Eighteen Islamabad

The Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is an in development real estate project aimed at luxury living for the people of Pakistan. This world-class destination has been envisioned in the country´s most beautiful City, known as Islamabad. The project is worth USD 2 billion and has been initiated by Ora Developers, Saif Group and Kohistan Builders and Developers, together as a joint venture. The project is a perfect example of defining an elegant landscape, contemporary architecture, and sustainable living in the beautiful City, Islamabad. As we all know that the dealings in the property market of Islamabad is considered to be the most productive one and guarantees a great deal of profit, Eighteen Housing has successfully managed to maintain the image. This beautiful society has successfully grabbed the attention of regular home buyers for their living and the real estate investors all around the board.

This grand Eighteen residential housing society is a blend of lavish apartments to designer villas and a beautiful state-of-the-art championship golf course along with high-end shopping mall, and a has got several other amazing facilities like it is an upscaled business district, futuristic infrastructure, world-class amenities, and a luxurious environment for residents wishing to experience the international style of living in Pakistan. The overall infrastructure has been designed, keeping in consideration the overseas standards of living, and for this cause the amenities are planned accordingly to facilitate and satisfy the customers. . Here is a thing that you need to know about this magnificent commercial and residential housing project that it has aimed to become one of the finest projects in Pakistan.



The Eighteen Housing community is an amazing project that has been made by the renowned developers in joint venture as a result in partnership of 2 successful Pakistani companies called Saif Group and Kohistan Builders and Developers. These are the renowned companies in the name of real estate world. Eighteen is an ongoing project of Egypt-based conglomerate called as Ora Developers. The owner of Ora Developers is an Egyptian billionaire named Naguib Sawiris, and we are proud to announce him as the investor of this project and also an investor in the several other projects of Pakistan. Naguib Sawiris had also earlier acquired the Mobilink Telecommunications prior selling it to VimpelCom. There is a list of & prolific development projects all over the world by the Ora Developers, among which the prominent ones include the following:

Projects Delivered by Ora Developers

  • Silver-sands At Caribbean
  • Nocera Ltd. In London
  • Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus
  • Pyramid Hills In Cairo Egypt
  • Nile City In Cairo
  • Zed In Egypt
  • North Coast In Egypt

As you see  a list of some successful projects of Ora Developers including the Ayia Napa Marina in UK, the Cyprus Grosvenor Square in London, , a 5-star Silver sands Hotel located in Grenada and a there are several more projects like Nile City Towers and Pyramid Hills in Egypt. On the contrary the partner developer of Eighteen Housing Society known as the Saif Group, has been in function since 1960s and they have a history of being an active company in the Real estate world. The Kohistan Builders & Developers are also known developers that have ventured in the project development of the Eighteen sectors of the Capital City in Pakistan. Kohistan Builders and Developers have a record of successful work at the ‘G-15 in Islamabad, called Zarkon Heights.


The Eighteen Housing society is currently under development and approved project by CDA, the Capital Development Authority. Eighteen housing Scheme is designed as a blend of apartments and villas, developed as an exceptional and unique architectural masterwork. This wonderful community is literally another city within Islamabad. The society has an eye-catching view of lush greenery and hills and its infrastructure is amazing overall.

The area of about 572 acres has been utilized in this project with a master plan designed by a renowned international architecture companies such as Allison Architects Glasgow, CallisonRTKL and Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo (WATG). The planned infrastructure encourages an urban lifestyle with a blend of extreme natural beauty utilized from the surrounding areas. The urban style infrastructure of Eighteen Housing Society is something to wonder or astonishment at, the surrounding beautiful greenery and sheer attention in the detail makes it the most environment-friendly and also the ultra-modern living communities in our Country. The society features a remarkable golf course at the area´s heart of 18-hole along with an elegantly designed villas and apartments.  There is a Residential unit in the society that is well-connected to the facilities like office buildings, five-star hotel, shopping centre and several more top-notch facilities like curved parkways and the wide beautiful roads.


Eighteen Islamabad is located at a prime area at Kashmir highway with about a distance of almost 5 Kilometres from Golra Mor and almost 3 Kilometers from the exit of Lahore-Islamabad. This housing project is the closest project developed in the capital City of Pakistan, Islamabad and it is really near to the Islamabad International Airport. The project is located next to one of the oldest housing societies in that region of the University Town. On the map the location of Eighteen Islamabad Society can be viewed at only a few miles away from the Taj Residencia which is a high prolific housing society in that region and adds gives an easy access to the several important routes.

The visitors can reach to this amazing housing project very easily, because the location is quite accessible. If you follow a straight road route till the zero points to the society by following Kashmir Highway then it may directly lead you to the Eighteen Society. One other way is through the GT Road, that will also lead to the direct access of this society.  This location is also pinned on the Google Maps, making it more convenient for you to reach the area, so anyone who wants to visit the society can just search Eighteen Islamabad on Google maps and simply get the navigation leading straight to this site. The Eighteen Housing Society consumes a space of about 572 acres on the land and tend to be the ideal location for residents, both in the means of living or investing.


The society is not just located only to a 20-minute distance away from downtown Islamabad twin cities, but it can also easily be accessed via the , Lahore-Islamabad Motorway Kashmir Highway, Grand Trunk Road. The Islamabad new International Airport is located at a distance of nearly 16.3 kilometers from the destination, which eventually means that it will take almost 30 minutes to reach the airport. The nearby spots like Fazaia Housing Scheme and Supreme Court Cooperative Housing Society, G-10 and G-11 Markaz makes the Eighteen Society as extremely prime location.


The current update on the development work of Eighteen Housing Society, Islamabad is that the work is under progress at a rapid speed and it is being carried out in the 2 phases. The first phase will claim the completion of the residential block in a time period of around three to 4 years however the second phase is planned on for the completion of the commercial block. However in precise the work status is good in means of quality as well as the time taken.


The top-notch Eighteen housing society has a wide range of facilities available that ensures a high quality lifestyle of its residents.

Following mentions some of the features:

  • The society includes more than two thousand units in the residential block, making a wide range of options available.
  • The architecture and infrastructure is extremely modern, and includes many nearby facilities like mosques, hospitals, schools, Airport and etc.
  • There is a majestic 18-hole golf course within the society that makes it feasible to reach within the boundaries and have a fun filled leisure.
  • A very luxurious 5-star hotel exists within the boundaries of Eighteen housing society that may entertain and add beauty at the same time.
  • The shopping mall of an international standard, having most of the rarely founds brands in Pakistan from abroad can be found, that too as a high-end retail outlets. This is for all the people who are into using quality products who may now feasibly find the things of their taste within reachable range.
  • There is a facility of a business district because the commercial buildings with the state-of-the-art is within the Eighteen housing society, making its demand high between the investors.
  • Keeping in consideration that it is mandatory in the current era to have education the high standard of renowned educational institutes are also within the reach of this society. Making it feasible for the families having children.
  • There are hospitals available with the society with the well maintained medical and health care units, making sure that anyone needing the service may be well treated.
  • The parks and lush greenery in the area makes it beautiful and environment friendly at the same time.
  • The extra wide roads along with the properly designed spaces for the vehicle parking is made available in the Eighteen society to serve the cause of avoiding traffic jams.
  • The civic amenities are also made available adding an extra benefit to the society.

There is an extreme secure and safe environment in the surrounding as well as within the Eighteen Housing society, because the prime concern in our country is safety.


The masterplan for Eighteen Housing society Islamabad is remarkable as it creates a beautiful beautiful design and landscaping and benefits a smart architecture design that is utilizing the resources in cost effective as well as beautiful ways, making sure that the updated techniques are used in maximizing the local climate and also minimizing the negative impact over it, as much as possible. Eighteen is a secured gated community designed with an aim to offer a dream lifestyle and a pampered living. The society is eco-friendly, has natural beauty, lush greenery, open and wide space is surrounded by the apartments and villas. The villas and apartment are connected by a wide, gently curved parkways that are easily serviced by extravagant amenities.

Overall the society´s architecture is designed with a blend of complementing the panoramic views and existing natural elements, for which our country is known. The society is spacious in sense of openness, the views are beautiful and breath taking and the hills are the hallmarks of this society. The area spreads on a 2.7 million square yards with many facilities and aim of offering a of luxurious and international standard of living.




The land consumed for the development of the Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is quite huge. The project has aimed to facilitate around two thousand residential units, about a 1068 villas, more than 900 apartments and also the commercial properties are made available. The villas are planned to be constructed on scale ranging 10 Marla, 1, 2, 4 and 8 Kanal of plot sizes respectively. These are planned to be completely equipped villas with beautiful views of lavish green fields and parks in the whole society. Now let us give you a brief of both the offerings of residential and the commercial blocks that are available in the society:

Residential Projects of the Eighteen Islamabad

offers a glimpse of an extreme luxurious lifestyle with variety of options suitable for families of all sizes. For twosomes, there are well-dressed, city-style apartments, intensely designed with wide-angle, continual views of the golf course. For larger families or those who desire more space, Eighteen Islamabad offers a lavish separate Villas. These specific huge Villas are little costly and is available in four and eight-Kanal sizes, the design is made in an exclusive and intriguing crescent shapes. They are some next level beautiful homes facing the society´s Golf course view.

The villas

At eighteen society are the extremely outstanding project of real states that comprises of 1/2, 1, 2, 4 & 8 Kanal sizes and will be private villas, hence they are recommended for larger families or even those individuals that crave for spacious accommodations may get to have the grand living along with space

Commercial Project of the Eighteen Islamabad


The Core

At Eighteen is an innovatively designed and currently developed within this project with an aim of cutting edge Commercial opportunity for the investors. For the cause thirteen high rise towers are planned to be constructed. This corporate zone is expected to encourage the modern culture along the business environment with be innovated. The beautiful infrastructure will showcase modern design meanwhile maintaining the professional atmosphere, targeting huge organizations, businesses and investors.

The Eighteen Islamabad has an offering in both commercial and residential properties that is sub-divided into the following project categories


located in the center the club tends to be an attractive feature in this project. The club has the golf course that is discussed above a several times. Destined to become a focal point for the society because the view will display picturesque view of meadows and the lakes making a perfect spot for parties on the terrace, fine dining, and a place where you get to enjoy completely. The club also includes squash courts, cricket ground a sports center, a yoga studio, swimming pools and a cigar lounge.



is located at The Core Eighteen, will have 150 rooms offering a five-star experience to the visitors, along with providing security and services inspired by world’s top renowned hotels. The spa, gymnasium and a fine dining space will be within the resorts. The party halls in resorts are spacious enough to accommodate 1000 people comfortably.


in society will have international standards of shopping malls, hence a perfect spot for the friends, families and couples to have amazing times.



will have highly trained doctors and medical staff, patient wards, A&E unit to deal efficiently. The clinic will be completely equipped for the purpose to deal with any sort of emergency and non-emergency cases. The need of quick medical facilities has been kept in consideration at priority.


22 REASONS TO Invest IN EIGHTEEN Islamabad

The Eighteen Islamabad is a project estimated with a worth of 2 Billion USD approximately. This huge housing society has been planned to become the posh and the most exclusive housing society in the city. There are a number of reasons that will definitely intrigue you into buying it:

  1. The society has futuristic amenities.
  2. The huge villas are beautiful and spacious, which is perfect for large families and even the individuals who require open space to live.
  3. There a big 18-Hole Golf Course, that is perfect to spend leisure and also it adds a beautiful view to the houses.
  4. There is a plan of a luxurious Business center-The Core, giving many opportunities to the businesses and investors.
  5. Keeping in consideration the importance of education in the current times, the international Standard Schools & Colleges and in reach to the society.
  6. A network of Carpeted roads that are wide and also the open big space of parking is there to avoid the traffic jams.
  7. The society has a beautiful breath taking views of Parks, lakes, and hills.
  8. Fully equipped hospitals are there with a perfect Health care claims.
  9. There are clubs where the residents can get Membership and enjoy with either of the friend or family.
  10. There are also the international standard of Shopping malls and food street at The Square.
  11. Facilities like the Spa, fitness centers, swimming pools & Dinning is available at The Resort.
  12. There are luxurious apartments at The Height.
  13. For easy access and convenience the mosques and in reach.
  14. The natural resources are utilized in the most cost effective ways making the area most Eco-friendly.
  15. There is lush greenery all around the society.
  16. The location is extremely prime.
  17. It’s a well planned elite society with a variety of living option, planned and designed by professionals.
  18. Offers a dream living of highest Standard.
  19. The Infrastructure and architecture is beautiful, modern and has endless facilities at the same time.
  20. There is a secure Investment and good returns expected for the investors.
  21. The great opportunity as a business centre is offered for the companies for the means of investments.
  22. The Eighteen Housing project is named to be a City within a City, which clearly defines it extravagance and endless facilities


Recently there is sale available on the properties of the Eighteen society Islamabad and there is an option available for the payment on easy instalments. The benefit will be given on the early booking that can be payed with a down payment of 15%. However the leftover amount can be payed in the division of 14 equal quarterly instalments. Following are the Prices of the Properties at Eighteen Society, Islamabad with respect to their property type:-

Residential Villas Payment Plan

  • The Property Type of the size 10 Marla in residential villas has a Price Range lying between PKR 4.66 to 6.95 crore.
  • The Property Type of the size 1 Kanal in Residential Villa has a Price Range PKR 8.72 to 10.52 crore
  • The Property Type of the size 2 Kanal in Residential Villa has a Price Range PKR 16.27 to 18.62 crore
  • The Property Type of the size 4 Kanal in Residential Villa has a Price Range PKR 28.41 to 33.81 crore
  • The Penthouses are offered in the Price Range between PKR 52.23 to 53.92 crore.

Eighteen Residential Villas Payment Plan

Apartments Payment Plan

Meanwhile, there is an option available for the apartments as well, that too on amazing sale in Eighteen Islamabad, differing according to the sizes,  read the below for more details on prices:-

  • The Studio apartment of the area Size 775 sq. ft. is available between Price Range of PKR 1.38 to 1.40 crore.
  • The 1-bed apartment, of the area Size        969 sq. ft. is available between the Price Range of PKR 1.67 to 1.77 crore
  • The 2-bed apartment of the area Size covering 1,668 sq. ft. is available on the price Ranging between PKR 2.82 to 2.99 crore
  • The 3-bed apartment of the area size covering 2,196 sq. ft. to 2,207 sq. ft. is being offered between the Price Range of PKR 3.71 to 4.10 crore.

Eighteen Apartments Payment Plan



Q1- What is the Eighteen Islamabad?

  • Eighteen Islamabad is a new housing project in Islamabad and it is currently under development.

Q2- Where is Eighteen Islamabad located?

  • Eighteen Islamabad is situated on the on Kashmir Highway in the 18th sector of Islamabad, can also be accessed through GT road.

Q3- Who is the owner of the Eighteen Islamabad?

  • Eighteen Islamabad is a project in partnership of Ora Developers, Saif Group Ora Developers, and Kohistan Builders & Developers.

Q4- What plot sizes are available at Eighteen Islamabad?

  • The project offers at Eighteen Islamabad are a variety of apartments and Villas in sizes of ½, 1, 2, 4 and 8 Kanal.

Q5- How will the Eighteen Islamabad society different from the other societies in the region?

  • Eighteen Islamabad is the most unique and futuristic society of Pakistan. The luxurious architecture, amenities and entertaining to make this project loftier and superior not just in Islamabad but all over Pakistan.