First Time Home Buyer Tips

First Time Home Buyer Tips

First Time Home Buyer Tips

Everyone in the world is earning to get a better lifestyle or at least to support their necessities. One of the most basic needs of everyone is to have their own house. As we know that most people in our country are tax heavy so it is merely not possible for them to buy a house all at once.

Buying a house requires one to have a huge amount of money so the payment is made easily. Some people buy a ready move-in house and some buy an empty plot where they build up their own designed house as desired. However, in each of these cases, the buyer needs to have a lump sum amount of money.

Steps to buying a house for the first time

If you are one of those citizens who are now planning to make a house of your own, then with all our support you are highly recommended to make this move as soon as possible. Just by keeping into consideration a few of the important things, you can make the best decision of your life.

As mentioned at several places, we are pre-drilled with the idea of saving a part of our earnings for any needed time. One of the best ways to do this is to buy a tangible possession with it. This will not only have the money saved but also the investments will be made that may give profitable returns in the future.

There is a list of several things to consider when buying a house. The first time home buyer tips are specially made for the people making this decision for the first time.

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in the country located in northern Pakistan. It has highly emerged in the industry of real estate, the rules and regulations are quite strict there and prominently because it is a capital of Pakistan so it is well developed as compared to other cities.

There are a few things to consider when planning to buy a house. Some of the 1st time home buyer tips are mentioned below:

Consider Islamabad

If you are planning to buy a house for living or investment, then Islamabad is the best option for you. There are several reasons why this city is a preferable option. Such as

  • Since Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan, it is a well developed city.
  • Islamabad has also recently emerged in the real estate industry and a lot of projects have been developed in the city.
  • The climatic conditions are favorable in Islamabad.
  • The city is clean and least polluted.
  • The property prices are comparatively lower than the other cities.
  • The profitable rate of returns on investment is guaranteed.

Lookup for the best location

The location of the house keeps immense importance. This is because the prime location brings along a lot of benefits. The accessibility of the several desired places should be easy from the place where you are living, or else the long transportation hours will cost you time and money. There is no matter if you have a beautiful luxurious house in an ugly area or an area without any facilities nearby. This will cause you trouble by the time you will reside there and in the future, if you ever plan to resell it then hardly any buyer would be interested. Hence location is perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying a house.

Appropriate neighborhood of the house

When scouting a location of the house, a little inspection of the neighborhood also keeps immense importance. A friendly neighboring environment will not only give a good residential feel but also is a great ease to the mid-on the contrary, an inappropriate location with an unsafe environment in the surrounding can cause endless troubles.

Infrastructure of the house

If you are buying a ready move-in house then it is recommended to access the infrastructure of the house. The ventilation, pipeline supplies, electricity connections, and similarly much more. However, if you have bought an empty plot then even these things should be kept in prime consideration. The added features in the house may bring luxury but unless there are comfort and basic amenities available there is no use for the luxury.

Price of the house and it’s worth

Whenever you buy a house, the prices are recommended to be compared with the worth of other things that come along. Such as the location, facilities nearby, supply of basic amenities, and much more. If the price you are paying for the house is paying you a good worth in return then it is fine to buy it, or else you may avoid the option.

Timing of purchase

The most important tip is to consider the time of purchase. For instance, the most appropriate time to buy a house in Islamabad is these days. The reason is that many real estate residential projects have recently been developed. The new houses along with low prices are the two most intriguing factors for the buyers. All these real estate developments are done with the least flaws, the developers and designers have kept in consideration all the factors that benefit the residents. If you are looking for a house to live in yourself or you wish to buy it for investment, then currently there are many options available in Islamabad.


These are some of the tips mentioned above for anyone who is buying a house for the first time. However, there are several more that can be added to the list depending on each individual´s plans and preferences. In general, the city of Islamabad is highly recommended to the buyers as there are so many admirable projects recently developed. Some of these include Park View City, Capital Smart City, Taj Residencia, Blue World City, Bahria Town, and Eighteen Housing Society.


How to become a real estate agent in Pakistan guide 2021

How to become a real estate agent in Pakistan guide 2021

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Pakistan Guide 2021

 The owner of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet, once state that:

Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.

Mr. Buffet wants us to understand that the uninformed individual of the oscillate in the market rates does not keep an eye on these questions, i.e. when to enter the market? When to leave a particular real estate transaction? And how to invest your money to attain maximum profit. These questions express that if you want to become a real estate agent in Pakistan in the future, you must know how the business model of real estate works and how Can you become a cut-throat real estate agent?

So, we have come across the topic that what does the word Real Estate defines?

Any property (flats, houses, plots or Agricultural lands, and other properties) owned by a person or a group or by a company or government authorities is Real Estate. And real estate agent is an individual who acts as a broker (middle man) in the phase of closing a deal between a buyer and a seller.

In Pakistan, we have two primary business models for the real estate business:

  1. Commission Based.
  2. Investor Based Model.

Challenges to be confronted by real estate agents

  • Staying updated with the newest property laws and taxes.
  • Partnering with other agents.
  • Make the clients satisfied and so on.

Crucial Tips to Become a Successful Estate Agent

Before sharing the vital tips and tricks, the most important thing for a real estate agent is well-versed and can learn more.

Victorious Real Estate Agent in Pakistan

Not all real estate agents are successful. Only 20 percent of real estate agents come to light to be successful in their careers. Following are some suggestions, which may assist you to intensify your sphere as a real estate agent:

Attain adequate local knowledge

Realtors must have sufficient sales experience in the local area. In comparison, the new real estate agents in that area or have not sold any property before will be considered beginners. If you think you have enough know-how of the local town, you can expect sellers to pick you as their property dealer.

Sustained education is a priority

Continuous education should scrutinize one of the top priorities to be successful as a real estate agents. Efficient real estate agents keep updated with market trends, activities, and issues affecting clients.

Be Tenacious

People are usually looking for tenacious agents. Therefore, to become an undefeated real estate agent, you must be indefatigable and follow up quickly after the property is available for sale; you should work hard and not give up.

Adequate communication skills are required

The quality of a marvelous real estate agent is depicted clearly in his communication skills. Real estate agent in Pakistan must possess fine communication skills to promote themselves to the sellers in the market, communicate information to them without any equivocation, and persuade them to resume.

Technological Know-How is crucial

Agents that are professional and use technology seamlessly are more up-to-date about the market trends in a particular area. They are undoubted organize, and there are more chances of becoming their clients to sell their properties.

Work Hard

Success can only espouse you if you are the Realtor who appears to be keen, enthusiastic, and determined. It would be best to work for your clients with such dedication as the most mandatory thing in your life.

Pay Attention to Details

It is challenging to please the clients and sell their properties successfully unless the real estate agent can pay heed to each detail. It is mainly verifiable in a hard-to-sell market. Serious agents know even the subtle changes sellers can make to pick up their property’s sales chance. For instance, laws of tax, development of infrastructure, and zoning rules changes time to time. In addition to that, these agents are composed and return client calls promptly and make each appointment punctually.

Be Honest

Real estate agent in Pakistan should be honest with their clients as well as with their jobs. The agents need to display good qualities in their behavior to win someone’s trust and convert them to loyal clients. Successful realtors should try to lay out precisely what the clients expect, from the sale price to timing and more.

Connections and Public relations

To be victorious, real estate agent in Pakistan must have a prospective buyers list in their hands. They must also have connections with realtors and potential clients to attract more investment from them.

Understand Laws, Rules, Documentation, and Drafting

There is complete paperwork involved in property matters. You need to check the originality of each document. Realtors should be aware of the necessary process of property registration and transfer. He should also ensure the complete and precise documentation and drafting of all agreements about multiple property transactions. You may be held answerable for mistakes.

In many cases, a default template can rescue you a lot of time and effort. It would be best to make appropriate changes in the model to make the agreement relevant to your property transaction.

Take out time to study property-related regulations and laws affecting the properties. Determine the applicable tax laws as well as any other required information.

Be Strong Negotiator

If you want to succeed in any salesmanship, you need to be a great negotiator and prepare to put captivate and persuasive arguments to persuade your clients. Still, you need to do this considerably and guarantee that you do not miscommunicate anything to the client. Negotiation is the art of persuading someone, not ambiguous or lying to him.

Exceptional Networker

A prominent part of property marketing involves linking with your professional and personal networks. A successful realtor is an exceptional networker who is competent in forging solid relationships with his contacts.

Pay Attention to Details

It is challenging to please the clients and sell their properties successfully. It is specifically true in a hard-to-sell market. Great property dealers know even the subtle changes sellers can make to pick up their property’s sales chance. For instance, tax laws, infrastructure development, and zoning rules change quite often. The best property dealers stay updated and well trained through ongoing training at real estate academies, colleges, and regional associations. In addition to that, these agents are very organized, and return client calls promptly and make every appointment on time.

Do Fair and Honest Dealing

Suppose you want to enjoy more elongate success as a realtor in Pakistan. It would help if you always dealt pretty, indeed, and honestly. Over time, your networks and links start putting their trust in your ability to deliver. If you win the trust of other companies, they will begin to involve you in their exclusive current or upcoming projects, which will contribute to your long-term success.

Set up your Agency

Set up your agency when you think you have gained enough knowledge and experience about the relevant field and you are stable enough to create your set-up. Having concluded that, figure out your agency’s name, establish an office at your convenient location, register your company, and start operating as the boss.

So, becoming a successful realtor is not as tough as it seems. Knowledge of the industry and experience is the mandatory assets of an agent, which allows them to prosper in the market.


Reasons to invest in Taj Residencia

Reasons to invest in Taj Residencia

Reasons to invest in Taj Residencia

About Taj Residencia

The well-known real estate developers, known as the Sardar Group of companies, have developed an extremely admirable project in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. After their great success of Centaurus Mall, a complete commercial project, the developers have planned this society with equal luxurious design.

All the facilities and features of this society are exceptionally intriguing.

Taj Residencia location

Taj Residencia is situated near the CDA sector in Islamabad at I-14. This society is beneficial to be located near the CDA, as it stays away from its pollution and noises. It is a prime spot that has a serene environment. Moreover, the masterplan of the society is itself well planned and luxurious.

Reasons to invest in Taj Residencia

Islamabad is rapidly emerging in the industry of Real estate. There are specifically a few of these real estate projects that are highly responsive to the investors. Considering the current development status, legalities, and value, the investors must invest in Taj Residencia. Taj Residencia is a housing project located in Islamabad. This luxurious project is originated by experienced people in the field. Suppose any of the investors or buyers are looking for a house, there is no better option other than Taj Residencia.

Many people are already talking good about this society. However, there are plenty of reasons to invest in Taj Residencia. Several are mentioned below:

Taj Residencia has a prime location

The investors are greatly concerned about the location of the property they intend to buy. The location of the property keeps immense importance for multiple reasons. Taj Residencia has the great benefit of being situated near the CDA sector.

This society has a supply of all the basic amenities along with endless facilities. Taj Residencia connects to the ring road and motorway. This area is very near to the Islamabad international airport and can be accessed through Rawalpindi. One added benefit of this location is that it is away from the city’s pollution and hustle.

location map of taj residencia


Taj Residencia is a legal property

The investors are also concerned about the legal issues of the real estate property as it is a huge amount of investment. The reason is to avoid the drawbacks and debt claims in the future. However, luckily the developers and the dealers of this housing property have taken good care of this matter. Taj Residencia is an admirable housing project which has been approved by authorities. The Rawalpindi development authority is also known as CDA, has approved Taj Residencia.

Luxury Residence

There is no better option for the investor other than Taj Residencia in the current times. The reason is that it is a luxurious housing project with a lot of facilities present within. The investors may know the master plan of Taj Residencia, where they have an option to invest in the ready-to-move designer villas, OR they may buy a plot as well.

Along with this, the prices are low and highly affordable. The dealers have also introduced an easy payment plan for further ease of the heavy tax buyers.

Possession after down payment

The possession of the property is handed over to the buyer soon after the down payment is made. As an investor has to look into many other matters about the property, his main concern is the possession. Until and unless the property comes under the buyer’s residence, he cannot make any decisions about it. Taj Residencia has this problem sorted for the convenience of investors. Moreover, on the plot purchase, an investor can completely design their own house without any interruptions.

Organized Map and Construction Plan

The investors are greatly concerned about the return rate as this is their ultimate goal of an investment. For the cause, they have to make sure that the construction plan and the master plan of the society are well organized.

However, Taj Residencia has been designed by experienced people who have taken care of every small detail. The blocks and maps of this wonderful housing society are easy to understand. The master plan has been made so that each block has the basic facilities available near it at walking distance.

master plan of taj residencia

Proximity to Hospitals and the Airport

Taj Residencia has been designed so that the residents will get to experience the luxurious lifestyle and the comfortable environment. This admirable society has all the amenities and facilities available at walking distance. The airport, educational institutes, medical care centers, mosques, and almost every essential needed area are made available in society. By far, the buyers and investors are satisfied with their experience at Taj Residencia, so prices are also expected to rise in the future. Hence, the investors are recommended to buy a property in this society as soon as possible.

Supply of utilities at Taj Residencia

Since Taj Residencia is near the CDA sector and approved, the amenities are within the society. There is an uninterrupted supply of water, gas, and electricity in this society. The constant supply of all these necessities is one primary reason investors are intensely interested in investing in Taj Residencia.

Opportunities for expansion at Taj Residencia

The investors will get a lot of opportunities to expand if they recently invest at Taj Residencia. The reason is that the society itself has been stretched from phase 1 to phase 2 now. Since the area is now expanded, the number of properties and the worth of the society has been increased. The investors have an option to buy the ready-made property or the plot, whatever they may wish.

Attractive features

The investors will gain a profitable rate of returns in their investment if the buyers demand it significantly. However, Taj Residencia has a lot of added features that attract most people. The commercial hubs, parks, play areas, beautiful views, and sustainable fresh environment, and much more within the society attracts the buyers so much that the demand stays on hype.

Variety of plot sizes at Taj Residencia

The investors are intrigued by the type of options that are offered to them at Taj Residencia. There are plots available in different sizes like 1 Kanal and 10 to 14 Marla. Each of these plots has its specification and sub-category. This can give the investors chance to build their house as per their wish. However, they also go for ready-made villas that are well designed too.

Islamabad is vastly emerging in the real estate industry, and a lot of admirable projects have recently been developed. Despite the reasons mentioned above, there is no reason left for this beautiful society to be ignored. Investors are highly recommended to invest in Taj Residencia as soon as possible because the demand of this society increases with time, which may cause the prices to grow.

Reasons to invest in Lahore Smart City

Reasons to invest in Lahore Smart City

Reasons to invest in Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is developed by the same people who developed the Capital Smart City Islamabad. It is also a very successful project and very well known by the investors. The Future Developments Holdings (Pvt. limited) (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq (Pvt. Ltd) joined hands to work together on this admirable housing society.


The total area covered on the land by Lahore Smart City is around 20,000 Kanal. This society is situated just outside Lahore at the Eastern bypass, for the cause of proving silence and serenity within.

Lahore Smart City has a good number of reasons to intrigue everyone. Investors are highly recommended to invest in this 2nd most admirable reals estate project. Several reasons to invest in Lahore Smart City are mentioned below:


NOC Approved

Investors are mainly concerned about the legal issues of the property. Hence, dealers of the real estate business should keep into consideration the legalities of the project to avoid future consequences. Lahore Smart City has been approved by the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). This project received its no-objection certificate NOC in February 2021.


Perfect Location

The investors are also greatly concerned about the location of the project. This is because when the property is situated at a prime location, a lot of benefits come along. Such as the perfect location will have desired facilities available nearby.


Lahore Smart City has the great benefit of being situated at the eastern bypass of Lahore which is just outside the actual city of Lahore. This keeps the society away from the pollution and noise of the City and keeps the environment peaceful. Moreover, Lahore Smart City is easily accessible from multiple routes. The society is also near to the Lahore airport.


Trustworthy Developers

Since buying a property involves a deal of huge amount of money, this is also one of the concerns of investors. The investors of Pakistan specifically are suggested to know the developers and dealers of the real estate property before making any decision to buy a property.


Lahore Smart City is developed by the two well-known developers known as Future Developments Holdings (Pvt. limited) (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq (Pvt. Ltd). These 2 have a record of successful history in property developments along with a trustworthy background in dealings.


Reasonable prices

Lahore Smart City is a newly developed real estate project with endless facilities and a supply of amenities. Since the project is new, the prices are kept low. However, the prices are expected to rise in the future due to the high demand.


The investors are recommended to buy a property at the Lahore Smart City as soon as possible at low prices so they can enjoy the benefits in the upcoming times. There is an easy installment plan introduced by the dealers of the society so that the tax heavy buyers can make the payments easily. The economic installment plan stretches from 3 to 5 years.


Gated community

Lahore Smart City is a separate gated community. The gated communities have the benefit of having a secure environment without any interruption from the surrounding. The investors have positive reviews about the separate boundary walls of Lahore Smart City.


Amenities and Facilities

Since Lahore Smart City is an approved project by authorities and its NOC has been issued. Hence, there is official permission of providing all the basic amenities. This society provides an uninterrupted supply of water, gas, and electricity.


Furthermore, there are endless facilities within and around the society. Such as:

  • Standard medical care units, to serve the medical needs at their best.
  • Best educational institutes are within reach.
  • The transportation mediums.
  • Shopping malls with all the desired brands.
  • Community centers.
  • Gymnasiums.
  • Mosques at walking distance from the blocks for the easiest convenience of the residents.
  • Lush greenery and the sustainable eco-friendly environment.


Guaranteed returns

The investors are guaranteed a profitable rate of returns on their investments at the Lahore Smart City. Since the prices are kept extremely low at the start the investors are recommended to buy a property these days.


As the demand is seen to increase constantly, the prices may get high in the future. Eventually benefiting investors.


Variety of options

Lahore Smart City covers a huge area on the land. The master plan is designed perfectly with a variety of blocks and plot sizes. The investors have a vast variety to choose from these blocks. The prices also vary accordingly.


Futuristic living

The smartest features and extremely luxurious infrastructure of the Lahore Smart City make it the smartest project in the area. This society has a futuristic lifestyle. This element will further increase the demand for the property eventually benefiting the investors in the future.


Prices to increase in future

As stated earlier, the prices of the Lahore Smart City are expected to rise in the future because the demand is constantly increasing. Hence, the investors are highly recommended to buy a property here so that they may resell it in the future and earn a profitable rate of return without much hard work.


Positive customer feedback

By far the Customers are extremely satisfied with the facilities, offerings, lifestyle, and their overall experience in general at the Lahore Smart City. The investors are also observed to be satisfied with their decision of investing at the Lahore Smart City.

If you are looking forward for the options to make investments. If you are looking forward to the options to make investments the Lahore Smart City is highly recommended to you. Despite the reasons mentioned above, this project has no reason to be avoided.

Lahore Smart City is the smartest project in the town with endless benefits for the investors.


Reasons to Invest in Gulberg Green Islamabad

Reasons to Invest in Gulberg Green Islamabad

Reasons to Invest in Gulberg Green Islamabad


Gulberg Greens Islamabad is a project by the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperate Housing Society (IBECHS) planned and executed with the detailing of grandness and indulgence. Islamabad recently has been developing a lot in terms of the property market. In the midst of which Gulberg Green Islamabad is a one of its kind. The gated community compliments Islamabad city as it is gorgeous and scenic, just like the city. The project initiated back in 2005, and the development job started in later 2009.

Gulberg Green Islamabad exemplifies extravagance and tranquility within the capital city, known for its natural excellence and world-class foundation. Found within the heart of Islamabad, this fast-growing real estate venture reclassifies living experience with its consideration to detail. Moreover, the property paid close attention to a comfortable and feasible lifestyle, ultra-modern housing choices, and accessibility of all the most recent offices you’ll be able to think of. If you’re looking for a place to live or invest in Islamabad, Gulberg Green might be the best option for you. There are a lot of reasons to support this statement, a few of which are as follows.

Prime Location

Since buying a property is usually a massive project, one of the biggest concerns is the area. Area not as it were characterizing the sense of security but, moreover, decided availability to an individual’s everything. A buyer must think around the inclinations and downsides of a property’s zone forehand of finalizing the venture. Gulberg Green holds a prime location. Gulberg Green is located within the prime area of central Islamabad Highway close to Airport Chawk. Famous lodging societies are found the fair inverse to Gulberg and indeed within the neighborhood such as Jinnah Gardens, Korang Town, Public Works Department society (PWD), Pakistan Town, and Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

The area is the main alluring highlight of Gulberg as the society is close to the city. Gulberg Green Islamabad is the foremost manageable lodging society in terms of accessibility. It is almost 12km or 10 minutes absent from the Zero point, 15 minutes from Abpara Market, 5 minutes away from Gracious Lines, and 15 minutes from T Chawk Rawat. At the same time, it can be accessed from Chak Shahzad and Naval Anchorage as well through an underpass.

NOC and Permissions

Since a semi-private organization IBECHS, owns Gulberg Green, there is no chance of fraud and misrepresentation. The property holds a valid NOC since 2012 and is CDA approved. Very few gated communities and projects possess permissions. It gives a sense of security to the residents and the investors that the government and the project back up the money they invest in the property is legitimate. When a large amount of investment occurs, there’s always a significantly less allowance of such risk. In Pakistan, you can’t invest your money in a project where there is even the slightest chance of fraud or cancellation. Usually, a project with a valid NOC has significantly fewer cancellation cases. Likewise, in Gulberg Green, since the property has all the required permissions, there’s minimal risk in the investment, which is why Gulberg green is a safe option to invest in.

High Investment Returns

Gulberg Green has always gaged high interest among home buyers and property investors. One of the prominent factors that attract investors towards Gulberg Green is the high probability of the return on investment. The reason behind this particular statement is mainly the location. Because of its central location between the twin cities, it is more practical for people to move there. It is hardly 10 minutes away from GT Road and situated on the main Islamabad Highway, and it is accessible from both twin cities. No similar property of its kind is located nearby, so it makes only sense that people will plan to move to the venture shortly.

Gulberg possesses a better location than two of the most famous lodging societies, Bahria Town and DHA. In addition to the site, the property holds remarkable beauty and outstanding architecture, which naturally attracts potential residents. It is said that the project was a dream which has come true as it is. Furthermore, the predictions are that the property will be complete and fully developed in the coming two-three years based on the development process to date.

Amenities and Facilities

As we picture ourselves living in our dream home, we see a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Gulberg Green offers a peaceful and green environment in which one is close to nature, and at the same time, he or she is not compromising on the luxuries of living. A dedicated land of around 80% towards greenery will closely relate to nature and peace of mind. Not only refreshing parks but located in the vicinity is a beautiful lake. The lake is one of the most visible places of interest of the property, attracting visitors worldwide. A beautiful entryway is built with a boundary wall that provides an additional security layer and security guards and CCTVs.

There is proper infrastructure in the venture. The developers have built underground electric wires, drainage lines, gas lines, and water lines to avoid inconvenience. Furthermore, it provides the facilities of standby generators as a back-up. The property offers different underground and overhead water storages are to cater to the need of the residents. Even the telephone lines are also structured underground to avoid any damages, keeping in mind Islamabad’s weather.

Plot Prices and Payment Plans

Another engaging factor of the property is the cost of the plots and apartments. When we compare Gulberg Green and other well-known developed projects nearby, we clearly can see a massive difference in the price range. Moreover, there are multiple options for different range buyers to facilitate from. The developers introduce a new range of sizes to make it feasible for the buyers.

One of the Reasons to invest in Gulberg Green is its easy payment plans. The developers introduced A three-year installment plan to the buyers in 12 quarterly installments, with a minimal down payment of 35% of the total cost. The prices and payment plans are very well relaxed and accessible to many people, so there is a reasonable chance of the project’s property rates to rise in the coming future. So at present, investing in Gulberg Green may be the best option in Islamabad.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the following are some more reasons to invest in Gulberg Green Islamabad.

  • The developers have made an underpass enter society without any trouble and highway restrictions.
  • The Project has allocated a vast area towards parks, lake, green spaces that leads to a healthy and active life.
  • The owners well-planned and executed the infrastructure of the society. The roads are properly paved and networked along with wide boulevards.
  • Moreover, they have ensured hi-tech security for the safety of residents. Modern technologies and a team of efficient security guards are assigned to maintain the security 24/7.
  • Many Famous schools, such as Froebel’s International School, are already operational in the project to provide quality education to the children of inhabitants.
  • They have also provided medical and clinical facilities to the residents with modern medical equipment and qualified doctors.
  • The developers also built multiple commercial complexes within the vicinity, such as retail businesses, shopping malls, and hotels. The planners also designed various leisure centers for entertainment purposes.
  • Gulberg Green provide its residents with all the necessary amenities such as water and electricity supply.
  • The project offers a foolproof sewerage system and all the water lines and electrical wirings underground to maintain a clean environment.
  • Solar lights are installed on the streets to save power consumption and sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Buying Land For Investment

Buying Land For Investment

Buying Land For Investment

If you have recently planned to invest in real estate, buying land for investment in Islamabad is the best option for you. The reasons why any investor will be interested buy land in Islamabad are:

Buying land for investment in Islamabad assures a reasonable rate of returns to the investors.

When you buy land in Islamabad, the possession is given quickly and easily.

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is the most emerged one in terms of property development.

Islamabad is a motorway city with an eco-friendly environment, sustainable lifestyle, and endless facilities within and around the city.


Buy land in Islamabad

There is nothing better for an investor than buying land for investment in Islamabad in recent times. However, there are also plenty of options available for investors in Islamabad in the real estate industry. The city has recently emerged a lot in terms of real estate development. Specific opportunities to buy land in Islamabad are below:



One of the best options to buy land in Islamabad is Park View City. The developers and dealers of Park View City assure an excellent return rate on the investments as the society is liked by all its customers. The master plan is beautiful and easy to understand as it is divided in alphabetical order.

The society is approved by the CDA, and the basic amenities are supplied within the constant supply. The project also benefits from being situated on the prime spot of Islamabad at the IV zone in the hilly area. There are community centers, clubs, grocery stores, mosques, hospitals within the society. Moreover, Park View City is a separate gated community with extra security for residents.

The prices are reasonable right now, along with the easy payment plan. The prices may rise in the future, as the demand is also significantly increasing. It will eventually benefit the investors, and so they are recommended to buy a property in this beautiful society as soon as possible.



In consideration of buying land for investment in Islamabad, Bahria Town Islamabad is highly appreciated. Bahria Town Islamabad is the most recognized real estate project in Pakistan. However, it is the best of all for some reasons.

Bahria Town Islamabad has the benefit of being situated at the central spot of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It has all the amenities and facilities available within and around the housing society. There are various options available for the investors in this project, along with benefits like wide roads, inside public transport, and much more. Community is now also approved by the authorities, the prices are low these days, but they may expectedly rise in future. Hence, the investors are recommended to buy land in Bahria Town Islamabad as soon as possible.



Capital Smart City is the best option available for investors in recent times. If you are an investor and looking forward to buying land in Islamabad, then Capital Smart City is the best option. The reason is that Capital Smart City is one of the most successful projects in Islamabad, and it is the smartest of all by far.

The designers of Capital Smart City Islamabad are from Singapore and hence well experienced in the relevant field. Moreover, the society is located near the Islamabad International airport, which is a plus point for the investors as it is beneficial for the customers. The work is almost near to completion, the society is approved by the authorities, and in general, there is no reason why it should be avoided by the investors.



Blue World City is a well-known real estate project in Islamabad, resting on a vast land space in the Chakri road. There are wide carpeted roads and almost five kinds of blocks within this society. Besides offering variety to the investors, the work is completed with perfection under the supervision of Mr. Saad Nazir.

The developers, Blue Group of Companies, guarantee the profitable rate of returns on the investments to the investors. Moreover, the reasonable prices, easy payment plan, constant availability of basic amenities, and endless facilities are the reasons why Blue World City is highly recommended to investors.



Islamabad Model Town is not less by any means. It is also one of the best out of all societies in Islamabad. The beautiful infrastructure, along with modern features and the prime location of the Islamabad model town, is some reasons that may intrigue investors into buying a property for investment.

This project also has several blocks with different purposes each, serving as options for the investors. This beautiful and gated community is situated at the Malot road Islamabad and offered at low prices recently. Hence, it is recommended that the investors consider this project in Islamabad to buy land in Islamabad.



The Eighteen Housing Society is one fantastic option for the investor to buy land in Islamabad. This is an ultra-modern society with extraordinary added features. Eighteen Housing Society results from a partnership between some well-known and trustworthy real estate developers.

There are plenty of options available for the investors in Eighteen Housing Society if they are interested in buying land for investment. The Kashmir Highway is known to be a prime location, and this society has the benefit of being situated on it. The Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan builders are the concerned teams of this project, and they guarantee the safe transfers of the property along with a guaranteed rate of returns on investments.



One of the best options for investors to buy land in Islamabad is Downtown Residencia. As the name says, this is the most elite class society with a comfort zone and luxury exactly like abroad. Besides being unique, the property prices and booking rate at the Downtown Residencia are meager.

There are parks, play areas, jogging tracks, gymnasium, and much more facilities provided within the society. This society has a wide variety of offerings in land sizes that can be available for investors. Moreover, the developers are trustworthy, and the location is also very prime. Downtown Residencia is situated near Gulberg at the main Islamabad Expressway, which is an easily accessible spot.