tremendous economic development potential and will employ a substantial number of citizens.

Moreover, the housing society shall offer commercial sectors consisting of corporate offices, retail stores, and entertainment points.

Continual Utilities Supply

The lodging society will offer gas, water, and power to the residents 24/7. In addition, the builders completed the pipelines in 2013. That said, it is clear how much easier life will be if you do not have to worry about finishing up your daily-basis work before the power outages.

Attainability Medical Services 

The housing society comprises multiple hospitals and clinics with well-trained medical staff and remarkable services, as the developers emphasize the inhabitants’ health. These hospitals have over 500 beds, including separate wards for children, maternity and child care, and pediatric, gynecology, and obstetrics departments.


Distance from the Twin Cities

Top City Islamabad is conveniently between Islamabad and Islamabad, but some of our clients have felt it is too far. This concern is subjective, as some people require a high-quality living away from the rush and bustle of the metropolis. 


1-Who is the owner of Top City Islamabad?

Kunwar Moeez Khan is the owner of Top City Islamabad.

 2-Where is the lodging society situated?

It lies near the New Islamabad International Airport on the Srinagar Highway.

 3-Will there be underground utilities at Top City Islamabad?

Yes, the management has provided underground utilities of electricity, water, and gas.

 4-Is the NOC of the society approved?

Yes, RDA has approved it.

 5-Which plot sizes are available for booking?

The plot sizes available are as follows:

5 Marla is (25 x 50)

10 Marla (35 x 65)

1 Kanal (50×90)

2 Kanal (75×120) 

6-What is the installment plan for 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots?

The installment plan has eight phases, with a 5-Marla installment costing PKR 62500 and a 10-Marla payment costing PKR 112,500.

 7-How far is the airport from society?

It is 3 kilometers away from the New Islamabad International Airport.

 8-Will there be hospitals inside the society?

Yes, there are hospitals and clinics in society.

 9-Is it an eco-friendly society?

Yes, it will be. The developers have aimed to preserve the natural environment surrounding the society and within it.

10-Will there be educational institutions in society? 

Yes, there will be schools and colleges within the housing scheme. 


Top City Islamabad has trusted developers, world-class amenities, and a future of endless opportunities. Sigma Properties is proud to represent it, and we await to guide you through your booking procedures.