Where to Invest Capital Smart City or Park View City?


Pakistan’s real estate sector is viewed as one of the country’s economic foundations. To many, it appears to be a very safe and lucrative industry to invest in—the World Bank estimates that roughly 60–70 percent of the country’s total wealth is held in land assets. It is a colossal sum that represents the real estate sector’s security and returns.

Two of the best housing complexes in Islamabad’s surroundings: Park View City and Capital Smart City Islamabad. These two housing plans adapt to various price groups, are located hundreds of miles apart, and offer various amenities. Because Park View City and Capital Smart City Islamabad both cater to and target distinct markets, it’s tough to tell them apart. The following is a quick overview of both housing plans that can assist you in making an informed real estate investment selection.


Capital Smart City

The Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI) is a housing society in Islamabad’s Rawalpindi region, near the new Islamabad International Airport. It is surrounded by the Al Mairaj housing scheme, Eighteen Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, and Blue World City. It is being built adjacent to the Thallian Interchange of the Lahore – Islamabad motorway.

Since it is being developed by Pakistan’s renowned Habib Rafiq Limited HRL group, the housing development is regarded as one of the best in the region. When planning and delivering real estate developments in Pakistan, the HRL company has an immaculate reputation. This society provides its residents with a one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge living experience, complete with excellent amenities. This housing society will become Pakistan’s first Smart City by incorporating sophisticated technology and intelligent features. Capital Smart City is ten times larger than its neighboring society University Town, with a total land area of 55,000 Kanal.

The housing scheme is one of the few in the region to receive RDA planning and development clearance. The Capital Smart City site is one of the best in the area because it connects to the twin cities’ main highways and motorways and the future Rawalpindi Ring Road. The rates for plots in Capital Smart City start at PKR 1.9 million. Properties for sale in Capital Smart City are to be acquired with a 10% down payment. The remainder of the cost is divided into equal monthly or quarterly payments over a ten-year term that is convenient for you. Overseas plots and executive blocks are also offered in Capital Smart City.

Park View City Islamabad

The Vision Group is developing Park View City Islamabad in Islamabad’s districts. Mr. Aleem Khan, a well-known real estate developer and successful leader linked with the present ruling party, owns and leads the Vision company. In terms of proximity to Islamabad, the Park View City Islamabad location is one of the best. The tranquil and green Islamabad botanical gardens share a boundary with Park View City. Because of its gorgeous vistas and high-end amenities, this housing enterprise is famous among investors. It is designed to be the ideal location for families who want to live in a safe, family-friendly community with a futuristic vision and breathtaking views. It’s a society with unequaled amenities and an ideal picture. Each block of the organization is designed with a distinct perspective and function to give a thrilling living experience for its people.

Park View City Islamabad location

According to the most recent Park View City Islamabad location and map, the housing society has Malot Road and Kurri Road. Bahria Enclave Islamabad, Bani Gala, Shaheen Town, and the CDA’s Park Enclave are all in the same neighborhood as the housing complex. Apart from its prime location, Park View City Islamabad is one of the few housing developments in the region to have received full approval from the Capital Development Authority (CDA). Park View City Islamabad plot prices start at 3.5 million PKR, with plot sizes ranging from 3.5 Marla to 2 Kanal.

It is one of the finest choices for future homeowners who wish to enjoy the fantastic views of Margallas without sacrificing their daily commute to Islamabad’s metropolitan centers, such as the Blue Area and others. Park View City Islamabad has now completed about half of its construction. People are moving into their new Park View City homes and living in this housing community. Park View City’s security and upkeep are comparable to the Defense Housing Authority and Bahria Town.


Park View City and Capital Smart City are two of the most successful housing societies in Pakistan, competing head-to-head. Both of these societies are exceptional in their way. But the question “which one to choose?” remains, and the answer to that is it all boils down to personal preference and what works best for you. Sigma Properties hopes that this article provides you with more knowledge to make informed investment decisions.