Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, and the most developed city in the country. This city ranks as the world´s 3rd most beautiful capital city. There are several admirable real estate projects developed in Islamabad in the recent years, keeping the luxury and comfort in consideration.

The eco friendly environment, fresh weather, breath taking beauty and endless amenities in the city makes it one of the best places to buy rental property. There are a lot of properties in Islamabad that are offered on rent, among these are residential as well as the commercial units.


Benefits of buying a rental property in Islamabad

All the real estate projects that are developed within the city, some are old while others are new. However, the offers in general are amazing. The list of best places to buy rental property in Islamabad includes Bahria Enclave, Capital Smart City Islamabad, Faisal Town Islamabad, Park View City, Multi Greens B-17, Eighteen Islamabad, Gulberg Greens and much more.

The benefits that come along with the buying of these rental properties is that:

  • Good rate of profitable returns is guaranteed.
  • The security is assured.
  • Islamabad is the best place to invest in the whole country.
  • The tenants are ready to pay high because of the endless benefits they get in the area.
  • The property bought can be sold out easily anytime, if needed, without hurdles.


Options to buy Rental Property in Islamabad

Following are certain options available for the rental properties in Islamabad. Some of the best places to buy rental properties are as follows:


Capital Smart City Islamabad

One of the best places to buy rental properties in Islamabad is the Capital Smart City. The smartest decision is to buy rental properties in Capital Smart City Islamabad. Since this society is the hub for high quality and profitable investments, it has developed a renowned position. The basic amenities along with the luxury is provided within and in the surroundings of society.

The commercial and residential plots are available for sale to the investors, on an easy installment payment plan.

Blue World City Islamabad

The highly discussed Blue World City Islamabad is an admirable project developed by the known company “Blue Group of Companies”. The society has residential and commercial blocks available for the investments. The location is a prime spot of the City, prices are reasonable, payment plan is easy, endless amenities and facilities are made available. And its one of the best investment in Islamabad.

The investors are recommended to buy a rental property in Blue World City for the purpose to maximize their invested amount´s returns.

Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad is the best place to buy rental properties in Islamabad. This entire society is designed with extreme modern technology, using all the smart features. Eighteen Islamabad is at a prime location of the City and has world-class amenities available within. It is highly recommended to the investors because the profitable returns on investments are guaranteed by the developers and dealers.

The whole society is developed using the global developments in consideration, making it appealing to the investors.

Green Oaks Islamabad

When it comes to the investments on the rental properties, one of the best places to buy rental properties in Islamabad is the Green Oaks Islamabad. The Green Oaks Society has the deluxe and favorable property types that are offered to the investors. This society is already giving good returns to the investors since the year 2019.

The location of the Green Oaks is situated at the extremely beautiful spot of the city. The state of art, beautiful infrastructure, easy payment plan, and endless facilities guarantee the rate of returns on the rental properties of the Green Oaks Islamabad.

Motorway City Islamabad

Motorway is also one of the best places to buy the rental properties in Islamabad. Motorway City Islamabad is the most suitable location along with world-class enriched facilities and amenities within and around the area. The project is new and designed according to the needs and demands of buyers and investors, making sure that it will give good rate of returns on investment.

The Motorway City Islamabad has a modern infrastructure along with the reasonable prices. Furthermore, the payment plan is easy, the buyers can pay on installments. The investors who are currently looking for options to buy the best rental properties in Islamabad are highly recommended to consider Motorway City Islamabad.

Aquatic Mall Islamabad

The Aquatic Mall Islamabad is also one of the best places to buy for rental properties. This commercial investment will guarantee good amounts of returns on investment. The mall is packed with endless facilities making it a premium and a luxurious place of the City. The Aquatic Mall is designed keeping the comfort and luxury all at ones.

The amenities in the area is such a striking feature that any investor can benefit from it.

DHA Islamabad

This name of DHA is so old and familiar to everyone by now that it does not need any introduction. DHA is mostly famous for its luxury living, cleanliness, security and facilities. The investors are recommended to consider DHA Islamabad for making investments as this is one of the best place to buy rental properties in Islamabad.

The prime location of DHA Islamabad connects to many important routes, making it more appealing to everyone. The area is known for the best construction and establishment. The investors are highly recommended to make investments in DHA Islamabad.


As read from above, Islamabad is a hub of best investments. The investors are therefore recommended to make investments as soon as possible. Most of the real estate projects in Islamabad are new and under construction, witnessing the modern infrastructure. The prices are reasonable and the dealers have introduced the easy payment plan to make it convenient for the buyers and investors.