Smart City Lahore

Lahore Smart city is an upcoming project by Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited, also known as FDHL, is one of the leading developers in the real estate business. FDHL is popular for its futuristic designs and, unique yet luxurious architecture. The combination of China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd (CLIC) and Engineering Dimensions (Pvt.) Limited (EDL), together formed as FDHL, plans to introduce an extremely advanced and smart project which, as the name suggests, is based on modern technologies and a lavish lifestyle. Because of the well-known management skills of the developers, this project is already predicted to be a success.

Smart City Lahore Location

Area assumes an essential part when making land speculations. A land financial backer must think about the advantages and disadvantages of a property’s area before investment. Smart City Lahore is located on Lahore Bypass, which is near the Lahore Interchange. capital smart city Lahore location holds a prime value because it can be also accessed easily from the Grand Trunk road along with, Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. The location of this project is unique as it distances the residents from the city hassle and connects them with the city as well with an easy 5-minute drive. All the famous commercial areas of Lahore are a few minutes away from the project. The specialists repeat the fact that Lahore Smart City’s proposed area appreciates extraordinary access from 2 significant street networks interfacing Lahore with the remainder of Pakistan. This makes it a superior venture focal point for financial backers searching for positive mid-long haul yields on their investment.

Location Map

Lahore smart city map

Main Blocks Of Lahore Smart City

There are two main blocks of the project that are available for sale;

Executive Block

When beginning the Lahore Smart City end-all strategy framework, the endeavor architects envisioned the production of an undeniable level urbanized movement; a private society that would offer proficient living spaces as well as creative and purchaser driven facilities. The Executive block reflects such luxurious and smart architecture. This block offers residential plots and apartments alongside mosques, shopping marts, and parks. The prices are a bit higher as compared to other blocks, but in return, the residents of Executive Block will receive much more luxury amenities than the other available blocks.

Overseas Block

Overseas block is in the prime of capital smart city Lahore location. This block is said to be the main residential area of the project. It offers both residential plots and lavish Villas for sale. The plots are villas are mainly offered to Pakistanis that live abroad or hold dual nationality. The block is planned while keeping in mind the comfort and lifestyle same as living in a foreign country. The overseas block has all the necessities that are needed to maintain a quality living, such as, eateries, mosques, parks, shopping centers, medical centers, and retail shops.


Plots Available for sale in Lahore Smart City

Executive Block of Lahore Smart City

  • 5 Marla Residential
  • 10 Marla Residential
  • 1 Kanal Residential

The cost of a 5 Marla Plot is around 18 Lac Rupees where-as 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots are 33 Lac Rupees and 54 Lac Rupees each.

Overseas Block of Lahore Smart City

  • 5 Marla Residential
  • 10 Marla Residential
  • 1 Kanal Residential

The price of a 5 Marla Plot is around 19 Lac Rupees where-as 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots are 34 Lac Rupees and 55 Lac Rupees each.


Lahore Smart City Installment and Payment Plan

The main strategy of the developer is to convey a problem-free way of life to the tenants, beginning from a simple and reasonable installment plan. As Lahore Smart City is as yet a work in progress, the installment plan is likewise entirely adaptable. Because of its ideal place and phenomenal engineering, the plots are as of now selling out super quick. In light of the latest things, it is anticipated that the plot booking costs will build more in the coming future. On the off chance that you wish to book a plot for you and your family in this ultramodern living experience, right now is an ideal opportunity. Lahore Smart city is currently offering a 10% plan followed by affirmation installment and equivalent quarterly portions.

BOOKING 216,000 396,000 648,000 228,000 408,000 660,000
CONFIRMATION 216,000 396,000 648,000 228,000 408,000 660,000
12 QUARTERLY INSTALLMENTS 144,000 264,000 432,000 152,000 272,000 440,000
TOTAL 2,160,000 3,960,000 6,480,000 2,280,000 4,080,000 6,600,000



Striking Features of Lahore Smart City

– The engineering and the plan of the property, make the project different from its kind. Modern plans, wide streets, and picturesque perspectives make Lahore Smart City an ideal living space.

– The designers plan on establishing an ambiance that includes brilliant living. For which most recent advances will be introduced and stayed up with the latest to improve foundation and take care of modern day problems.

– A 24-hour power supply is ensured in the project to end the hassle of load-shedding due to any kind of power shortage

– Well-qualified faculty will be recruited in the schools of the project to guarantee quality education and up-bringing of the children

– The residency will facilitate its occupants by presenting a business place at the fundamental business zone and conveying overall monetary benefactors and associations to put money into the eminent local area. Lahore Smart City even designs to reason an assortment of businesses, thusly provoking the money related need of Pakistan.

– The residential society is created in a manner that builds up an amazingly agreeable vibe thusly that individuals can value a quiet and calm society that could shape into an opportunity for business, brandishing, private prospects, and opening without settling on the lavish way of life.

– The security provided by the property is exceptional. The entire community is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras and well-trained guards ready for action in case of any security mishap occurs.

– Capital Smart City Lahore promises to achieve a full-proof transportation system for the ease of residents. A proper transport system is to be built for car users, pedestrians, cyclists. The project plans to introduce a state of the art infrastructure.


Other Facilities Provided by Lahore Smart City

  • Hotels and Resorts.
  • Shopping arcades and malls.
  • Schools and other educational institutions.
  • Community center.
  • Scenic parks and Lakes.
  • Sports complexes and stadiums.
  • Golf course.
  • Hi-tech transportation.
  • Hospital and clinics.
  • Silicon Valley.
  • Commercial Block.