University Town Islamabad

The University Town Islamabad is a visionary mammoth undertaking rising to touch the skies. The investors call it a raw diamond, having lots of potential that is hidden away. It enjoys a location in the Capital and has spectacular, natural views surrounding it.

Developers and Owners

It is a project by Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan. He a professor in Peshawar, Pakistan. Mr. Aziz’s efforts in developing this amazing housing society are admirable, despite his lack of previous real estate experience.

University Town Islamabad Location

The University Town Islamabad Location is a fascinating one. It is situated on the Srinagar Highway (previously known as Kashmir Highway) close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway Interchange. It is also at a 5 minutes’ drive from the New Islamabad International Airport.

The location of the society is not only inviting, but also convenient to Islamabad City; it is only at a 10-minutes’ drive from zero points, Islamabad. While it is under the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi, it is near the CDA regions I-17, H-17, and G-13 in Islamabad.

University Town is bordered by Eighteen Islamabad, one of Pakistan’s most famous and large-scale housing developments, while Blue World City, Top City, Lahore Smart City, and Qurtaba City are all only a 10-minute drive away.


This residential project is built on a rural land previously known as Bajnial in Rawalpindi and spans a total area of around 4500 Kanal.

NOC Document Approval

The housing society was first founded in 1992, but it was only officially launched in 2005 after receiving planning approval and NOC document. The NOC of University Town has been approved by the RDA against the no. RDA: RDA/MP & TE/F – PHS – 43/1873 dated 9/05/2006.

University Town Islamabad Map

The map below shows that this brilliant housing society is located on the left side of the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, M-2, just before the toll plaza if you are heading from Islamabad to Lahore. This is a map of the promising housing scheme.

University Town Islamabad Blocks

For giving the inhabitants an advantageous aspect, University Town has been divided into six blocks, each designated A, B, C, D, E, and F. The housing society has built half of the blocks, while the other half is still being developed.

University Town Islamabad Master Plan

University Town spans over a land of 7500 Kanal and offers residential and commercial plots for sale in a variety of price ranges to appeal to everyone who shares their ideology. The master plan of University Town Islamabad shows strategic marvel, the society will be capable of providing the residents with every amenity they may need and a lot more. It is an excellent option for those looking for a low-cost, high-return property investment because of its location, community, and amenities.

The master plan contains:

  • Entry System Security
  • Jamia Mosques
  • Commercial Hub
  • Playgrounds and Parks
  • Stations for Sewage Disposal
  • Metro Route
  • Educational Institutions
  • Underground Utilities
  • Medical Centres and Hospitals

Development Status

The University Town has completed 80% of its development; Blocks ‘A, B, and D’ have been completely built and plots have been handed over to the customers, while construction on the remaining blocks is progressing at a rapid rate. The following is the status of the remaining blocks:

  • E-block is 80 percent complete, the underground utility work is ongoing.
  • C block is 40% complete, the earthwork is in progress.
  • F block is still in the early stages of development.

For your better understanding, the following is a detail of the construction work in all of the society’s blocks:

Progress in Blocks A, B and D

A, B, and D blocks are the established blocks in the community. The houses in these blocks have been completed, and the residents are living in peace and comfort. These areas have everything you need, including water supply, gas, electricity, carpeted roads, and paved streets. For the amusement of children, a park with a variety of swings has been developed in these areas.

Progress in Blocks E, F and C

The society’s E, F, and C blocks are still in progress. The plotting and levelling of the land in E block is in full swing, with the most up-to-date equipment being used. C and F Blocks are the next in line to be developed. In 1 to 1.5 years, the development of these blocks is expected to take place.

Possession of Plots

The plots in the A, B, and D Blocks of the society are available for immediate possession, but the plots in the developing blocks will not be available until the construction work is done. Possession of plots in the E block is expected to be granted in the next 6 months to 1 year time. The possession of plots in the remaining C and F blocks of the society will take longer.

University Town Islamabad Plot Prices

Residential Prices

We are providing you with the price range requested by investors for residential plots in the society so that you can better understand the current prices.

Residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available at affordable prices in University Town.

  • The sale price of a 5 Marla plot is around 20 to 24 Lac.
  • The sale price of a 10 Marla plot is around 20 to 35 Lac.
  • The sale price of a 1 Kanal plot is around 50 to 65 Lac

Commercial Prices

University Town Islamabad is offering investors the chance to invest in its commercial zone. Commercial plots in the lodging society can be purchased on simple instalments with a 25% down payment.


  • The above rates do not include the costs of category plots, such as corner, park facing, and main road plots.
  • All additional fees must be paid within 180 days of the booking.
  • Provisional ownership of units in the commercial zone will be granted before the contractor receives the final payment.
  • The management of the society will seek payment of the documentation fees and service charges on demand.

How to Book a Plot in University Town?

In order to book a plot, visit the Sigma Properties website or come meet us in person for any further consultancy you may need. Your inquiries are our priority. The documents you will require are:

  • 2 passport size pictures
  • A copy of your ID card
  • A CNIC copy of Next of Kin or nominee
  • Booking amount is entertained in the form of pay order, cash or a direct deposit in the company’s account.

University Town Islamabad Market Trend

It is a worthwhile housing society that has managed to remain afloat in the toughest of times that the real estate market of Islamabad faced. Despite the fact that the scheme is not as exorbitant as the other housing societies in the area such as Taj Residencia nor that the prices in University Town have risen dramatically like B-17 Multi-Gardens, the society has maintained a smooth and steady business in the real estate market.

Why Invest in University Town Islamabad?

 Practicable Rates

The rates provided in this project are extremely affordable and cost-effective as compared to other housing societies in the region. Eighteen Islamabad, Pakistan’s most expensive housing society, shares a border with this project, but the prices of the two societies are vastly different.

Favourable Investment Opportunity

The society has received all the required NOCs and planning permits from the relevant departments and authorities, making it a risk-free and reliable investment opportunity.

This housing society has endured the difficult business conditions in the real estate market due to the prime location and appealing rates of this project; not only that, but the prices of the property suddenly increased due to the rise in demand, leaving its investors with profitable returns.

An unparalleled living experience awaits you at this lodging society with first-rate amenities to be had.

Vicinity of New Islamabad International Airport

The value of the properties near the New Islamabad International Airport is significantly high. Since this housing society is just 5 minutes away from the airport, it has reaped significant benefits from the situation. The prices of properties in this housing venture have increased by 1-15 percent in Islamabad’s real estate sector. The project’s investors have benefitted from the situation and profited handsomely on their savings.

Popular Housing Societies Nearby

The worth of this housing society has been enhanced by the proximity to Eighteen Islamabad, Faisal Town, Top City, Mumtaz City, and the New Islamabad International Airport. Eighteen Islamabad, the housing society closest to this one, has enticing prospects of becoming Pakistan’s most elite housing society, not just in Islamabad but throughout the country.

Adaptable to Population Shift

Islamabad’s population has recently shifted to the outskirts of the city, as the fast-paced life of the city no longer appeals to the masses who wish to live in peace and comfort. This society provides safe and appropriate accommodations with all necessary amenities. For comfortable and stress-free living, this society provides safe and suitable accommodations with all basic amenities such as 24/7 power supply, contemporary sewage system, health care centres and a lot more.

Pros and Cons


 High Potential of Success

With its eco-friendly and naturally blessed surroundings, University Town has the potential to become one of the most beautiful housing projects in the area. The breath-taking views of lush greenery all around it entices people who wish to raise their families in a tranquil environment.

The Metro Bus Route

The newest Metro Bus route runs right alongside this society, making travel even more convenient. This route will link all areas of Islamabad city to the airport and the Rawalpindi regions, and it has become one of the society’s main selling points.

Underground Electricity

Those living in the city are fed up of the power outage, so for the convenience of the residents, the University Town Islamabad has provided an uninterrupted electricity supply.

Quick Possession

There is not a long period of waiting for the possession of plots in University Town Islamabad, unlike the other lodging societies that are still under development and must give possession to their clients after 3 to 4 years’ time.

Gainful Long-Term and Short-Term Investment

Due to its perfect location, direct NOC, breath taking views, and most affordable rates, this society is a golden opportunity for both short and long term investment. The properties in the society are very easy to trade because of the standard sizes of the plots.


Low Quality Development

In contrast to lodging societies like Capital Smart CityPark View City and Discovery Gardens Islamabad, the development quality of University Town Islamabad is lower but then, it is the more affordable and convenient choice at the same time.

Inexperienced Owner

Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan is new to the real estate world, which is the reason that the development stage of this lodging society is still on going. Even so, he has managed to keep the development of the work steady and smooth, which is praiseworthy.


1- Where is University Town Islamabad located?

It is located on the Srinagar highway, formerly known as Kashmir Highway right next to the M-2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway.

2- Who is the owner of University Town Islamabad?

Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan is the owner of this project, he is a professor in Peshawar.

3- What is the total area of the society?

The lodging society has an area of 7500 Kanal.

4- Which plot sizes are available?

In the residential blocks of the society, plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available, as well as plots of various sizes in the commercial zones.

5- Is there gas availability in the society?

Yes, Sui Gas pipelines are installed for the residents and there will be no load shedding of it.

6- When will the possession be given?

The plots in the developed blocks (A, B, and D) can be taken immediately, while the possession time in the developing blocks (C, E, and F) ranges from 6 months to 1.5 years.

7- What is the instalment plan?

The housing project is old and dependable, and it does not have an instalment plan for residential plots. Residential plots in the society may be bought by paying the full price up front, but the society does have a simple instalment plan for commercial plots to meet the needs of investors.