Sigma Welfare

Empowering Disabled People of Pakistan through employment and Investment Opportunities.

Compassion, generosity, and hospitality are some of the words that perfectly illuminates the purpose behind Sigma Welfare. It plays a significant role in acknowledging the rights of disabled people of all ages. The prime motive of Sigma Welfare is to ensure they have a satisfactory standard of living. We want to sustain a basic degree of income stability, thereby minimizing widespread poverty.

The Sigma Properties Welfare venture mainly involves addressing disabled people’s fundamental requirements. We want to facilitate their social involvement in a neutral manner. The disabled people of our nation encounter many barriers. From financial issues to being declined for a job. Throughout history, behavior with disabled people has been marked by hatred, reluctance, discrimination, and lack of enlightenment.

People with disabilities have always been subjected to tormented behavior. We at sigma properties have initiated the sigma welfare association to help out these disabled people with all kinds of financial and basic concerns. Sigma Welfare trust believes everyone is equal with the same vital rights.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a world where every human being has a cherished life with equivalent values that respect sovereignty, neutrality, and social coherence. We want to educate, encourage and inspire them to eradicate the misery of disabled people. Our association’s aim is transparency, so welfare actions are carried out to reach every worthy person.  

We want to aid the poor and needy disabled people to make their life better. According to the well-known Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Sigma Welfare trust seeks to offer disabled people exceptional opportunities. We want to build consciousness and make them valuable members of society.

Sole Purpose Of Sigma Welfare Trust

Keeping in mind the sole purpose of this welfare trust is to assist disabled people, seek equality, and require hospitality. The organization has made certain that no page is left blank in terms of its deep concern for the well-being of society.

Sigma Welfare Trust ensures that disabled people are treated equally. We link hearts to various forms of assistance following Islamic teachings and democratic moral norms. Sigma Welfare Trust follows the moral norms of a democratic society encouraging welfare for all individuals of all ages, classes, and creeds.

There is no racism at Sigma Welfare Trust”

We are also furnished to provide legal aid, counseling, and job opportunities filled with prospects because as they say, “Talent sees no age, class or cast” Moreover, our sigma venture will also include inspirational campaigns to keep the individual’s spirit high.

Sigma Welfare Benefits

Sigma trust is primarily focused on helping people with disabilities. We take account into the specific challenges faced by these people, for instance, active participation in education, access to health care, and employment.

Previous approaches to address the problems of disabled people have made some progress yet more than eighty percent of disabled people are facing a financial crisis. So, Sigma Welfare Trust deems social protection must move beyond traditional approaches. Traditional approaches that intervene system that promote and enhance.

Goals and Objectives

  • To assist disabled children in obtaining decent education.
  • Provide handicapped individuals with free wheelchairs and crutches.
  • To assist the individuals in selecting a vocation that matches their potential and interests.
  • Assist poor and needy people in receiving medical treatment.

Sigma welfare believes it is crucial to educate every human being despite their medical concerns. Very few disabled people have attained a substantial level of achievement, but we are working to change that. We want to assist every disabled person to make the best out of them. So, Choose Sigma, Choose Home.

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