UK delegate visited Sigma
Properties to discuss potential partnership.

Sigma Properties is delighted to host worthy guests from UK (Mr Chrish Mansfield and Mr Engin Ibrahim). Both honorable guests came specifically on invitation of Honorable Chairman Sigma Properties, Mr Faisal Akhunzada. During their visit to Pakistan, they will meet with many high-profile officials.

Mr Chirs is a social media influencer and mentor. He is part of leading social media management agency StefCan from UK. Whereas, Mr Ibrahim is Director at Flying Colors Textile Limited. Flying Colors is a major player in digital printing of fabrics. Their products are famous in different regions of the world.

The honorable guests have visited Pakistan to discuss potential partnership opportunities with Sigma Properties. These partnerships will support Pakistan’s economy at a wider scale and bring FDI in different industries.

They also appreciated Sigma’s Green Initiative (#SigmaGoesGreen). They admired the efforts and loved the Sigma Jute Bags. Investing in some environment friendly projects for Pakistan was also discussed during a meeting at Sigma’s Corporate Office.

It is hoped that this partnership will open new horizons for people of Pakistan and will strengthen different industries including real estate. Furthermore, announcement by British High Commissioner to Pakistan regarding changing in the “travel policy” for UK citizens to travel to Pakistan is a major breakthrough which will support this partnership.


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