Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is a durable, aesthetic, and cost-effective interior floor covering. Wooden flooring in Pakistan is getting popular because it is essential for improving the appearance of a living area and making it more comfortable and appealing to the eyes. Choosing a type of wooden floor is primarily a matter of personal preference, which means there is no right or wrong answer. However, bringing some samples home and comparing them to your existing décor is a terrific approach to make the most of your decision. For your better understanding, let us go through the types of wooden flooring.

Wooden Flooring in Pakistan

Wooden flooring in Pakistan might be the most environmentally friendly alternative for remodelling your home. It is because the wood has distinctive properties. It can store carbon and remove it from the atmosphere. It is more lasting and sustainable than other flooring options. Unlike other flooring materials, the raw resources used to manufacture them – trees – can regrow after being chopped down, allowing the material to be harvested to be replaced. Given that steel and concrete materials demand a significant amount of energy to refine and produce, choosing wooden floors in Pakistan may be the most environmentally responsible option available because wooden flooring is quite easy to recycle compared to other flooring solutions.

We will help you narrow down your alternatives and make the best selection possible when choosing the right kind of flooring.

Wooden Flooring Rates and Options 

Wooden flooring in Pakistan comes in a variety of forms and styles to suit a variety of purposes and budgets. To enable you to understand better the many sorts of hardwood flooring available in Pakistan, we will first define each type of wooden floor in-depth, followed by a discussion of their prices per square foot:

  • Laminate Wood Floor
  • Hardwood Floor

Laminate Wood Floor 

Laminate flooring, commonly known as floating wood flooring, is a realistic replica of hardwood flooring. This type of flooring consists of multi-layer synthetic flooring material with a glowing imprint due to the lamination process and a photographic layer used as a finishing touch.

Among the rest of the new flooring options, this sort of flooring has a greater demand. Furthermore, home decorators and purchasers choose laminate flooring for several reasons, including the ease with which it is installed and the lower maintenance cost than hardwood flooring.

Where to Install Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is vulnerable to its environment, so it is critical to determine which locations are appropriate for it and where can it be maintained readily. Avoid placing laminate flooring in high-traffic areas and spaces prone to become messy, such as living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, because it is exceptionally water-sensitive and does not react well to liquid puddles. Thus, it is only natural that laminate wood flooring necessitates regions that don’t require frequent cleaning unless you have a waterproof core placed, which is excellent for wet areas.

Cost of Laminate Wood Floor 

A simple investment in laminate wood flooring may go a long way in terms of upkeep because it just requires a dry mop to freshen it up. F or budget-friendly flooring solutions, it is also reasonably cost-effective. Interwood currently sells laminate boards for PKR 175 to PKR 350 per square foot.

Benefits of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate Wood flooring is a good investment because of the following benefits it brings,

  • The installation and maintenance of laminate wood flooring require little effort.
  • It is easy to clean. A dry mop shall do the trick.
  • It is easily replaceable and simple to reinstall
  • It comes in a wide range of natural wood simulations.

Disadvantage of Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is convenient in every way, but it has a drawback: Moisture can readily swell laminate wood floors. It means that it is susceptible to moisture and requires constant care.

Hardwood Floor 

Hardwood flooring also referred to as solid wood flooring, is comprised of actual wood. Each hardwood board usually is 18-20 mm dense and hardened. A hardwood floor may be a valuable addition to any home’s décor, especially now that the wooden floor trend is back in style. Solid wood flooring is irreplaceable for most purchasers and interior designers since it creates a trendy and sophisticated impression.

A solid wood floor is ideal for tenants since it can be laid anywhere, even over concrete. Because it is a refined version of wood, it can easily be cracked, dented, or tattered if not cared for properly.

Where to Install Hardwood Flooring?

People choose to install solid wood flooring in places where they may exhibit their opulence. Hardwood flooring is suggested for living rooms and bedrooms and anywhere with substantially stable humidity as too much moisture can ruin the woodwork.

Cost of Hardwood Floor

It is critical to know about the current alternatives before purchasing hardwood floor planks. Solid wood flooring in Pakistan is now made of oak, teak, and beech. Solid wood planks can cost anywhere from PKR 585 to PKR 680 per square foot on average.

Potential Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Because hardwood planks are a polished version of wood, colour differences in each board are to be expected. It also has the following benefits if installed.

  • It gives your interiors a furnished and traditional look.
  • It is eye-catching and incredibly appealing.

Disadvantages of Hardwood Floor 

The disadvantages of hardwood floor are as follows,

  • Timely maintenance is required for solid wood flooring.
  • It amplifies sound, so it is not suitable for use on the second floor or in calm regions.
  • Solid wood flooring expands in humid environments and contracts in droughts.

A simple way to put everything together is that if you’re an environmentalist, using any wooden flooring in Pakistan makes more sense and is the least you can do to safeguard it.

Wood Floor Maintenance

After you have laid a wood floor, you will want to protect your investment. The regular cleaning and maintenance of your wooden floor are, in general, is a reasonably simple chore. Bear in mind that water is no friend for your hardwood flooring. When spills or leaks occur, it is best to clean them up as soon as possible.

To keep particles off the floor and prevent wear and tear, sweep and vacuum the floor frequently. Purchase a professional hardwood floor cleaning if you see any scuffs, scratches, or stains on your flooring.