Buying a new home

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and the most beautiful city in this country. Amongst all the capital cities in the world, Pakistan has the 2nd most beautiful one. There are endless reasons for buying a new home in Islamabad. Investors and buyers are highly recommended to consider Islamabad when buying a new house.

Islamabad is a well-developed city with a lot of new real estate projects being developed recently. The city is rapidly emerging in the real estate industry. Buying a new house in Islamabad


Islamabad is rapidly emerging as the most profitable real estate spot, because it has real estate projects recently developing with modern infrastructures and there is a lot more to the list such as the projects are mostly a Gated and secure communities, has Provision of basic facility, promotes Urban Lifestyle along with the modern lifestyle, has a clean and an extremely pure environment, has social Interdependence, has lifetime opportunities

Reasons for buying a new house in Islamabad now

Some of the major reasons for buying a new house in Islamabad now are elaborated below:

Emerging in the real estate industry

Islamabad is majorly emerging in the real estate industry for the past several years. The Development of modern housing projects is happening at a rapid speed in the city. Residing in Islamabad gives an experience of social interdependence along with life-time opportunities.


Career growth

Islamabad is a hub of growing industrialization, with many job opportunities made available. Therefore, buying a house in Islamabad and residing there can also be very beneficial for career development. Especially the people who are recently stepping into the career path may have a lot of amazing opportunities, to begin with.


Secure living

Many of the real estate projects in Islamabad are secure because they are separately gated. The CCTV coverage and strict security 24/7 make it a safe place to reside.


Suitable weather

The weather of Islamabad is very eco-friendly and sustainable. It stays beautiful all year long. There is lush greenery all over the city, wide carpeted roads, the city is least pollution and has a lot of freshness in the air. The suitable weather conditions in Islamabad are a reason for the good health of people living there. Hence it is a good place to buy a new house.


Endless facilities

Islamabad motorway city has multiple routes connecting it to its neighboring cities. The city has endless facilities and amenities available to all the residents.


Profitable rate of returns

All the real estate projects in Islamabad assure profitable returns on investments. The reason being it the priority of people to reside in, the city stays on hype between the buyers and investors.


Modern lifestyle

Islamabad offers the most modern lifestyle to its residents. The city has an extremely pure and clean environment with the provision of all the basic amenities made available within. It is highly recommended to the buyers to buy a new house in Islamabad.


Options of buying a new house in Islamabad

Following are some of the best real estate housing projects in Islamabad:

Park View City Islamabad

One of the highly recommended housing projects to buy a house in Islamabad is Park View City. This admirable real estate project is developed under the supervision of a good experienced real estate firm, “Vision group”. Mr. Aleem khan is the person who initiated the project. Park View City is located on the IV zone Islamabad over a hilly area with breathtaking views. The society is CDA approved and has all the amenities made available. Park View City has all the basic facilities like the hospital, mosques, grocery stores, schools within the area.


Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City is the smartest city by far. This extremely admirable housing project is highly recommended to all buyers and investors. The infrastructure and development are done under the supervision of the international designers from Singapore by Subana Jurong.

There are a variety of offerings in the Capital Smart City with endless facilities. The CSC offers the most modern lifestyle at reasonable rates and the easiest payment plan. Hence the Capital Smart City Islamabad is highly recommended for buying a new house.


Blue World City

One of the highly recommended housing societies to reside in is Blue World City. This project is located on an extremely prime spot, Chakri road. Society guarantees a modern lifestyle an affordable price range. The developers and dealers of Blue World City are trustworthy and the construction has been monitored by Mr. Saad Nazir himself.

The society is approved CDA and all the amenities are made available for the convenience of its residents.


Eighteen housing society

Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is also recommended to all the people who are looking for a house to buy. The facilities and features of this society make it luxurious along comfortable. The location is very prime as it is near to the Islamabad international airport.

The developers, Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan Builders have jointly initiated this admirable housing project. The design and development of Eighteen Housing are done by international experts on world-class luxury and comfort.


Taj Residencia Islamabad

Taj Residencia is also one of the great options available for people to buy a new house in Islamabad. This admirable housing project is developed by Sardar Group. The developers are trustworthy and known for their amazing work on the Centaurus mall. The society is located at the prime spot on the sector I-14 near CDA. It is a legal project with a lot of facilities and all the basic amenities made available.

Bahria Town Islamabad

Bahria Town Islamabad is the most beautiful of all other Bahria towns in the country. This housing society is already on hype between the buyers and the investors and does not need a lot of introduction. The location of this project is extremely prime as it lies between  Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Mr. Malik Riaz, the owner of the society has made sure that all the facilities and amenities are provided to the residents within. There is a transport system also made available to the residents to travel within the society. The buyers are highly recommended to buy a house in Bahria town Islamabad. Moreover, the prices are reasonable and the payment plan is also very easy in installment.