Best Place to buy Real Estate

Why to make Real Estate investment in Islamabad? Well! by far the City is highly recommended to all the investors, reason being:

  • Islamabad is the most beautiful City of Pakistan.
  • Islamabad is world´s 3rd most beautiful capital City of the world.
  • Islamabad has all the real estate projects that assures the good returns on property.
  • Islamabad Motor way City has endless facilities within as well around.
  • Islamabad has the beautiful weather all year long.
  • The Air and water of Islamabad is eco-friendly.
  • Islamabad is a less polluted City.

Islamabad is rapidly emerging as the most profitable real estate spot, because it has real estate projects recently developing with modern infrastructures and there is a lot more to the list such as the projects are mostly a Gated and secure communities, has Provision of basic facility, promotes Urban Lifestyle along with the modern life-style, has a clean and an extreme pure environment, has social Interdependence, has life time opportunities, has low and affordable investment a long with the easy payment plans.

Best places to invest in real estate 2021


In case you are willing to make an investment in Islamabad in 2021 for living or getting returns, one highly recommended project is Park View City because it is one of all the successful projects to invest in the best City of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Park View City is a Best Place to buy Real Estate project in Islamabad by a recent and yet successful real estate company called as the Vision Group, owned by Mr. Aleem Khan. Park View City is a CDA approved housing project located at a prime spot in the hilly area of IV zone Islamabad. The society has a beautiful view and it is very peaceful as it is made on the height of hills. By far the Park View City is highly demanded by the investors because it has a lot of facilities such as it is CDA approved, has been made in between a Botanical Garden, has underground water supply assuring cleanliness, has underground electric supply for the cause of making it available 24/7, has the basic necessities with in range like grocery stores, hospitals, mosque and schools. The Park View City is a gated community and has CCTV coverage for extra security, besides all of these intriguing factors the community has a modern infrastructure with clubs, zoo, community centers and similar facilities nearby. The society offers both the Commercial block as well as the Residential block, that are divided into the names of alphabetical order so it is easier to understand the master plan. The Park has an easy payment plan in installments for the buyer´s convenience.


Islamabad Model Town a Best Place to buy Real Estate in 2021 project owned by the real estate company called Model Project (Private) Limited. The work is done under the supervision of Mr. Naveed Imad and Malik Tahir. The Islamabad Model Town is a recommended project for the investment purpose because it has a beautiful infrastructure, so many facilities, prime location and what not. The project is located at the Malot road Islamabad and is a gated community with security guaranteed. The society has a variety of offering in the Residential block as well as in the commercial blocks, with amazing prices that too on an easy installment plan. The Islamabad Model Town has all the facilities nearby, and there is no reason why you should not invest in this project.


Capital Smart City is also one of the astonishing and Best Place to buy Real Estate projects in Islamabad that is also recommended to the investors. The Capital Smart City is ranked as the smartest project by far, also it is situated at a prime location making it even more attractive. The society is planned with the resource utilization making it eco-friendly and offers a sustainable and a modern lifestyle. The Capital Smart City has beautiful view all over and has a serene within. The work at the Capital Smart City is done under the supervision of an expert from Singapore, Surbana Jurong. The society has wide roads, near by Islamabad international Airport, has all the necessary amenities available at a nearby spot, the society has grocery store, hospital, mosque and such facilities within range. The Capital Smart City offers both the Residential blocks along with the Commercial blocks in different variety of sizes. The prices are extremely reasonable and the payment plan is kept convenient for the cause of buyer´s ease, also the good profitable returns are guaranteed to the investors.


In Islamabad the best of the investment projects or Best Place to buy Real Estate in these days is the Bahria Town Islamabad, the projects is particularly on hype because of its modern infrastructure and prime spot. Bahria Town Islamabad is the best of all Bahria Town Projects of Pakistan, because it is in the Capital City of the Country. Bahria Town Islamabad does not require any further introduction as it is regarded as among the known projects, developed by the giant real estate companies in Pakistan. The Bahria Town Islamabad is developed and owned by Malik Riaz. This housing project is considered to be the changing landmark of the country. The Bahria Town Islamabad has houses in very reasonable rates and provides the luxurious lifestyle with endless facilities within. The amenities and facilities at Bahria town Islamabad includes commercial Area and Shopping malls, green belts and wide roads. Mini Golf club, maintenance facilities, the community is gated and secure, has educational institutes and standard hospitals, 24/7 hours constant supply of electricity and water.


Not to forget the Blue World City, the huge real estate project in Islamabad that is prominently recommended to all the investors and a Best Place to buy Real Estate in 2021. The Blue world city has a variety of offerings such as the residential plots, Awami residential blocks, overseas blocks, General block and the Commercial plots. The Blue world City is the project of the Blue Group of Companies and the work of development is monitored by Mr. Saad Nazir. The location of the Blue World City is extremely a prime spot, known as the Chakri road and it is surrounded by some more beautiful real estate projects. The infrastructure of the Blue world City is kept modern along with endless facilities within and around the society, such as the owners are trustworthy, payment plan is easy, the delivery and ownership is handed over easily and quickly, has a tranquil environment, good profitable returns are guaranteed, prices are reasonable, basic amenities are made available, the electric and water supply is constant. Hence it is recommended to invest in the Blue World City for either living or investing for the returns.


The Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is yet another admirable real estate project in the most beautiful City of Pakistan, Islamabad. Eighteen Housing Society Islamabad is Best Place to buy Real Estate a project in partnership by the Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan builders and developers which guarantees the safe transfer of ownership because these are all the trustworthy developers. The location the Eighteen Housing Society is also very prime, at the Kashmir highway and tends to offer all the facilities nearby within the range. The society has blend of offerings as seen in its master plan. The facilities are endless and one big reason why it is recommended to the investors, as seen the society has a 5-star hotel existing within its boundaries, has an 18 hole golf course, basic facilities like a grocery store, school, mosque, hospitals and even the airport very near, the international standard shopping with most of the international brands is within, the roads are extra wide also eliminating the chances of the traffic jams, the environment is beautiful along with the fresh air to breath, the society is a gated community and there is much more to  mention that will intrigue the investors in every way. Most prominently the prices and payment plan is so good that no investor can resist buying a property at the Eighteen Housing Society.


Last but not the least the Downtown Residencia is also highly recommended real estate project to the investors, that is located in Islamabad. The Down Town Residencia a Best Place to buy Real Estate is located near Gulberg, at the main Islamabad Expressway making it a beautiful and a convenient location. The developers are well known and experienced, hence this project is made with a well planned design and a luxurious lifestyle. The work of development at the Down Town residencia is almost near completion however the bookings are done that too n an extremely low rates. The area covered to make the down town residencia is very wide and spacious, also the spot is particularly surrounded by some amazing real estate projects of Islamabad. There is a wide range of offerings at the downtown residencia, offered on low rates over sales being offered recently. The endless facilities like the lush greenery, security, boundary walls, parks, play areas, jogging tracks, fitness venters, schools, mosques, hospitals, constant energy supplies and many more makes it a most demanded project for the investors. Hence keeping in view these magnetisms and more, it can be straight said that Downtown Residencia is doubtlessly a fine-looking and a perfect package for both residents and the investors as well for people either already living in the Capital City or planning to move in Islamabad. A Best Place to buy Real Estate in 2021.

There are several more Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad that are suggested to the investors, however those that are mentioned above are highly recommended. In general, Islamabad is the best place to make investment in Pakistan and it is also very good place to reside.