Reasons to Invest in Discovery Gardens

The Discovery Gardens Islamabad is one of the most treasured housing societies. It will be the ultimate Islamabad Paradise. It is built strategically to provide residents with access to all of the region’s commercial, economic, and social centres. It is located in Mouza Mujahid, near the New Islamabad International Airport, on the main Islamabad-Lahore Highway. 

Investing in Discovery Gardens Islamabad is an opportunity too good to be compromised on, let us tell you why. These crucial details will assist you in making an investment in this excellent lodging society, which will make your life much easier and colourful. 

Principled Developers 

Falaknaz Group is working with ABAD, All Pakistan Builders Association, on the visionary venture of Discovery Gardens Islamabad. Since 1975, this company has been in the dynamic world of real estate. They’re known for their trustworthiness and quality when it comes to creating the most eloquent designs and modernized construction mechanisms. 

The developers emphasize on the importance of their clients’ needs, they are determined to provide the luxury lifestyle they demand. Falaknaz Group has demonstrated its dedication to delivering superior value in design, efficiency, and services in all sectors, and Discovery Gardens Islamabad is regarded as another outstanding project presented by them.

Impressive Amenities

One of the reason to invest in Discovery Gardens is its master plan has set aside 1000+ Kanal of land for luxury amenities that will cater to the needs of investors and residents. It will contain every necessity within its premises, such as underground utilities, educational institutes, health care facilities, central parks and grand mosque. The lodging society provides several first rate amenities as well that will include 5 star hotels, mini-golf, water and theme parks and a lot more. 

Botanical Garden 

True to its name, the Discovery Gardens Islamabad will consist of a botanical garden of beauty unlike anything ever beheld before, with all modern enhancements. The proximity to nature promises a life of peace and quietude. People are gradually moving away from the busy cities to more serene living conditions for their peace of mind. The lodging society is developing this botanical garden to ensure an environmentally sustainable and balanced lifestyle. 

Outstanding Riding Clubs 

In Pakistan, there are many people who are passionate about riding but never found a suitable learning platform for it. Thus, the lodging society will provide world-class riding clubs with the finest horses, stables, staff and training through well-structured lessons. For those who have difficulty maintaining a social life due to their busy schedules, the riding clubs will be perfect for meeting like-minded people at excellent social events. 

Commercial Hub

The developers are aiming to fulfil all of the residents’ expectations, including their basic economic and business needs. As a result, the lodging society will provide a commercial zone that is all-encompassing. Residents in these areas would be able to satisfy all of their commercial needs within the lodging society and investors will reap handsome profits out of their commercial investments.

Disney Land and Carnival City

The venture designers has set aside 1, 000 Kanal of land, for the construction of cutting-edge parks in the style of Disney Land and Carnival City. This wonderful playland will be a popular destination for tourists from all over the world as well as locals. It will act as a focal point for the city. The Disney Land and Carnival City, set in a beautiful landscaped setting, has attractions for everyone, including those looking for adrenaline-pumping amusement park rides as well as more family-friendly rides. 

Environment Sustainability    

The master strategy of Discovery Gardens is developed in a manner in which the infrastructure of this lodging society will keep the evolution as eco-friendly as achievable. The complex sound waste management approach is incorporated into the lodging society in addition to the modern source of electricity, and a water resource reserve is among the essential requirements within the innovative strategy. 

Security of a Gated City

One of the reason to invest in Discovery Gardens is its top grade security is the most necessary element in a lodging society . A gated community provides the necessary protection. For the people’s protection, a surveillance system with 24/7 CCTV cameras and other monitoring equipment has been installed.

A high-security border wall would enclose the housing scheme, providing the residents with a high degree of security.

Expansion Scope 

Initially the Discovery Gardens Islamabad had acquired a land of 15, 000 Kanal for the development. It is known that it will expand to 35, 000 Kanal very soon. There is no limit to excellence, and that is what we will see when the development will be effectuated in the years to come.   

Whistle-Stop Development

The development in the lodging society is taking place at a rapid pace. The carpeting of roads and laying of underground utilities is currently done. The developers know well that the construction process allows no pauses, because their vision is too desirable to sit back in relaxation. Investors are focusing their energies and attention on the Discovery Garden Islamabad because of the favourable rewards that are guaranteed.  


Before investing in the real estate market, one should know that which housing society is the most beneficial. Speaking monetarily and combining the factors mentioned above, Discovery Garden Islamabad is an epitome of it. The advantageous prices of land in the lodging society is allowing investors to gain profits. This housing society is the best from a residential standpoint.  

Sigma Properties has witnessed the successes of many housing schemes, we can see that Discovery Gardens is going in the same direction. An investment in this lodging society will greatly benefit you in the long run.