Commercial Properties For Sale in Islamabad

As we all know that Commercial Properties is the most potential means of making investments to generate profitable returns. The distinct features in commercial property makes it different from the residential property. The investors are recommended to make investments in the commercial property in case they are looking for a quick return on investments. The property may include shops, showrooms and offices bringing benefits in general to the investors as well as the tenants.

Currently the capital City of Pakistan, Commercial Properties  in Islamabad has been prominently on hype between investors. The reason being it the Capital makes it the most developed city also the endless facilities are found within and around the area. The investors and buyers are seen to invest in the Residential blocks as well as the commercial blocks, depending on their desires mostly because the commercial plots for sale in Islamabad on installments is an amazing offer. The City is better in terms of population, economic outlook, weather conditions, reasonable property prices in Islamabad and most prominently the feasible investment policies.


There are various kinds of benefits that come along if you make an investment in the Commercial property.


  • The ROIs, that is the Return on Investments is comparably higher in the commercial property than residential one. Hence the chances of higher income are guaranteed to the investors.


  • The investors are kept more satisfied for the commercial property. Since the area is used for the business purposes making it visible to many people, the tenants make sure that their work and name stays in in good books. Hence the best is offered along with the maintenance facilities to the investors in commercial property.


  • The leasing period of the commercial property usually ranges between the time span of 5 to 10 years. This makes it extremely beneficial for the investors in terms of the Cash Flows and as well as the life of a property being longer than the residential property.


There are several commercial units recently designed in Islamabad for the cause to facilitate the investors, some are developed while rest are near to completion. Out of all the admirable commercial plots for sale in Islamabad, several are prominently elaborated below:


Following is the list of appreciated Commercial Properties For Sale in Islamabad :

Park View City

Park View City is a project in Islamabad by a recent and yet successful real estate company called as the Vision Group, owned by Mr. Aleem Khan. Park View City is a CDA approved housing project located at a prime spot in the hilly area of IV zone Islamabad. The admirable real estate project is currently offering a commercial plot in several sizes on sale. This includes a 5 Marla Commercial Plot on 2 Years Installments, 6 Marla Commercial Plot on 1.5 Years Installments, 8 Marla Commercial Plot on 1.5 Years Installments. The prices are kept reasonable however a sale of some percent is offered on each plot depending on the size of the plot. The block is named after alphabets so makes it easier for the people to understand the master plan map of the whole society.



The most modern developed society in the country is by Mr. Malik Riaz Hussain and named as Bahria Town. This admirable real estate project does not need a lot of introduction as it is already in high recognition. It has several offerings, but the commercial property on sale in Bahria Town is the best available options for the investors. The prices of the commercial property are extremely affordable and also available on sale these days which is a plus point. The society has a benefit of constant supply of electricity because it generates its own power. Also the endless facilities like the wide roads, scenic beauty and much more are available within as well as outside the society.


The commercial plots has one of the best offerings in the Capital Smart City, which in general is called as the smartest projects in town. Besides being situated at the prime spot the society has the trustworthy owners which is the prime concern of every investor. The plots ranging from a 4 to 8 Marla are kept on sale and also the easy payment plan on installments have added further ease.

The infrastructure is extremely modern and comfortable because the designers are international and extremely experienced in their work. The area is near to the Islamabad International Airport, and the sale on the commercial plots is not to     be ignored.


The best option in commercial properties in Islamabad on installments is the Blue world City. This admirable real estate project is initiated and developed by the highly recognized Blue Group Of Companies. The variety of offerings are available in the commercial units of the Blue world City, ranging from 1 Kanal to 8 Marla.

The society has a prime location and possession process is real quick, the society is a separate gated community making is extreme secure and convenient for investors.


Last but definitely not the least is the Downtown Residencia is also highly recommended real estate project to the investors, that is located in Islamabad. The Down Town Residencia is located near Gulberg, at the main Islamabad Expressway making it a beautiful and a prime spot. The developers have kept the ease of luxurious infrastructure in both the residential as well as the commercial units. However the plot sizes ranging from 2 Marla to 7 Marla are kept in the commercial property for sale. The investors are recommended not to miss on this amazing offer as it may not last for a long time.

The facilities provided within as well as the area surrounding makes it extra convenient.


Out of all the best property prices in Islamabad, one of the highly named real estate project is the Islamabad Model Town. Just as it is named, the infrastructure is ultramodern and its commercial property on sale these days is on hype between investors. The plot sizes available in the commercial unit of the Islamabad Model Town is varying from small to medium and large and the installment plan for the tax heavy investors have made it much more convenient.

The commercial plot on sale in the Islamabad Model Town is highly recommended to the investors.



The Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is one more admirable society developed in the most beautiful City of Pakistan. Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is a result of partnership by trustworthy developers called as the Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan builders and developers which guarantees the safe transfer of possession. The location the Eighteen Housing Society is primary, at the Kashmir highway and tends to offer all the facilities nearby within the range. The society has merger of offerings as seen in its master plan.

The commercial plots on sale at the Eighteens are available in many sizes and diversity. Depending on what an investor wants, the consultancy can be provided.


There are many more projects that are currently in the planning stage and will soon be put into implementation. However the ones mentioned above for now are offered on sale along with an easy payment plan, hence recommended not to be ignored. The commercial plot for sale in Islamabad are available in variety of sizes and has different kinds of facilities available. The property prices in Islamabad in general are very reasonable but prominently the commercial units have admirable options.