DHA – Location, Master Plan, NOC, and Payment Plan 2021


Do you want information regarding the DHA location, master plan, NOC, and payment plan 2021? Well, we are here to help.

The Defence Housing Authority or DHA is a well-known corporation that provides many municipal and housing services all over the country. Its sole aim is to provide a secure lodging society to the army officers, but civilians can live there too. Furthermore, the scheme is in the following cities,

  • Islamabad
  • Karachi
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Multan

Now, DHA is one of the most powerful residential destinations for the citizens. Therefore, we will analyze every element that you need information for, starting with the location.


Are you curious about the sites of the brilliant DHA? Then, let us delve into it all. First, we will look into the locations of DHA in the various cities of Pakistan.

DHA Islamabad Location

The location of DHA Islamabad is close to the Rawalpindi Metropolitan region. Therefore, people also refer to it as DHA Rawalpindi. It is on the GT Road near the Bahria Town housing society. There are five phases in DHA Islamabad.

DHA Karachi Location

Now, let us discuss the location of Bahria Town Karachi. It is in the Clifton Cantonment region, 35 km away from the Jinnah International Airport.

DHA Peshawar Location

Thirdly, we will look into the location of DHA Peshawar. It lies close to the Nasir Bagh Road near Askari 6. Moreover, Yaseen Town and Hafiz Town are near DHA Peshawar.

DHA Quetta Location

The DHA Quetta is at the RCD Highway Quetta. It is conveniently close to the region of Kuchlak. Moreover, it provides easy access to Quetta International Airport.

DHA Multan Location

Finally, we are to delve into the location of DHA Multan. The society is close to Bahauddin Zakariya University. You can access the lodging society from Marital Road and Bosan Road.

Master Plan

Master planning is a key element in the analyzing process. If you want to make an investment decision, you must consider how the master plan. It will help you to have a clear vision. Is the master plan up to the mark?

The master plan of DHA is a design of superb quality. It is the kind of quality that appeals to investors and officers of the Armed Forces. Its planning took place owing to input from Army officers after considering society’s long-term goals.

The master plans of all the DHA sectors show creativity. There are many blocks in each of them, along with wide roads and streets, parks, and leisure spots. The venture designers have also provided green belts and extensive horticulture as per the master plans.

NOC and Planning Authorization

The No Objection Certificate, also called a NOC, is a primary element. If you wish to buy a property anywhere, you have to confirm its legality.

The DHA is a housing authority itself. As a result, it does not need verification or NOC of any kind. Although, there are verifications required for the investors or applicants, such as a No Demand Certificate (NDC).

Payment Plan 2021

Many potential investors show interest in the prices of property in DHA. You will be happy to know that there is an opportunity for having a plot or a house in the lodging society. In addition, there are no specific payment plans to follow, in contrast to rising housing schemes like Taj Residencia and Blue World City.

DHA Islamabad

Firstly, we will explore the prices of property in DHA Islamabad.

  • The price range for a 5 Marla property is between 70 to 90 lac.
  • An 8 Marla land has a price range of PKR 72 to 95 lac.
  • The price of a 10 Marla property can be up to PKR 1.50 crore.
  • A 16 Marla plot can cost you up to 2 crores.
  • Lastly, the cost of a 1 Kanal plot can be 3 crores.

DHA Karachi

Since the DHA Karachi is well-established, there are no payment plans for it.

  • The 4 Marla property is available at a price range of 38 to 40 lac.
  • Then, there comes a 6 Marla plot at a price range of 60 to 70 lac.
  • A 9 Marla plot is available in the price range of 70 to 82 lac.
  • The 16 Marla property is accessible within the price range of 102 to 140 lac.

DHA Peshawar

For a property in DHA Peshawar, there is a monthly installment plan.

  • A 10 Marla property is available at the cost of PKR 2800000. You must pay the monthly installment of PKR 212500.
  • The 1 Kanal plot is available at the total price of PKR 5500000. You are to pay the monthly installment of PKR 417000.

DHA Quetta

There is a perfect monthly installment plan for DHA Quetta.

  • The 5 Marla property is available at the development charges of PKR 1,040,000. The monthly installments are at the price of PKR 26,000.
  • You can buy an 8 Marla property for the development charges of PKR 1,300,000. The monthly installments are PKR 32,500.
  • The 10 Marla plot is available after the development charges of PKR 1,560,000. You have to pay monthly installments of PKR 39,000.
  • A 1 Kanal property is accessible with the development charges of PKR 2,600,000. The monthly installments are PKR 65,000.
  • The 2 Kanal plot is available through the development charges of PKR 4,160,000. The monthly installments cost PKR 104,000.
  • The commercial plot of 4 Marla is obtainable after the development charges of PKR 2,470,000. There are monthly installments of PKR 61,750.
  • Commercial property of 8 Marla is accessible at development charges of PKR 4,420,000. You need to pay PKR 110,500 as monthly installments.

DHA Multan

Currently, there is no payment plan available for DHA Multan. But you can buy plots in immediate possession.

  • You can buy a 5 Marla property at a price ranging from 16 to 22 lac.
  • An 8 Marla plot will cost you between PKR 23 to 30 lac.
  • A 10 Marla property is available at a price ranging from 32 to 38 lac.
  • You can get a 1 Kanal plot at a cost ranging from 28 to 58 lac.
  • Finally, a 2 Kanal property is available at a price ranging from 115 to 150 lac.

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Hence, you know everything about the DHA location, master plan, NOC, and payment plan. If you require any further information, feel free to visit Sigma Properties and Marketing.