Investment in Islamabad 2021

If you are planning to invest in real estate, then Islamabad is the best option for you. There are a lot of reasons why the investors are intrigued to make investments in Islamabad only. It’s the best time for investment in Islamabad in 2021. Islamabad is highly recommended for the cause of best property investments 2021. Certain reasons for this are stated below:


Capital City

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and well maintained by all means. It is the world´s third most beautiful city as well, as stated in records.


Recent real estate developments

There is a record of several admirable real estate projects being developed in Islamabad, in recent past years. That too with a variety of offerings for the buyers and investors.


New developments

Since most of the real estate projects are newly developed, the prices are kept low. This is why it is the best time to invest in Islamabad, because with the constant increase in demand of buyers, the prices to increase in the future.


Weather conditions

The weather conditions of Punjab are preferable in general. However, Islamabad has the most eco-friendly weather conditions all year long. Healthy weather is important for good health and this is one reason why most Pakistanis prefer residing in Islamabad.


Less pollution

This city is clean and least polluted. There is lush greenery all over Islamabad which keeps the environment fresh and clean.


Priority of customers

People prefer residing in Islamabad because of the amenities and all the desirable facilities available. The preference of customers and their increasing demand is one major reason that can surely benefit the investors in the future.


Rate of returns on investments

Investors are guaranteed the profitable rate of returns on their investments made. The dealers and developers guide the investors about the complete plan before making the deal.



Islamabad is a motorway city. Hence a lot of routes are connected easily to nearby cities. The Chakri road, motorway2 (M2), and several roads connect Islamabad to the nearby regions.


Fast and modern development

The city is emerging with its fastest speed in respect to the rapid development of real estate projects, modern lifestyle, secure and stable lifestyle. The developers have made sure that the project gets approved by the authorities before being sold. The designers on contrary have designed the ultra-modern infrastructures with extreme comfort and without engineering faults.


Best Property Investments in Islamabad 2021


There is a complete list of real estate projects in Islamabad, each having its benefits. However, most residential projects have offerings of commercial blocks as well, and similarly, commercial properties have residential blocks as well. This is such an admirable concept at Islamabad that each society is designed in such a way that it has complete amenities and facilities made available within and in its surrounding areas. Not wanting the residents to travel farthest for anything as everything is made available inside, this generally benefits the customers and the investors. hence a win-win situation.

Some of the best property investments in Islamabad 2021 includes:


Commercial property investment in Islamabad


The best property investments in Islamabad 2021 in commercial societies are following:


1-      Majestic Mall

This is a huge project, located in B-17 MPCHS. The booking prices at the Majestic mall start from 15 % only and the prices are reasonable too.

2-      Royal Crown:

Royal Crown has a variety of offerings in residential and commercial blocks. It is located at a prime spot with a reasonable payment plan. A Royal crown, the crown of Gulberg greens, is also recommended as the property investment 2021.


3-      Gulberg Emporium Mall & Residency:

Gulberg Emporium Mall and Residency, developed by the project of Al-Ghani Group is also recommended to the investors as one of the best investments in Islamabad. The booking rates along with the payment plan are extremely convenient at this property.


4-      The Sixth Boulevard:

The sixth Boulevard has a variety of offerings in it, along with the prime location at phase-8 of Bahria town. This commercial property is liked by almost everyone and has a lot of benefits for the investors.


5-      Elysium Mall:

Then there is a commercial project developed by Oasis Developers known as Elysium Mall. This mall is situated in the Blue area which is a business hub, eventually with benefits for the investors.


6-      D Mall:

D Mall also known as Defense Mall is one more amazing commercial property in Islamabad. D mall has a beautiful infrastructure and it is situated in DHA Phase-2 Islamabad with spacious 6 floors. It is made entirely for commercial purposes and has all the required facilities for customers. D mall is also Highly recommended as one of the best investment options in Islamabad.


7-      River Hills:

River Hills is yet another best property investment in Islamabad. River Hills has all the amenities and facilities available within and tends to facilitate inhabitants. It is also one of the best property investments in Islamabad.


8-      Park One:

Park One has been designed beautifully with a variety of offerings in the residential and commercial blocks. Park one is located on  10th Avenue, which is a prime location. It is also one of the best property investments 2021, in Islamabad.


9-      Montviro:

Montviro is another admirable Shopping Mall arena in Islamabad located near Murree, along the riverside. It tends to attract tourists a lot and therefore beneficial for investors.


10-    Gulberg Heights:

It is one of the best investment options 2021 Islamabad as a beautiful commercial project near Gulberg Expressway. This beautiful project is developed by Al-Ghani Group with all the facilities and amenities.


11-    The Shopping Mall:

The shopping mall as the name suggests has all the convenience available for the people like Capsule lifts, escalators, air conditioning, feature showrooms, and much more. The shopping mall at Islamabad is also one of the best property investments in 2021  Islamabad.


12-    Mall of Arabia:

The project owned by the Imarat Group of Companies, is an inspiration to the Arabic culture in the town. Along with the prime location, the mall is spacious and high-end facilities. It is one of the best property investments in Islamabad 2021.


13-    Gulberg Arena:

Gulberg Arena is again a beautiful blend of commercial blocks along with residential offerings. Gulberg Arena is beautifully designed with 5 floors and it is also one of the best property investments 2021.


14-   Axis Mall

Axis Mall is also a wonderful commercial project in Islamabad, highly recommended as the best property investment in Islamabad 2021. Along with the prime location the Axis Mall guarantees the investors about the profit.


 Residential property investment in Islamabad:


The best property investments in Islamabad 2021 in residential societies are following:


1-      Capital Smart City

This is the smartest city of all by far and is located at the prime spot of Islamabad. Capital Smart City Islamabad is a CDA approved the project with a lot of benefits for the investors.


2-      Blue World City

One of the admirable housing projects with all the facilities made available within is the Blue World City. This is also highly recommended to the investors.



3-      Taj Residencia

This separate gated community is also one of the best options to make investments in Islamabad.


4-      Park View City

Park view city is the CDA approved the project, situated in the IV zone Islamabad with end less benefits for the investors.



5-     Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad

Eighteen Housing society is particularly very famous because of all the modern features it has. The international designers of Eighteen Islamabad have made this a next-level beautiful project. It is also a highly recommended society for all investors.


6-      Downtown Residencia

As the name says, downtown residencia has all the facilities with a modern lifestyle. This is also a beautiful project recommended to make investments in Islamabad.