5 Ways to Start a Real Estate Business With No Money

5 Ways to Start a Real Estate Business With No Money

Ways to Start a Real Estate Business with no Money

One of the most popular inquiries we get from new real estate investors is how to get started investing in real estate with no money down or very little financial outlay. Many people think that you need a lot of money to get into real estate. Well, having more money available would surely make getting into the real estate market easier. Fortunately, beginning a real estate firm with little or no money is not impossible. Many people want to invest, but they have not saved a significant amount of money due to low earnings or high expenses. Although you should keep some cash on hand at all times, it is entirely possible to get started without a large sum of money in the bank. So let us delve into the ways to start your real estate business.

1- Purchase a Property for Resale

If you do not have any money but want to start a real estate business, you might sell property on behalf of developers. The market is constantly flooded with new housing and residential projects. To sell their properties, you must contact the developers and sign a contract. You may find these developers on the internet. You advertise and sell the developer’s properties using this technique, earning a commission on each finished contract. The commission or share varies for every project and is also determined by the type of property sold. Naturally, commissions for selling luxury houses are significantly greater than commissions for the budget of sale properties, so you may wish to focus on high-end properties as well.

2- Purchase a Home as an Investment Property 

You can buy a residential property with no money down using a bank loan. You can live in it for at least a year or more, then move out and turn it into a rental property. Keep in mind that building equity through real estate investing extends to the homes you already own. Furthermore, the standards for a down payment and credit score for a primary dwelling are always less strict than those for an investment property. As a result, living in your investment properties first is a terrific strategy to avoid the higher lender lending requirements for real estate investment properties.

3- Request Seller to pay your Closing Costs

In many real estate deals, the seller will pay the buyer’s closing fees to encourage a sale. However, you’ll almost certainly have to pay the whole asking amount or close to it as a trade-off. It is appropriate if your rent covers all of your bills while also providing you with a bit of monthly cash flow. If total mortgage payment (including taxes and insurance) is equal to or larger than the rent, you can adequately charge at the full asking price, seek another deal. Rental properties should always have a positive cash flow to cover vacancies and maintenance.

4- Form a Joint Venture with an Investor 

Having a real estate investor as a partner can open up doors to new possibilities for your real estate business. So, if you find a great investment property but do not have the funds to close the deal, you might be able to discover someone willing to invest money and assist you in concluding the sale. People wish to invest in real estate but do not have the time or do not want to deal with all of the administrative and managerial tasks that come with it. You can team up with such an investor to realize your ambition of owning a profitable real estate firm while the investor benefits from a hassle-free real estate investment.

Negotiate the conditions of the collaboration with the investor. These types of partnerships are suitable for dealing with rental or fix-and-flip properties. You may start your real estate firm without worrying about cash if you have good managerial and administrative skills. All you need to do is choose the perfect partner to handle your business’s financial needs.

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5- Devise a Strategy for Generating Leads

Lead generation is critical to the success of any company. The real estate industry is no different. To gain more business, you need a steady flow of leads, regardless of your role in the real estate industry. Whether it’s a mortgage lender, realtor, or even a house flipper, having a lead pool is crucial for any real estate business. The percentage of leads that turn into real business deals is relatively low. Therefore, every real estate agent anticipates receiving more and more profitable tips. So, if you do not have any initial funding but still want to get into the real estate industry, becoming a lead facilitator could be an intelligent solution.

You can serve as a conduit between the buyer and eager real estate brokers and realtors. You can always start producing leads at a local level to be effective in this line. You can also utilize your contacts to see if anyone in your network or neighbourhood is looking to buy, rent, or sell a home.

The following are possible steps to take in a lead generation business:

  • First, locate clients or agents who are seeking a property and compile a database of those interested.
  • Then look for buyers on the internet.
  • Sell your leads once you’ve identified your clients. The location and quality of a lead determine the cost of the lead.


The real estate sector contains a lucrative business. Even if you do not have a limited budget or no money, you can get into this line of work using the above methods. But bear in mind that entering the world of real estate is merely the first step on the road to success. Your company growth and success are mainly determined by your dedication and ability to find possibilities and act on them. Sigma Properties is here to lend you a hand in building your real estate business with no money.

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How to overcome your biggest business obstacles

How to overcome your biggest business obstacles

How to overcome your biggest business obstacles

To reach the destination, you have determined to cover will bring you more challenges and create obstacles to your purpose. Your goal may be to start a business or score higher marks in the graduation examination, to find a job in a reputed company or to promote to a higher position; some obstacles stop your efforts. The most common thing which is discovered in research is that people want to start a business, but they always hesitate to execute their plans. Eventually, they gave their intentions. Although there are some people who have a running business, they have a fear of making losses that are running out of their capital. There are some biggest business obstacles that may cause your anxiety, but you don’t have to worry because we have the solution for that problems and obstacles.

Here, first, we discuss your business problems and then show you how to overcome your biggest business obstacles.

1-Capital Issues

Indeed, this is an obstacle to your business career. If you want to start a business, the first thing you should think of its capital. There are many ways to overcome this minor problem.


The first door you should knock is of your friend, relatives, or family if you are living apart. If you have younger age and want to start your own business, ask your parents to help you financially. If they don’t have your required money but allow you to start a business, then you should apply for a loan from a different bank. Nowadays, taking a loan from any bank is very easy. There are many loan packages banks offer like student loan, Asaan karobar loan, Kaamyab Nojawan programs, etc. In short, arranging the capital is not a major obstacle as the current government is also taking steps to overcome your business obstacles.

2-Choosing proper business

The next hurdle that you face is choosing a proper business. Many businesses collapse due to the lack of experience of the owner in that particular business.


Before starting any business, you should be committed to your goal. Take pieces of advice from skilled and smart business people. After you select a business to start, don’t lose your hope if you are not attracting customers. Somehow by hard work, if you succeeded in having your required customer, then don’t decrease the quality of your products because once if you lose the trust of your customer, you cannot attain them again.

If you want to know more: The Best Commercial Real Estate Books in 2021

3-Giving up another career

This can be a hard decision for every common individual. You always get frightened and stuck between the two, to leave the job or not. This is the biggest obstacle in starting your business career.


You have heard of a quote that, “if never endeavour forever”. It means if today you don’t try, you cannot try forever. So, if you have the potentials to start a business, let the decision not befallen in your way. In addition, sometimes you own a business, but you could not earn your required income. So, in that case, you should also apply the same decision; just go ahead.

4-Tough competition

This is the most vivid and clear obstacle to your business. If you own a business or work in an organization, you face tough competition. Your competitors want to surpass you, and you want them to be behind.


Try to bring new things into your business. People always love new brands, knowledge, products, and exclusive offers. Don’t decrease the prices of your products to compete with your rivals as this is the option which they also can apply. Instead, focus on modifying your products and giving them their desired products. You should remember that to have complete materials of any business you own. For example, you own a cloth house, so you must have all the cloth brands and designs customers ask for in that specific area where you run a particular business.

5-Employees hiring

This is a tough task, indeed. You own your business, but you don’t have those skilled persons who can run your business accordingly. You might have mastered the field but have no knowledge of others; then the employees hiring process becomes a headache for you.


Don’t worry; this is very easy if you are an entrepreneur. Just organize a walk-in interview and ask some general questions related to your business. Keep in mind after hiring employees, don’t treat them as if they are your servants. Always give them respect, so then they would work for you wholeheartedly.

6-Attracting customers

There are many businesses, but they always fail in attracting customers. As you know, as an owner of a business, your first aim is to drag customers toward your product. However, some can acquire their goal while some have obstacles.


If your products are according to the customer demands, then you don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertisement. People will be automatically attracted to your products. Always try to increase the quality of your goods instead of increasing the number of your goods. Give priority to your regular customers but don’t ignore new customers.


We have discussed your biggest business obstacles. Now you are very much aware of the fact that how to overcome biggest business obstacles. To sum up, there may come many hindrances in your business career but don’t worry; we are with you. Visit Sigma properties if you have any obstacles to your business.

Is Real Estate Business Profitable in Pakistan

Is Real Estate Business Profitable in Pakistan

Is Real Estate Business Profitable?

The real estate is a business of unpredictability, the kind that brings in a tremendous amount of profit. The property’s location primarily determines the size of the profit in the real estate business. Buying, selling, and renting properties are the most common ways to make money in the real estate sector.

The real estate universe is expanding dramatically, leading to a massive expansion in opportunity, especially in emerging markets. Cities that are rapidly expanding will present a more extensive range of risk and reward opportunities. The real estate industry’s growth will be fuelled by technological innovation and sustainability. These have given a huge opportunity to start a modest business in the property of Pakistan’s major cities. Thus, let us delve into the sea of profitability and emerge with the knowledge to build a real estate business. 

 Property Resale

Property flipping or resale has been one of the most popular real estate business ideas in recent years. Buying a neglected home, fixing and upgrading it, and then selling it for a profit, usually to a retail buyer, is what property flipping entails. While flipping a house may not provide a steady income stream like renting does, it can generate big, one-time profits on particular properties. Many general contractors may buy and sell one or two houses every year to supplement their income. On the other hand, there are real estate investors who focus nearly entirely on flipping properties. A property flipping company, like rentals, can be conducted from your house.

When it comes to property flipping, one of the most important elements to consider is carrying costs. To keep your flip lucrative, keep the time you spend on the property to a minimum. Once you have listed the completed property for sale, it is critical to examine the efficiency and availability of your repair or improvement construction crew, as well as the state of the market. 

Another strategy to boost flip profitability is to keep costs under tight control. Ensure that the upgrades you select will pay you in the long run. Expensive design embellishments that do not add to the bottom line should be avoided. Keep in mind that you’re not designing a home for yourself; you are constructing a home for local consumers in a certain market at a specific price range. 

Become a Property Owner

Many people’s real estate business strategies are founded on the basis of becoming a landowner. You can generate income in these ways by owning a property and renting it out:

  • Because of the financial flow you receive in the form of rent each month, you’ll be paid on a regular basis. Your profit margin improves annually as you use this monthly cash flow to pay off the property and raise rents in line with market increases.
  • Long-term advantages come from the increase in the value of your property over time. These profits are realized when the property is sold. You can also use the equity you’ve built to fund portfolio repairs, renovations, and expansion.

Being a property owner provides you with an excellent cash flow as well as a solid investment asset. It also allows you to create a legacy portfolio of properties that you may pass on to your family with little or no tax liability. Landholding for the purpose of profiting from real estate has been established since the middle ages when true lords owned land and received fees from people who worked on it. In more recent times, real estate has generated plenty of millionaires and billionaires all across the globe.

Become a Property Photographer

Not every real estate business idea revolves around the properties alone. Some tasks need you to market the property, such as becoming a real estate photographer. Photographs of properties are taken by real estate photographers for sellers or landlords and then uploaded online as part of a marketing effort. The quantity and size of the houses you have to photograph on a given day determines your working hours as a real estate photographer. Larger homes necessitate more photos and, as a result, more time. Although you will need to do most of the actual work on the location of the houses being taken, many real estate photographers choose to establish their real estate businesses in their homes. 

Drone photography is used to contextualize the property location and highlight the qualities of luxury homes, farms, and more significant acreage in numerous places. To guarantee that your images represent the property at its best, you will need to invest in high-quality photography and lighting equipment, as well as advanced editing systems. Working with the real estate agent or homeowner to make sure the house is adequately readied, cleaned, landscaped, and staged will go a long way toward making your images the best they can be. As soon as your business flourishes, you can hire property photographers as well.  

Become a Real Estate Agent

To be a real estate agent has been a common way to participate in the sector. Since it needs formal schooling and, in most cases, licensing, becoming a real estate agent is more difficult than getting into other sections of the industry.

Real estate agents are not paid until the property sells, so you will need to support yourself financially when you first start as a real estate agent. A natural skill to connect with others will go a long way toward assisting you in expanding your business. The winning and engaging personalities of many real estate agents have lead them to their success.

Even against more experienced agents, a solid website, constant content generation, and continuing social media management may help you quickly establish a brand for yourself. Promote your real estate firm with content tailored to a specific area, market niche, or audiences, such as blogs, videos, or podcasts. 

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These are a handful of the many real estate business concepts proven to be successful and profitable. The most challenging element of entering the real estate sector is taking the initial step. Start working on your real estate business today to ensure that it is profitable tomorrow. 

Capital Smart City Received Interchange Approval Letter

Capital Smart City Received Interchange Approval Letter

Capital Smart City Interchange Approval Letter

To own a piece of land, first of all, you search for its access points. Similarly, many people were anxious about the interchange concerned with Capital Smart city. People thought if the Smart City fails to get approval for interchange, then the city’s development will face more challenges. People were always asking what the housing city benefits were as it was close to the Airport but not connected to the motorway through interchange. And they were accurate in their doubts to link the city’s success with the approval of interchange. The owners of the smart capital city are trying emphatic efforts to facilitate its clients.

NHA approval letter

The capital smart city now has made shorten its way to the highest level of development. Recently, NHA gave approval to the said society  for interchange. With the permission of the interchange, the smart city has access directly to the Airport. The NHA approval letter has many points. The directors made the letter public so that everyone could know the facts behind the giant leap. However, there was no such need for the showing of this letter to the public, but it will boost the confidence of the investors who intend to invest in capital smart city. The clauses in the letter are given below:

Clauses in the interchange approval letter

Provincial approval for two years

NHA issued the letter on June 6, 2021. Capital Smart City submitted Rs 47 crore for two years to complete the interchange. Within the duration of two years, the interchange has to be completed and operated. In case if they fail to complete the task, NHA will return its submission fee after some necessary deduction. And then they have to follow the whole procedure for approval again.

Capital smart city cannot use the letter for publicity

The next point of the letter is that CSC cannot use the letter for publicity, but they made it public because the owners of the CSC don’t want to keep their investors in doubt. The clients kept asking about the NOC and letter to show them even in black & white copy. So, despite the prohibition of the authorities, smart city made it public to answer the questions of its clients. Due to this clause, the smart city did not agree to publish the letter.

New owners of the CSC will revise the whole procedure

According to the third clause, if the owners of the smart city transfer the ownership of the smart city to another owner, then NHA will cancel the approval letter for interchange, and the new owners will file a request again for the interchange approval letter. This is just a clause embedded by the authorities. Otherwise, there is no chance of changing the ownership as CSC is not a little shop. Now it has become a real industry state. It is a large group of investors and developers. It has a  lot of projects and huge capital. So, there is no need to worry about transferring ownership.

Land addition

The fourth clause is to add more land to the project. First, it was the project of 7500 Kanal, and now it is going to approve 25000 Kanal. The addition of land to the CSC, though, very impressive, but then the city has to pay Rs60000 per Kanal to the NHA. Surely, there is no fault in increasing the Kanal of the land, but just the city has to pay a little more amount to the authorities. The land addition has no bad impact on the people as they should happy to have such projects.

Design and operation

According to the 6th clause, the design and operation will be according to NHA. The capital smart city should keep straight all the instructions and designs of the NHA. The authorities will approve the project after the completion if it does not collide with their proposed design.

Benefits of the interchange approval letter

The overseas clients will get more benefits due to the approval of this letter as interchange leads beside the overseas block. Paperwork and design work will take somewhat three months. In December, the developers will start physical work on the project. As we discussed above, the land addition will improve the investment rate, and society will get more fame. The investors who have already invested can have more profit as the interchange approval letter drew more attention from the people.


You clearly know that even a single paved road linked to land increases the market value of that land. Now imagine how an interchange would increase the value of lands along which it passes. This housing society  now has a prominent posture among others as it achieved the milestone. I

f you want to avail the opportunity, don’t wait for tomorrow and visit sigma properties for booking your plot in Capital smart city.

The Best Commercial Real Estate Books in 2021

The Best Commercial Real Estate Books in 2021

Best Commercial Real Estate Books

To know more is advancement towards success. Reading makes you an exact man. Spend the best of your time reading valuable books. Always select the proper texts for your concerned purpose. If you are related to real estate, you should read books written by known and reputed builders. Here is a list of some best commercial real estate books that would help you manage your real estate investment. These books are jam-packed with advice from seasoned commercial real estate experts. You’ll not only learn how to invest in real estate but also how not to do it.

So, if you’re willing to learn more about commercial real estate investing, these are the ten books you should read:

How To Succeed In Commercial Real Estate

By John L. Bowman

The first commercial real estate book which you should read is How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate, and it offers you a good understanding of the ins and outs of real estate brokerage. Bowman’s book covers c real estate leases and sales. As well as how to conduct negotiations and a general review of the many types of  real estate. While most real estate investors will not pursue commercial real estate trading, understanding how brokers works can help you better manage your lease, acquisition, and disposition teams. . This book covers everything from commercial contracts to dealing with commercial brokers to the various types of lease structures, as well as more technical topics like valuation and planning.

Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book

By Joe Fairless & Theo Hicks

Joe Fairless and Theo are the best real estate investing Advisers. They’re supporters of multifamily financing, which involves pooling funds from private investors to demolish larger apartment buildings than you could on your alone. The team offers to advise on how to discover apartment properties, obtain capital, and execute a profitable multifamily real estate business strategy in Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book. Not only seasoned commercial real estate investors but also newcomers can benefit from their step-by-step approach.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

By Gary Keller With Dave Jenks And Jay Papasan

Gary Keller, the company’s creator, is now a multibillionaire real estate investor. Keller and his co-authors do an excellent job of explaining the fundamentals of commercial real estate investing.

When it is about establishing your real estate empire, mindset is crucial; not only do you need to believe you can achieve it, but you also need to dream bigger. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor not only teaches you how to set the right mentality but also how to create your own personal investing criteria, which components of a deal to focus on, and how to assemble the greatest team possible to help you realize your dream. The authors conducted interviews with a number of billionaire real estate investors and share the tactics they utilized to build their fortunes in real estate.

Making It in Real Estate: Starting Out as a Developer

By: John McNellis

With 20 new chapters on leadership, investment decisions, and the regulatory environment, as well as advice on how to survive an economic crisis, this edition has been expanded and updated. Author John McNellis has taken the best-selling first edition of Making It in Real Estate and extended it with fresh content, market-specific solutions, and real-life techniques for starting and growing your real estate portfolio, based on his 35 years of experience in commercial real estate. McNellis entertains with amusing anecdotes and wisdom on how to take advantage of chances and reduce risk, much like a coffee chat with a mentor.

Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies

By: Peter Conti

Commercial Real Estate Investing For Dummies walks you through the entire process, including how to negotiate and close bonus deals while maximizing profit. It assists you in selecting the right properties at the right moment for the right price.it help you in real estate from office buildings to shopping malls to apartment buildings. This is a fun and simple way to get started with commercial real estate. This thorough manual contains all you need to know. You’ll discover how to uncover amazing properties, evaluate sellers, finance your investments, safeguard your assets, and raise the value of your home.

The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

by McElroy

Anyone interested in learning the fundamentals of real estate investing should read this book. Every page of this book is full with useful information, and it will undoubtedly prepare you to begin investing. There are helpful hints on everything from how to identify a property with actual potential to how to negotiate a purchase and apply the important measures for long-term success and increasing wealth. Although the book is primarily on apartments, the information can be applied to other forms of real estate ventures. However, apartments are not a bad option in general. Give it a read; before you get to the third chapter, you’ll have absorbed some very useful information that you can practice right away.


After reading these books, you will be able to observe the in and out of commercial real estate. Even if you intend to read one of them, it will help you a lot. I searched many books regarding real estate, but I found these six very essential for you. If you intend to know more about real estate visit sigma properties.

Is Real Estate a Good Investment

Is Real Estate a Good Investment

Is Real Estate a Good Investment in 2021?

In 2021, the real estate investment will prove to be quite profitable. People have stopped investing in real estate properties because of the lower demand, and as a consequence, prices have fallen. Many people sold their homes or other sorts of properties for less than market value to have cash on hand for emergencies.  It is a terrific chance for individuals with savings to invest more in this market due to lower demand and lower prices. Consumers with savings are increasingly investing at low rates in order to profit at higher rates later. Pakistan’s real estate market appears to be doing well as a result of this investment.

For a variety of factors, 2021 will be a golden ye3ar for the real estate market. Some of the elements that make real estate an excellent investment include:

Significant Reduction in Property Taxes in 2021 

To lessen the pandemic’s economic impact, Pakistan’s government has cut borrowing rates and given tax breaks for investors and entrepreneurs. It’s a construction-industry stimulus plan with the dual goals of creating jobs for low-wage workers and increasing economic activity. Under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program, the package also contains additional incentives for builders and developers to provide low-cost housing for the underprivileged. The construction tax rate will be fixed, and they will eliminate withholding tax. It is illustrated that cement dispatches in the first half of the 2021 fiscal year totalled 29 million tons, up 16 per cent from 25 million tons in the first half of the previous fiscal year.

CPEC and Pakistan’s Real Estate Sector 

CPEC has shown to be a pioneer of economic development in Pakistan. Since connecting Gwadar ports to Kashgar, China has also altered the real estate industry. Both neighbouring countries will use this single link as a trading channel.

Due to CPEC’s colossal success, Pakistan’s real estate market has attracted investors from all over the world looking for a lucrative investment opportunity. As a result of this tendency, the number of real estate developments has increased significantly, as have the prices.

Economic Prosperity 

Pakistan’s real estate market contributes significantly to the country’s economy. Foreign investors and Pakistani investors are intrigued by the market’s potential and wish to invest here.

In the real estate industry, economic growth is critical. The price of real estate rises following economic growth. As a result of CPEC, job possibilities will expand, as will the demand for people to buy or rent properties near Gwadar. It will help the real estate industry tremendously.

Immigrants from China

As CPEC is a joint economic venture between China and Pakistan, numerous engineers from both nations are needed to construct the project in Gwadar.

The development of multiple minor cities, towns, and mini-projects along the belt must accommodate engineers and other workers. It is an exciting opportunity for the real estate market. The Chinese migration has had a significant impact on rental returns in significant cities, and this flow will continue to grow over time.

You may see the influence of Chinese immigrants in many lodging societies. Blue World City is a housing society created in conjunction with Chinese engineers and architects who developed the houses and apartments to allow the residents to live in luxury at convenient costs.

Earn Passive Income

Real estate investment is a way to generate passive income in 2021 if you’re looking for a way to do so. Real estate is one of the greatest cash flow assets because of its capacity to provide passive investment income. You can choose to have the rental property managed by a professional property management company.

Although employing a property manager will reduce your revenues, it will provide you more time to focus on other things. You also avoid dealing with tenants directly, as the property manager will handle it all for you. So, you can make income properties one of the finest cash flow investments in 2021.

Capital Appreciation 

Aside from monthly income flow, real estate appreciation makes it one of the top cash flow investments. If you keep the investment property, its value will rise over time. As a result, if you decide to sell, you will profit. Rents rise over time as well. Therefore, you’ll be able to generate even more cash flow in the future, ensuring that your rate of return remains constant or even rises over time.

Gold Prices are Unpredictable

Many people prefer to invest in gold since they can use it for a variety of purposes. However, the gold market has recently become quite chaotic this year. Its prices could increase to $2000 per ounce before beginning to fall rapidly. Many investors have stepped back because of this trend, believing that now is not the time to make a solid and safe investment in gold. They are investing in real estate instead, so Pakistan’s real estate market is growing.

Avoidance of Stock Markets 

It is advised that you refrain from investing in the stock market if you do not have sufficient knowledge about the shares, trade, or stock market. The stock market is highly volatile, necessitating split-second judgments about whether to sell or buy more shares. For many investors who are not ready to incur excessive risks, this is not a secure and safe investment.

Therefore, many investors have sold their stocks to invest in Pakistan’s real estate market in 2021.

Real Estate Cash Flow Stability

It isn’t easy to anticipate how much cash flow you’ll generate from most assets. But before you buy a piece of real estate, you may estimate the potential cash flow. You may count on monthly rental revenue if you buy a rental property in a suitable location and keep it occupied.

To figure out what your rental property’s cash flow will be, work out how much you’ll charge for rent and subtract the monthly rental expenses. During all unpredictable times, your investment in property remains the same. So, real estate is the best investment for 2021.


It might be challenging to decide which investment strategy to pursue because there are many options such as stocks, bitcoin or real estate. Real estate is one of the finest cash flow investments for 2021, as seen by the reasons mentioned above.

We at Sigma Properties recommend that in 2021, real estate is a powerful method to gain money and accumulate wealth. You will succeed if you conduct a thorough study and apply a wise real estate investment strategy.