Reasons to invest in Taj Residencia

About Taj Residencia

The well-known real estate developers, known as the Sardar Group of companies, have developed an extremely admirable project in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. After their great success of Centaurus Mall, a complete commercial project, the developers have planned this society with equal luxurious design.

All the facilities and features of this society are exceptionally intriguing.

Taj Residencia location

Taj Residencia is situated near the CDA sector in Islamabad at I-14. This society is beneficial to be located near the CDA, as it stays away from its pollution and noises. It is a prime spot that has a serene environment. Moreover, the masterplan of the society is itself well planned and luxurious.

Reasons to invest in Taj Residencia

Islamabad is rapidly emerging in the industry of Real estate. There are specifically a few of these real estate projects that are highly responsive to the investors. Considering the current development status, legalities, and value, the investors must invest in Taj Residencia. Taj Residencia is a housing project located in Islamabad. This luxurious project is originated by experienced people in the field. Suppose any of the investors or buyers are looking for a house, there is no better option other than Taj Residencia.

Many people are already talking good about this society. However, there are plenty of reasons to invest in Taj Residencia. Several are mentioned below:

Taj Residencia has a prime location

The investors are greatly concerned about the location of the property they intend to buy. The location of the property keeps immense importance for multiple reasons. Taj Residencia has the great benefit of being situated near the CDA sector.

This society has a supply of all the basic amenities along with endless facilities. Taj Residencia connects to the ring road and motorway. This area is very near to the Islamabad international airport and can be accessed through Rawalpindi. One added benefit of this location is that it is away from the city’s pollution and hustle.

location map of taj residencia


Taj Residencia is a legal property

The investors are also concerned about the legal issues of the real estate property as it is a huge amount of investment. The reason is to avoid the drawbacks and debt claims in the future. However, luckily the developers and the dealers of this housing property have taken good care of this matter. Taj Residencia is an admirable housing project which has been approved by authorities. The Rawalpindi development authority is also known as CDA, has approved Taj Residencia.

Luxury Residence

There is no better option for the investor other than Taj Residencia in the current times. The reason is that it is a luxurious housing project with a lot of facilities present within. The investors may know the master plan of Taj Residencia, where they have an option to invest in the ready-to-move designer villas, OR they may buy a plot as well.

Along with this, the prices are low and highly affordable. The dealers have also introduced an easy payment plan for further ease of the heavy tax buyers.

Possession after down payment

The possession of the property is handed over to the buyer soon after the down payment is made. As an investor has to look into many other matters about the property, his main concern is the possession. Until and unless the property comes under the buyer’s residence, he cannot make any decisions about it. Taj Residencia has this problem sorted for the convenience of investors. Moreover, on the plot purchase, an investor can completely design their own house without any interruptions.

Organized Map and Construction Plan

The investors are greatly concerned about the return rate as this is their ultimate goal of an investment. For the cause, they have to make sure that the construction plan and the master plan of the society are well organized.

However, Taj Residencia has been designed by experienced people who have taken care of every small detail. The blocks and maps of this wonderful housing society are easy to understand. The master plan has been made so that each block has the basic facilities available near it at walking distance.

master plan of taj residencia

Proximity to Hospitals and the Airport

Taj Residencia has been designed so that the residents will get to experience the luxurious lifestyle and the comfortable environment. This admirable society has all the amenities and facilities available at walking distance. The airport, educational institutes, medical care centers, mosques, and almost every essential needed area are made available in society. By far, the buyers and investors are satisfied with their experience at Taj Residencia, so prices are also expected to rise in the future. Hence, the investors are recommended to buy a property in this society as soon as possible.

Supply of utilities at Taj Residencia

Since Taj Residencia is near the CDA sector and approved, the amenities are within the society. There is an uninterrupted supply of water, gas, and electricity in this society. The constant supply of all these necessities is one primary reason investors are intensely interested in investing in Taj Residencia.

Opportunities for expansion at Taj Residencia

The investors will get a lot of opportunities to expand if they recently invest at Taj Residencia. The reason is that the society itself has been stretched from phase 1 to phase 2 now. Since the area is now expanded, the number of properties and the worth of the society has been increased. The investors have an option to buy the ready-made property or the plot, whatever they may wish.

Attractive features

The investors will gain a profitable rate of returns in their investment if the buyers demand it significantly. However, Taj Residencia has a lot of added features that attract most people. The commercial hubs, parks, play areas, beautiful views, and sustainable fresh environment, and much more within the society attracts the buyers so much that the demand stays on hype.

Variety of plot sizes at Taj Residencia

The investors are intrigued by the type of options that are offered to them at Taj Residencia. There are plots available in different sizes like 1 Kanal and 10 to 14 Marla. Each of these plots has its specification and sub-category. This can give the investors chance to build their house as per their wish. However, they also go for ready-made villas that are well designed too.

Islamabad is vastly emerging in the real estate industry, and a lot of admirable projects have recently been developed. Despite the reasons mentioned above, there is no reason left for this beautiful society to be ignored. Investors are highly recommended to invest in Taj Residencia as soon as possible because the demand of this society increases with time, which may cause the prices to grow.