Reasons to invest in blue world city

Reasons to invest in blue world city


Reasons to invest in blue world city is a project of known organization “Blue Group of Companies” operated by Mr. Saad Nazir (son of Ex Deputy Commissioner Ch. Nazeer). This project has been developed in collaboration with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company from China with an M.O.U signed. It is said to be the first Pak-China housing society. The project is located near the Rawalpindi & Islamabad and because it has the safest investment plan, reasonable prices & attractive installment plan which is why majority of buyers and investors are demanding it.

Have a look at certain more reasons to invest in blue world city precise to the light of important aspects of this society.

Prime Location and fascinating attractions

Reasons to invest in blue world city zameen is marked on Chakri Road that is near Lahore- Islamabad Motorway, which is at a short distance from the CPEC route and a few minutes away from the Islamabad International Airport. This location is extremely ideal because it is very near to the Ring Road Rawalpindi furthermore it is surrounded by all the major link roads that connect to the twin cities. The project includes several fascinating places in view which are inspired by Blue mosque of Turkey, Burj-ul-Arab of Dubai, Oxygen Park and Asia´s largest theme water park.

Blue World map dsign

Lower prices & easy installment plan

 Since the project is new, the blue world city rates are already low when compared to the surrounding societies, also the blue world city is offering 3-5 year installment plan after which the ownership will be handed over to you so you can build your house of dream on the beautiful location of the capital city, Islamabad.

3.5 Marla Residential Payment Plan

blue world city payment plan Awami Residential Plot

General Block Residential Payment Planblue world city payment plan general block

Overseas Block payment plan

blue world city payment plan overseas block

Investment with greater chance of benefits

 Whenever the investor is making a decision to invest, the prime concern remains about the scale of returns, let us assure you that this is the safest place to invest these days because of ideal and luxurious location. This is also because this real estate market is experiencing a constant growth in terms of either renting out or reselling your purchase, hence the greater scale of profit is guaranteed.

Enhanced security and trustworthy owner

Keeping in view the security concerns of people in the current times, the designers have made sure that it remains their priority too. For the same cause the society has the E-ticketing systems and the face recognition at the entrance and CCTV coverage for extra precautions.  Also the blue world city reviews about authorized dealer is to be known, trustworthy and experienced as mentioned above.

Modern infrastructure along with tranquil environment

 The architect has been designed by inspiring ideas from iconic buildings all around the globe. The blue world city commercial plots are spacious and has 5 Marla plots for sale. At blue world housing society the beautiful view is marked of garden and it is tend to be eco- friendly, calming and peaceful for people to stay home.

Rapid development and timely delivery

 The development is happening at a very fast pace, with the use of almost 100 heavy machineries. The work is almost nearing completion and is promised to be completed soon.  The blue world city chakri road has been beautifully designed with street lights and it is the first ever project in that area to have the access to electricity. Moreover the management has pledged on ensuring timely delivery of the blue world city commercial plots.

Stability and diverse community

 As mentioned earlier, the blue world housing society is the first ever project in collaboration with China and hence a portion has been designed for Chinese community to live in which is fair enough to promote diverse culture with variety of ethnicities and backgrounds. To elaborate the benefits of blue world city, it is in demand of investors because the stability in the prices remains even in the times of Economic Crises.

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Top City 1 updated islamabad

Top City 1 updated islamabad

Top City 1 Islamabad

Top City 1 Islamabad is taken into a major development within the Capital City Islamabad. The updated housing project is progressing to offer an artistic movement lifestyle for its residents.

The project is well built and is situated in the central part of the central city, which is definitely accessible from all sides. The venture furnishes a recent infrastructure projected a contemporary lifestyle for people who wish to remain updated with the technology and optimized living.

The society covers several acres of land in Islamabad with natural surroundings and elegant views. Having a residence here is a dream that will come true for anyone. A contemporary manner combined with an associate eco-friendly setting is what makes this housing society fascinate for the investors and developers.

The options, this housing society is providing ensures comfortable living with all facilities of life. The cost area competitive associated with the installment plan is put in place for the convenience of the consumers.

This project is a great combination of its prime location, features, facilities and strategy to capitalize on all of the opportunities arising from this area as a result of the development of the new airport are exceptional and precisely what sets this society apart from the rest of the housing venture in its neighborhood together with University city and ICHS city

It is one of the simplest investment opportunities for people that are trying to create their homes in this neighborhood. The location of the Top City-1 is ideal if this development was set somewhere else, it may not have been able to become one of the highest investments in Islamabad. The society is well-planned and has all the options to produce a bright future for its residents.

The NOC of society is authorized and registered under RDA. It has acquired all the permissions from RDA, CAA, ICT, NHA and the Environment Protection Department.

You can also check the above information from the official website of RDA.

Top City 1 Islamabad Location

Top City-1 is introduced as a worldwide global smart city complimenting its high status neighboring housing society Capital Smart City  the primary ever Smart City in Pakistan. The location of the housing society is at Kashmir Highway at the intersection of M-1 and M-2 motorway. Moreover, it is set at a distance of 3 km from the New Islamabad airport and H, G and F blocks of Top City-1 are close to the gates of the airport. G Block is that the nearest and is confiscated by the CAA because of security considerations.

The accessed from Kashmir Highway and also the access route is sort of simple for anyone to achieve society. You will reach Islamabad City underneath 10 minutes from society and Islamabad airport is placed 3 km away. Since the Kashmir Highway Extension from the Motorway intersection around New Islamabad airport is underneath construction presently, so alternate access route from Fateh Jang Road is underuse.

Top City 1 Master Plan

Top City-1 covers 5906 Kanal of vast property that’s divided up into totally different blocks specifically A, B, C, D, E, F, G & H, however as of current standing the Block G of the society is condemned by CAA, just because of the security hazards being connected to the Islamabad International airport. Besides residential and business properties, the project conjointly furnishes a variety of farmhouses.

Top City 1 Development

In Top City-1 Islamabad Latest development, the construction work is close to completion. 50% of the construction is completed in most areas. 1 Kanal plots in Block B are available on the market to the owners instantly whereas the blocks C, D, E, H, and F are beneath fast construction work.

The signboards with names of roads and streets are put in throughout the housing society, thus it’s easier for the visitors to search out totally different locations. The work on sewerage, underground electricity, and waste management systems has also completed.

Top town-1 additionally boasts of being the first Smart City of Pakistan that has incorporated all the latest technologies available like fiber optics, e-health suppliers, smart meters, public Wi-Fi, e-health providers, e-tag and intelligent investigation programs.

Top City 1 Payment Plan

The prices of Top City-1 is reasonable and simply among everyone’s reach. The elaborated payment plans for every of the plot classes and blocks are mentioned below:

5 Marla Plots in Top City-1 Islamabad are the foremost common among the investors because it is best to trade and ranges between PKR 4.5 lakh to 55 Lakh.

10 Marla plot prices are around PKR 20 Lakh to PKR 80 Lakh similarly 1 Kanal plot in TopCity-1 can be a very little costly and prices around PKR 50 Lakh to 1.5 core.

The Top City-1 Islamabad costs are somewhat the same as the costs offered in Park View City, another promising real estate property development within the CDA zone of Islamabad.

Plot Prices On resale

The society also offers 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 Kanal residential plots and 5 Marla commercial plots. It’s been ten years since the official launch of the society all the plots offered on the installment buying are booked and currently, the plots are on the market on reselling within the market at the subsequent rates. The price range depending on plot location, construction status and features.

 Top City 1 Features

 The modern options planned within the society like provision of freshwater, lush green, eco-friendly atmosphere, updated development, hi-tech security measures, all lavish and comfy living amenities.

Other features including Commercial Area, Theme Park, Cinema, Hospital, Universities, College, School, TV-Cable, 24 Hours security, Gas, Water Availability, Garden, Family Park, Parks, Play Areas, Mosque, Play Land For Kids and Stand By Generators.

The Top City-1 basic planned features are mentioned below:

  • 5906 Kanals of land that is roughly 740 Acres.
  • 5 marla, 10 marlas and Kanal standard plot sizes are available.
  • Reserved areas for farmhouses with larger plot sizes.
  • The ring road is additionally passing through the Farmhouses space.
  • Prime Location land facing towards Kashmir Highway booked for the construction of the Five Star Hotel Project.
  • Land for high rise buildings is reserved facing the urban center pike.
  • An approved wastewater treatment plant.
Park View City location (Islamabad)

Park View City location (Islamabad)

Park View City location

Park View City Islamabad is an amazing housing society surrounded by heavenly views and has a very tranquil atmosphere. It is a modern society along with all the facilities. It aims to provide a secure place for families who want to live in a family-friendly environment. It has an aesthetically pleasing infrastructure which includes, houses, apartments, zoos and parks, club ,community centers, hospitals, schools and mosque with the 24/7 availability of electricity, gas and water. It has an underground supply of electricity and 24/7 surveillance as well. It is located in such an area where there is a proper access to roads. This society’s NOC has been approved by CDA in June 2018.

Park view Plots :

The Park View City has created their  different alphabetical blocks that are both, residential and commercial. Such as A, B, F, J, H, I etc. The sizes of plot varies according to the blocks like  Blocks A, B, F, J and K consists of 5 Marla plots while 10-marla plots are in  A, B, F, H and I. Blocks B, C, E, F, N and M has 1 Kanal plots and Blocks D and P contains 2-kanal plots in the society. While commercial Plot sizes are currently available in 5 and 8 Marlas. Booking of the above mentioned plots in park view housing society can be done from 20% down payment, the rest of the amount has to be paid in 8 equal quarterly installments in the time span of 2 years.

Park View City location 

is also one of the factors which attracts the investor as it is the commercial and residential areas of both Islamabad and RawalPindi. It is a 1200 kanal land located opposite to Bahria Enclave. Park View City location can also be accessed through main Jinnah road and Kuri road and access to gate 2 can be from Bhara Kahu. Park View City location arrival is from Rawal Chowk. It is 8 km away from Chak Shahzad and the  route is  from Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road & Islamabad Highway and just 10 minutes away from Faizabad. The location of Park View City is so perfect in every manner such as that it is close to all the vital destinations of the main city yet away from all the scrutiny of noise, dust and pollution, making it an individual’s dream place to live in. This Project is located on Malot Road with easy access from Kurti Road, 200ft road has been approved by the CDA to make way for the mega project.

Facilities in Park View City

Park View City Islamabad is a gated community with the most comfortable living facilities, making it safe haven for its residents, being studded with modern infrastructure with 24/7 availability of gas, electricity and water.

  • Each block of the society is fully planned with a unique perspective and functionality to provide its all residents an exalting living
  • This is the perfect paragon of luxury and entertainment, having the Cinemas with IMAX and 3D technology which will surely provide unimaginable cinematic experience.
  • Commercial zones include many renowned brands. The facility of Club and Community centre inside the society will give the residents a chance to enjoy variety of indoor and outdoor experience of sports including bowling, snooker, cricket, tennis, swimming pool and golf.
  • Zoo and Parks are designed for all the ages of individuals. To facilitate health issues with modern equipment and latest technology, hospitals will be designed.
  • The incorporation of best schools and educational institutions are planned to be setup in society, offering best course in proximity to the residential blocks.
  • Beautiful Turkish Model Mosques will be part of this fabulous housing scheme.
  • Due to the current monsoon conditions in Pakistan. The society has included the best drainage system with different sewage lines which makes sure the continuous flow of water. Rain harvesting system is one of the most effective method to store and cycle water. Park view’s commercial hub called Downtown Islamabad will have a central lake of around 200-300 canal, main source of water being the rain.
  •  Electrical system is totally underground to avoid any incidents.
  • Park View Society takes the security very seriously thus to ensure that, a network of CCTV cameras is installed throughout the society.
  • Park View offers luxury Apartments fully equipped with fitness centre , laundry facilities, swimming pool and convenience stores in the premises of apartments.
  • The Society is divided into different alphabetically ordered Blocks, consisting of commercial and residential blocks. Block A,B,F,J and K consists of 5 Marla plots while 10 Marla plots are in the Blocks A,B,F,H,I. 1Kanal plots are in Blocks B,C,E,F,N,M and Blocks D,P offer 2kanal plots.

Park View City Installments plans

Park View  city offers plots on easy instalment plans from 1 to 3 year . Park View City Islamabad is definitely an investor’s paradise. It is the Best option for the ones who want to live life without any worry with an extravagant healthy and safe lifestyle, with breath taking views and state of the art infrastructure.

Group and Wwner 

Park View City is a project of Vision group which is owned by Aleem Khan, a senior member of PTI. Vision group is believed to be one of the most reliable Pakistan’s developing group. Park View City is the architectural magical project by the Vision group. The ultimate goal of this project is to establish a luxurious living through unique construction ideas of urban landscape projects. Investment in Parkview city will not disappoint you in anyway.

Overseas Prime Block – Capital Smart City

Overseas Prime Block – Capital Smart City

Overseas Prime Block 

The Capital Smart City has introduced “Overseas Prime Block” designed by a smart community (Surbana Jurong) launched at London Dorchester on the 20th of February 2018. Overseas Prime Block is one of the first smart society in Islamabad. Overseas Prime Block is developed for the non- resident Pakistanis living abroad. This Prime Block is a very good and attractive block in all the blocks of Capital Smart City Islamabad. It is a separate gated community according to developers, which supplies all the facilities. It is situated at a very beautiful point within the Capital Smart City place, It has the best collection of high features. Overseas Primes high features allow residents to view the entire Capital Smart City features and furthermore. The pleasant view of Waterfront, the PGA Standards 18-hole golf course will entertain all of the residents of Overseas Prime Block.

Prime Block Location

The Entrance of Overseas Prime Block is from the Chakri road. It is 180 feet wide, smart, and Roman-style huge entrance carries the full view of all the rivers, lakes, parks, and golf links along with 50 feet wide streets. The distance of facility places of Prime Blocks is 400-meter away.

 Prime Block  Features

All of the transport system with attractive facilities of this block like Bikes,  Hybrid/Electric cars for transporting purpose, Including QR coded bike, Rapid Bus Transport (BRT System), Skyline of CSC, Landmark Buildings, the Khairi Murat Mountains Range, The 18 hole PGA standard golf course by Peter Harradine, All lakes and Rivers which are preserved for the CSC, Dancing Fountains of the Crystal Lake district, The Ferris Wheel, Chahan Dam, Water Sports Area, The artificial Beach at the lake view terraces, F-2 Race Track will connect you with Capital Smart City.

Prime Block Payment Plan

Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block contains residential plots of 7 Marla to 40 Marla, Its booking starts with 10% the same as the executive block. Recently, the prices of properties in Overseas Block Capital Smart City has increased by 10% because of its location towards facing the park, corner, main road (between 41” and 99”). The plot sale of this Prime Block has increased by 2.5%. All the plot’s prices and the payment plan will be revised and will be increased up to 7.5% after 3rd October.

This payment plan table will make you understand the price plan and installment plan of the Overseas Prime Block according to the size of the area.

Plot Type Dimensions Unit Price PKR Down Payment 10% Confirmation 10% 42 Monthly Installment 7 Half Yearly Installments
Residential Plot 7 Marla 3,230,000 323,000 323,000 30,760 184,583
Residential Plot 10 Marla 4,245,000 424,500 424,500 40,430 242,565
Residential Plot 12 Marla 4,695,000 469,500 469,500 44,715 268,280
Residential Plot 1 Kanal 6,365,000 636,500 636,500 60,620 363,708
Residential Plot 2 Kanal 12,500,000 1,250,000 1,250,000 119,050 714,274

capital Prime Block Benefits

The Overseas prime block has quite a significance. It also offers a lot of benefits. The Prime Block shows the appreciation and hard work efforts of the abroad Pakistani has given to Pakistan. This project assures overseas Pakistanis an entirely secure and beneficial opportunity to come and invest here.

If You Follow These Rules, You Will Never Fail At Investing

If You Follow These Rules, You Will Never Fail At Investing

Rules For Safe Investment

If money is your area of interest, you can survive if you keep in mind the following rules:

  1. Protect Your Capital – Don’t Lose Money
  2. Invest in the Business that Guarantees Revenue
  3. Invest for a Longer Period

These rules are further explained below:

Protect Your Capital

Sigma Properties has been investing in real estate for years now, and we’re able to do so by adopting the first rule of Warren Buffett i.e. “Don’t lose money”. It is the main reason behind investing all of the money in the real estate industry instead of investing it in the stock market. Investment in the real estate industry makes sure that the invested capital (amount) is protected because the essential asset is an actual property and the rental income generated from that asset supports its value.

Moreover, the things that you should avoid while investing in real estate are compromise and speculation. These are the things where we show zero tolerance because we are responsible for the money of investors like you who trust Sigma Properties and we do not want them to lose money because of our negligence.

Further, A location that is considered prime in the present date can increase its value by ten times after ten years. Only those markets are considered preferable that give optimistic job switching, healthcare facilities, ideal educational institutes, and android based jobs.

If you want to invest in property which will be 10X in value after 10 years, click here. Let’s have a healthy conversation.

Invest in the Business that Guarantees Revenue

Money was considered as the king a few years ago because if it was left in the banks, it would have returned a profit of 6-8%. Contrary to this, in the present date, leaving money in the banks does not give anything.

An investment is the most desirable when it can give an optimistic profit even in the future. If it gives a suitable monthly rental income then you must not lose such investment. You should not neglect that for more than 6 decades the rents are showing an upward trend.

Our investors have recently gained around 13.8% profit in just 15 days (YES! In 15 days only) by investing in plots and villas. If you have money and want to make a promising investment, feel free to talk to Sigam Properties.

Invest for Longer Period

A period of ten years is considered a longer period. Nowadays, most people want to be rich as quickly as they can but they neglect the very basic element i.e. for any investment to escalate and develop, time is required. The only thing you should consider this time is to invest your money as soon as possible. The moment you have saved enough money, you must invest in all those assets of real estate that will hold it for a longer period.

Once more, the following rules will guarantee that you will never fail at investing:

  • Protect Your Capital – Don’t Lose Money
  • Invest In The Business That Guarantees Revenue
  • Invest For A Longer Period

You can find more investment option at our projects page. In case you need any help with your earnings, you can come to Sigma Properties. Our UAN is 051 111 477 488.

6 Situations When You Need a Financial Advisor Most

6 Situations When You Need a Financial Advisor Most

6 Situations When You Need a Financial Advisor

Do you know enough about Financial Management to take care of all your investing yourself ? . Or do you need advice from a seasoned expert ? .

These questions come up for millions of Pakistanis’ each year.

If any of the situations given below describes you, you could benefit from Investor Care .

Program offered by Sigma Properties:

  1. You’re retiring soon– Maximizing retirement income requires smart decisions around complex topics such as term-deposits with a bank. Keeping cash in hand and investing it for better capital gains.
  2. You inherited money– Have you noticed prize-bond winners often end up having nothing in hand and sometimes declare bankruptcy? . It is difficult to manage sudden increases in wealth.
  3. You manage your own investments– Individual investors should check their strategies with unbiased and trusted third parties. You may be overlooking a lot of
  4. You have children– Whether you’re saving for their education, wedding or planning their inheritance, there are several ways to ensure your children are taken care of.
  5. You have a Financial adviser – Depending on how you chose your adviser, there may be a better one for you. Family referrals are convenient but don’t always produce results.
  6. You want to build wealth– If you’re still decades from retirement, good decisions today can add thousands to your accounts which you can inherit to your children.

Financial advice from the industry expert before making a real estate investment is as necessary as oxygen for life.

Through Sigma Investor Care Program, we are bound to act in your best interests. If you are ready to get the benefit of this program to achieve your financial goals early and easily;  fill the form below.

* this is a free service. We do not charge.

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