Our Initiatives

Sigma Initiative, the face behind Aiding disabled people, empowering women, and assisting investors in reliable investments

Sigma Women

Vulnerable, fragile and weak, are some of the words used to describe a woman in our society. But Sigma Women, a lone wolf is not an embodiment of frailty but resistance and endurance. That is why, Sigma Women initiative led by Sara Chaudhry is unveiled, to uplift today’s women to become self-sufficient.

Investor Care

Investor Care, an initiative led by Sigma properties to eliminate the impediments, an investor stumble upon while investing in real estate. It is astonishingly initiated to exterminate any investment obstacles between overseas and local individuals.

Sigma Welfare

Sigma Welfare is an incredible venture that involves around assisting and helping disabled people with their essential and basic needs. Disable people have been witnessing tormented behavior for ages. So, the sole purpose of Sigma Welfare is to support people with disabilities.

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