Discovery Gardens Islamabad

The Discovery Gardens Islamabad is an opportunity for you to fulfill your ultimate dream, an abode in one of the finest capitals of the world. It is a matchless, modern lodging society with technological advancements and affordable prices near the New Islamabad International Airport.

Developers and Owners

It is one of the brilliant projects by the Falaknaz Group in coordination with the ABAD, which is the All Pakistan Builders Association.


Falaknaz Group is a name that stands for quality and trust. They have a history that goes back to 1975, they began introducing innovative projects in Karachi since then. Their completed and successful projects include:

  • Gulshan Luxury Apartment
  • Gulshan Centre
  • Gulshan Palace
  • Gulshan Terrace
  • Gulshan Complex Phase 1
  • Gulshan Complex Phase 2
  • Gulshan Bungalows
  • Orison Tower
  • Ammar Villas
  • Wonder Tower
  • Harmain Tower
  • Harmain Royal Residency
  • Rivera Inn (Naran Hotel)
  • Burj-ul-Harmain
  • Falaknaz Arcade I & II
  • Falaknaz Centre
  • Falaknaz Plaza
  • Falaknaz Towers
  • Falaknaz Pride
  • Falaknaz Corner
  • Falaknaz Golden Pebbles
  • Falaknaz Presidency
  • Falaknaz Dynasty
  • Falaknaz Dreams
  • Falaknaz Dream Villas

ABAD (All Pakistan Builders Association) has been unifying builders and developers since 1972. Their main completed projects are as follows:

  • ABAD Oasis
  • Golden Oak
  • ABAD Tanzeel Green
  • Springfield
  • Ikebana
  • ABAD Mayfair
  • Knightsbridge
  • Orchard County
  • Royal Gardens
  • West Wood
  • Silver Dew
  • Spice Town
  • Spice Bay
  • Aqua Breeze
  • Silver Meadows
  • New Dale
  • Ebony Estate
  • Daffodil Gardens
  • Lotus Lake
  • Silver Crest
  • North Star
  • Marine Plaza
  • Oriental Gardens – North
  • Oriental Gardens – South

Discovery Garden Islamabad Location

The Discovery Garden Islamabad location is too prestigious to be missed out. The location is strategically decided to connect the residents to every commercial, economic and social center in the region. It is situated in Mouza Mujahid on the main Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and near the New Islamabad International Airport.

discovery gardens Islamabad location

  • It is at a 15 minutes’ drive from the airport.
  • The Thalian Interchange Islamabad is at a 5 minutes’ drive from the lodging society.
  • It is at a distance of 3 km from the Rawalpindi Ring Road.
  • It also falls on the eastern route of CPEC, which gives an edge to the location.

Discovery gardens Islamabad Map

The Discovery Gardens Islamabad lies between Islamabad and Lahore, the map shows the way to Islamabad at the right side of it and the way to Lahore at the left side of it.

The Thalian Interchange and the Chakri Interchange lead to the society. The New Islamabad International Airport is quite near it, at the right side. The Capital Smart City Islamabad is facing the society.

discovery gardens Islamabad map

NOC Document Achievement

All legal documentations of the lodging society have been directed to completion and the NOC is soon to be cleared by the Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Master Plan

discovery gardens Islamabad Master plan

The Discovery Gardens Islamabad has one of the most heartening master plans of them all. It is engulfing in itself a wide range of amenities for the fulfillment of both, your needs and desires. It will include:

  • Disney Land and Carnival City to be built on 1000 Canals
  •  5 Star Hotels
  •  Water & Theme Park
  • Jungle Safari
  • Riding Club
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Grand Mosque
  •  Water Resource Reserve
  •  Petrol pump
  • Graveyard
  • Resort community
  •  Mini Golf

Amenities Provided

Security Within a Gated City

The lodging society will provide top-notch security and surveillance with its high walls, CCTV monitoring, identification checking, for the protection of your family.

Top-Grade Medical Services

The lodging society will put forward the 24/7 access to hospitals and clinics with highly trained staff and the latest technology in use.

Top-Grade Education

The educational institutes will offer world-class education and the best teaching methodology that parents could ask for.

Grand Mosque

The lodging society will have a grand mosque, the largest one in the society with intricate architecture and splendor.

Community Town Centre

This will contain the basic and modern facilities required by the residents of the society including banks, grocery shops, shopping malls and more of what the lodging society will provide all in one place, which are:

Hotel Resorts

The Discovery Garden Islamabad will contain 5 star hotels along with many others. The residents will not need to book rooms for their guests somewhere far due to these facilities.

hotel resort at discovery gardens

Cafes and Restaurants

The society will have the famous restaurants in demand along with an amazing café culture fit for the working class who need to work on their laptops with a bite, a cup of coffee and Wi-Fi and for the teenagers looking for the perfect hangout spot.

Central Parks

There are added in the master plan numerous clean and scenic parks having different trails for cycling, jogging and walking. They will be beneficial for all age groups who may be needing the company of nature. Children park equipment will be installed as well.

botanical garden at discovery gardens Islamabad

Sports Arena

The Sports Arena will contain the best of sports facilities along with basketball courts, football grounds, cricket grounds, swimming pools and table tennis courts.

mini golf park in discovery gardens

Underground Utilities

The lodging society will have a highly advanced, vast infrastructure of pipes and cables for the transportation of water, electricity and gas to the buildings.

Solar Energy System

Solar energy is an abundant, illimitable and clean resource. Pakistan is blessed with a lot of sunshine, so efficient ways of generating electricity should be practiced, the important one of which is solar energy system.

The society has planned to use solar energy systems for the generation of electricity for heating and lighting workplaces, homes and commercial sectors.

Walking and Cycling Trails

There will be separate walking and cycling trails surrounded by the beauty of nature, these trails will lead the dwellers away from the trouble and worries of life.

Open Green Spaces

The color green is soothing for the eyes, so many open green spaces will be cultivated to remind people that wilderness is mowed and trimmed and tended to for them.

Free Wi-Fi Spots

The society will provide outdoor Wi-Fi access to the residents. There will be Mesh Wi-Fi networks, which are wireless networks that include multiple access points instead of just one.

Golden Mile

The golden mile will be a strip of land dedicated to commercial use. The society’s golden mile will be a big attraction point for investors because it will be profitable for them.


When one is not far from their dears, life seems to be easier. With this thought in mind, the developers will provide a graveyard to bury the dead in the society. This way, the residents will not have to leave the society or travel miles and miles to visit the graves of their family members and friends.

Discovery Garden Islamabad Payment Plan

The residential plots are available in cheap prices with easy monthly and annual installments. Combining with the affordable booking amount and the easy payment plans, it is the ideal investment place.

The number of residential plots is limited so better hurry if you want a house in the heavenly version of Islamabad. The project prices will be modified soon after the launching ceremony of the housing scheme.

discovery garden Islamabad payment plan

Payment Procedure

The Discovery Garden Islamabad payment plan is a convenient one for the ease of their clients. The plots of sizes

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla,
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Canal are available.

Residential Plots

The residential plots are currently available at very inexpensive rates. The advance bookings of residential plots has already begun with 4 years installments through manageable monthly and annual payments.

Development Status

In 3 months’ time, the development work on the project will be inaugurated. The completion will take place by 2025.

How to Book a Plot?

  • You can visit the Sigma Properties office for bookings and further details. Online bookings are also done.
  • You can download the booking form from the main website of the society.
  • Fill the required details in the form.
  • Deposit a pay order, cash or demand draft in favor of Sigma Properties.
  • Submit your booking form and all the documents along with pay order.

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Required Documents

  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Applicant
  • 2 Photos of Applicant
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Nominee

Why Invest In Discovery Gardens Islamabad?

There needs to be a rewarding, peaceful place that one can call home. And if you are in love with Islamabad’s peace, you will love the “Islamabad Paradise” even more, which the Discovery Gardens will one day be. With the view of the sloping Margalla hills at one side, the sky so promising above and the crisp air of modernity surrounding you, the true essence of comfort will be had.

Perfect Location

The location of Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a major selling point. The property provides favorable and direct access to the New Islamabad Airport, Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), GT Road, DHA Islamabad and Bahria Town.

Amenities of the Best Kind

The lodging society will provide every amenity that will come to the lips of the dwellers. They will not need to leave the society for affordable shopping, fitness and healthcare, better education, recreation since all of these will be taken care of within the realms of Discovery Gardens Islamabad.

There will be no power outage nor any load shedding of gas. The availability of free Wi-Fi is also guaranteed.

Excellent Lifestyle

The life at the Discovery Gardens Islamabad will contain an environment of tranquility. The specific tranquility that embeds in itself the quietness of high-tech advancements in motion, a stress-free routine and the finest of facilities.

Garden Inspired Living

The goal of lush greenery is due to the inspiration for a garden living. Just like Islamabad, this society will ensure the protection of the natural regions within its premises and beyond. It will be an eco-friendly place of natural wonder and relaxation.

Flexible Payment Plan

The detailed payment plan of residential plots is given below:

Plot Size Sq. Ft Dimension Plot Area Cost of Land Number of Installments

Quarterly   Monthly

1250 25*50 5 Marla 1,800,000 16 48
1800 30*60 8 Marla 2,780,000 16 48
2450 35*70 10 Marla 3,380,000 16 48
4500 50*90 1 Canal 5,480,000 16 48

Pro Tips

  • The plots are at a shining, inexpensive price at the moment since the project is still at its inception. With the passage of time and the increase in their value, the prices will rise. So take action today if you want to live in Discovery Gardens Islamabad.
  • If the yearly payments are beyond your budget, do not get demotivated, go for the monthly payment procedure to secure your position.
  • If you are more interested in the commercial plots so keep visiting the website or stay in touch with us, the bookings for them will open up in time and to book yours in the initial stage of pricing will benefit you.


The Discovery Gardens Islamabad is a whole package of quality, innovation and splendidness. The developers, the Falaknaz Group and ABAD, have the confidence and support of their clients, they have fulfilled their promises before and shall do so again.

For now only the residential plots are available for booking, the commercial plots will be too soon. The master plan is exceptional in every way, so it is worth investing in. There is no doubt that this lodging society will be a prosperous place to live and begin a new life.

FAQ Discovery Garden Islamabad

Where is Discovery Gardens Islamabad located?

It is located in Mouza Mujahid on the main Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and near the New Islamabad International Airport.

What is the payment plan?

The detailed payment plan of residential plots is as following:

Plot Size Sq. Ft Dimension Plot Area Cost of Land Number of Installments

Quarterly   Monthly

1250 25*50 5 Marla 1,800,000 16 48
1800 30*60 8 Marla 2,780,000 16 48
2450 35*70 10 Marla 3,380,000 16 48
4500 50*90 1 Canal 5,480,000 16 48

How can we book a plot?

Our experts at the Sigma Properties office can assist you for bookings and further details. Online bookings are also done.

Which type of plots are available in Discovery Gardens Islamabad?

There are plot sizes of 5 Marla’s, 8 Marla’s, 10 Marla’s and 1 Canal available.

Are there any additional costs included in the plots?

The additional costs are as follows:

  • Extra charges for corner plot are 10%
  • Extra charges for main road plot are 15%
  • Extra charges for park facing plot are 10%
  • Extra charges corner + main road plot is 20%

Who is the owner of Discovery Gardens Islamabad?

The Falaknaz group and ABAD (All Pakistan Builders Association) are the developers and owners.

When will the project be completed?

It will be completed by 2025.

Is Discovery Gardens Islamabad approved by RDA?

The society is approved by RDA.