Reasons to Invest in Nova City Islamabad

The Nova City Islamabad is an exceptional lodging society. It will prove to be a bedrock of quality, excellence and resplendence. It is situated between serenity and modern infrastructure, implying that the community is ready to provide people with the peace they ask. It takes few minutes to get to the New Islamabad International Airport. The lodging society intends to open a dedicated gate at Ring Road to make the city more accessible from almost any direction. An investment in Nova City Islamabad will be the wisest decisions ever made, and let us see why you invest in Nova City Islamabad.  

Esteemed Developers

The housing project is an initiative by the Nova City Developers; they are well-known in the real estate industry because of their superior infrastructure and expansion plans. They are credible and trustworthy since they have been in the real estate sector since 1975.

Commercial, social and residential accommodations are among the projects they have completed. Nova Developers are proud to present this inspiring project, which they introduced with a passion for creating world-class residential developments. 

Supreme Location 

An investment in Nova City is not to be missed because of the location it enjoys. The society is conveniently situated between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, making it easy to reach. The M-2 motorway, which connects Lahore and Islamabad, makes it even more attractive to residents and investors. This is an excellent location for living and investing in Islamabad. Mumtaz CityCapital Smart City, and other prestigious housing projects are all within driving distance.

Proximity to the Capital

People wish to live near the Federal Capital because of the attractions it has. Islamabad is the heart of Pakistan, its commercial hubs and the beauty of the Margalla Hills is incomparable. Nova City Islamabad is at a favorable distance from the capital, making the lodging society a priority for the investors. Among the many reasons to invest in Nova City Islamabad, this is the main one. 

Family Friendly Environment 

Providing a healthy, caring atmosphere for our children is an important part of being a parent. We do our best to assist our children by providing them with the atmosphere they need to be safe and happy. 

An investment in Nova City Islamabad is for all concerned parents, as their children will be in a noise-free, tidy and healthy environment, safe within the gates of the city and have access to quality healthcare, education and social life.  

Swift Development 

The development of Nova City Islamabad is permitting no shortcuts or pauses. The construction of the main boulevard is nearly complete. Land levelling is also in the works. It has an extensive road network. In addition, the project’s designers adhere to international guidelines. The work on the street lights and the green belt is also coming along nicely. The most important part of the project is the completion of the main entrance. So here you have the biggest of reasons to invest in Nova City Islamabad, there’s no denying that when it’s done, it’ll be a masterpiece.

Convenient Payment Plan 

Investing in Nova City Islamabad will allow you to avail the residential plots that are being offered by the developers at a fair price. Furthermore, you will pay the balance in eight half-yearly instalments over the course of four years. A 10% deposit of the total amount is needed to confirm a reservation. 10% confirmation charges must be paid within 45 days of the initial payment.

The payment plan for Nova City Islamabad has been planned to be flexible and simple in order to meet the needs of people from all walks of life. 

World-Class Amenities

Nova City Islamabad is being built with the aim of providing international-standard amenities at an affordable price. Each section of the community is designed with a distinct point of view and purpose in mind, in order to provide its residents with a wonderful way of life. The most compelling of reasons to invest in Nova City is that the residents will have access to top-class education institutes, healthcare, central parks, shopping arcades, mosques, fitness clubs, underground utilities and a lot more. 

Security Guaranteed 

An investment in Nova City Islamabad will ensure top-notch security for you and your family. There will be a 24/7 security surveillance with armed guards at every corner. With the double boundary wall, this magnificent housing society is completely secured. No one who is not a member of the society is allowed in. The fact that this housing society is surrounded by a liveable neighbourhood is one of its most distinguishing features. 

A System of Efficiency 

The best of reasons to invest in Nova City Islamabad is the productivity and efficiency they are targeting. It is one of its most notable characteristics that everything is kept in a systematic working order, from sewerage control to garbage disposal. 

Additionally, an underground electrical system will be installed, as well as separate grid stations, water filtration plants and adequate street lighting. They are also building a 120-foot-wide boulevard connecting Nova City Islamabad to the main city. 

Eco-Friendly Community

Noise and congestion is one of the major problems in the cities. Every individual wishes to live in a peaceful environment free from all these things. So here comes the most advantages one of the reasons to invest in Nova City Islamabad. This lodging society would make it easier for you to live a pleasurable lifestyle in a tranquil atmosphere that is closer to nature. You will experience the life of modernity alongside Mother Nature’s thralls. 


Nova City Islamabad is in the pre-launch phase. In the future, the areas around the housing project will be the hub of significant economic activity and elite residences. Nova City Islamabad has everything you and your family need to live a peaceful and luxurious life: affordable property, international-standard schools, modern amenities, clean and green environment, proximity to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, access to CPEC Route and GT Road. 

So, take advantage of these benefits and invest in Nova City Islamabad. We at Sigma Properties await to begin planning your future with you.