Taj Residencia is a housing society and is the flagship project of The Sardar Group of Companies- proudly known for their collaboration in The Centaurus Mall. As the developer of the Taj Residencia is worldwide known for their second to none reputation in the infrastructural work, they are now embarking on the expedition of providing an incomparable environment of living to the people of Pakistan.

It is located on the confluence of CDA sections I-14 and I-15. Conventionally, the Link Road allowed broader access to the whole of Islamabad. It provides the most scenic view of the capital city, Islamabad, to its residence. Also, basic needs like power, water, gas supplies are provided 24/7. Hospitals and airports are close with merely 5 to 10 minutes of drive. Taj Residencia has been approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Plots available in Taj Residencia:

Taj Residencia is offering plots in residential and commercial units. Plots have a huge diversity regarding size and price. In the following, we will demonstrate it one by One.

Residential Plots in Taj Residencia:

8 Marla plot:

8 Marla (30 x 60) plots are offered with a down payment of PKR 750,000. The monthly instalment for the 8 Marla plot is 75,000. However, you can also buy it in quarterly instalments with a payment of PKR 875,000 per quarter. It is a total of 6 instalments, and the whole plot will cost you PKR 7,500,000 in Taj residencia.

10 Marla plot:

10 Marla (35 x 70) plots have been launched with the based price of PKR 9,500,000. The quarterly instalment for the 10 Marla plot is PKR 1,108,333. The instalment is a six-quarter program.

14 Marla plot:

14 Marla (40 x 80) plots are lucrative in terms of land because it costs you PKR 12,000,000. I am saying this because the 4 Marla more in this setup costs you just PKR 2,500,000 compared to the 10 Marla plot. The six-quarter instalment program is valid here too, and the quarterly instalment is PKR 1,400,000. The down payment is PKR 3,600,000.

1 Kanal plot:

1 Kanal (50 x 90) 500 square yards plot is prudence regarding building own house on it or leave some land of it spare for future selling. Its price is PKR 15,000,000, and the down payment is PKR 4,500,000. The six-instalment program on the quarter basis is valid here, and one instalment will cost you PKR 1,750,000.

2 Kanal Plot:

The most lucrative plot offered in Taj Residencia is the 2 Kanal plot. You can build a Spanish type villa on 1 Kanal and the rest of the land you may use for your farmhouse. The price of the 2 Kanal plots is PKR 25,000,000. You can get a discount of 15 lakh in case of a lump-sum payment. The down payment of PKR 2,500,000 is submitted after 30 days of booking. The instalment program is in function which is of 10 quarters. Each instalment will cost you PKR 2,000,000.

One thing to keep in mind is that 10% additional charges will be applied on plots located in corner, boulevard, and park facing areas. Also, 15% extra charges will apply for the main boulevard above 100 feet.

Commercial Plots for sale in Taj Residencia:

Taj Residencia is one of the most iconic societies with huge diversity in commercial blocks. In the following, we will share some of the plots offered in commercial plots.

4 Marla commercial plot (30 x 30) 100 square yards:

4 Marla commercial plots are offered with the price tag of PKR 27,000,000 in Taj Residencia. The down payment for the 8 Marla commercial plot is PKR 8,100,000 with eight quarterly instalments of PKR 2,362,000. You can get 6% off on lump-sum payments.

5.3 Marla commercial plot (30 x 40) 134 square yards:

5.3 Marla of commercial plots are announced with a base price of PKR 30,665,590. The instalment program is span over ten quarters. You can fill each instalment on a quarter base, and the amount for it is PKR 3,577,688.


We can conclude that Taj Residencia is an opportunity for everyone seeking a better future. It is a prudent and lucrative opportunity and needs to be grabbed with both hands.