Blue Bell Taj Residencia

Taj Residencia continues to exceed the expectations of its keen investors. You were wrapping your head around the launch of the 3.5 Marla plots.

Recently, they have introduced 5 Marla ones in an exciting new block, the Blue Bell Taj Residencia.

Therefore, let us explore the wonderfulness that this new opportunity brings.

Blue Bell Location

The Blue Bell Block is connected to the second gate of Taj Residencia. It is near the Marigold Block. Furthermore, the region will have access from Thaliyan Interchange through the Rawalpindi Ring Road Link.

Plot Sizes in Blue Bell Block

Currently, the housing society offers only 5 Marla properties (25*50) in Blue Bell Block. There is no expectation of more sizes, but you never know what is cooking behind the scene.

To conclude, 5 Marla is the perfect property size for a lucrative investment. Moreover, it will prove to be cost-friendly for everyone.

Development Charges and Cost of Land

We all know that Taj Residencia has been one of the most expensive housing schemes, ranking next to Eighteen Islamabad. Yet, the developers are aiming to cater to the low-income citizens now.

The new 5 Marla property is available for 35 lac. They are being offered under the Pakistan Package with only the cost of land. The development charges shall be applicable at a further stage of development.

The development charges have not been officially announced, but they are expected to range between 1 and 1.5 lac per Marla.

Payment Plan 2021

The payment plan is very flexible and the best one so far. You are to pay a total amount of 35 lac for the land. The booking begins with a 20% down payment. Hence, when you submit 6 lac 50,000, they will book your plot under your name.

After the down payment, you can take possession of your plot! As a result, you will be able to begin construction and move into the house as soon as possible.

You will not be sorry for having the freedom to plan anything in your home. As a result, the Taj Residencia Installment Plan is one of the most attractive investment options available.

It is a 4-year payment schedule, so you will find it highly suitable. This installment plan will make it easier to fit unexpected purchases or payments into your budget, which is especially crucial for those who operate a household and must stick to strict limits.

In addition, you have more discretion to spend when you choose deferred payment plans because you don’t have to worry about a severe financial setback.

The payment plan is as follows,

Please be aware that the prices listed do not include the development fees. In addition, main road, corner, and park-facing properties will contain extra charges. Plot numbers will be assigned via electronic balloting, which will take place shortly after reservations are closed.

Important Note 

  • Other than the General Category, category costs are applied to the total booking price.
  • Plot category: 10% surcharge for the corner, boulevard (100-foot road), and park facing plots.
  • Plot Type: 15 percent additional charges for boulevard (100 feet and above).
  • All of this excludes the cost of development.


The Blue Block consists of world-class amenities like the Tulip Block, Orchard Block, Daffodils Block, Rose Block, and the rest. There is extensive horticulture work to begin in the following week.

In addition, the block will contain paved roads, parks, jogging tracks, commercial hubs, and central mosques.

How to Book a Plot in Blue Bell Block?

By now, you must be thinking about booking your plot in this excellent block. We can make that possible. Bookings have just begun and are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so you must make haste.

Notify our experts at Sigma Properties and Marketing to make a reservation. You can also reserve your plot online. The guidelines to follow are as follows,

  • You can find the booking form on the official website of the housing society.
  • Fill out the reservation form.
  • Deposit with Sigma Properties and Marketing using a check, cash, or purchase order.
  • Fill out the reservation or booking form and attach any supporting documents, as well as a review.

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The Blue Bell Taj Residencia is a prime block because of the supreme luxury at affordable prices. It would be best to make a timely decision regarding this block because the housing society will raise the prices soon.

Sigma Properties and Marketing are here to help you understand your investment plan and strategize your goals for the foreseeable future.