Reasons to Invest in Gulberg Green Islamabad


Gulberg Greens Islamabad is a project by the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperate Housing Society (IBECHS) planned and executed with the detailing of grandness and indulgence. Islamabad recently has been developing a lot in terms of the property market. In the midst of which Gulberg Green Islamabad is a one of its kind. The gated community compliments Islamabad city as it is gorgeous and scenic, just like the city. The project initiated back in 2005, and the development job started in later 2009.

Gulberg Green Islamabad exemplifies extravagance and tranquility within the capital city, known for its natural excellence and world-class foundation. Found within the heart of Islamabad, this fast-growing real estate venture reclassifies living experience with its consideration to detail. Moreover, the property paid close attention to a comfortable and feasible lifestyle, ultra-modern housing choices, and accessibility of all the most recent offices you’ll be able to think of. If you’re looking for a place to live or invest in Islamabad, Gulberg Green might be the best option for you. There are a lot of reasons to support this statement, a few of which are as follows.

Prime Location

Since buying a property is usually a massive project, one of the biggest concerns is the area. Area not as it were characterizing the sense of security but, moreover, decided availability to an individual’s everything. A buyer must think around the inclinations and downsides of a property’s zone forehand of finalizing the venture. Gulberg Green holds a prime location. Gulberg Green is located within the prime area of central Islamabad Highway close to Airport Chawk. Famous lodging societies are found the fair inverse to Gulberg and indeed within the neighborhood such as Jinnah Gardens, Korang Town, Public Works Department society (PWD), Pakistan Town, and Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

The area is the main alluring highlight of Gulberg as the society is close to the city. Gulberg Green Islamabad is the foremost manageable lodging society in terms of accessibility. It is almost 12km or 10 minutes absent from the Zero point, 15 minutes from Abpara Market, 5 minutes away from Gracious Lines, and 15 minutes from T Chawk Rawat. At the same time, it can be accessed from Chak Shahzad and Naval Anchorage as well through an underpass.

NOC and Permissions

Since a semi-private organization IBECHS, owns Gulberg Green, there is no chance of fraud and misrepresentation. The property holds a valid NOC since 2012 and is CDA approved. Very few gated communities and projects possess permissions. It gives a sense of security to the residents and the investors that the government and the project back up the money they invest in the property is legitimate. When a large amount of investment occurs, there’s always a significantly less allowance of such risk. In Pakistan, you can’t invest your money in a project where there is even the slightest chance of fraud or cancellation. Usually, a project with a valid NOC has significantly fewer cancellation cases. Likewise, in Gulberg Green, since the property has all the required permissions, there’s minimal risk in the investment, which is why Gulberg green is a safe option to invest in.

High Investment Returns

Gulberg Green has always gaged high interest among home buyers and property investors. One of the prominent factors that attract investors towards Gulberg Green is the high probability of the return on investment. The reason behind this particular statement is mainly the location. Because of its central location between the twin cities, it is more practical for people to move there. It is hardly 10 minutes away from GT Road and situated on the main Islamabad Highway, and it is accessible from both twin cities. No similar property of its kind is located nearby, so it makes only sense that people will plan to move to the venture shortly.

Gulberg possesses a better location than two of the most famous lodging societies, Bahria Town and DHA. In addition to the site, the property holds remarkable beauty and outstanding architecture, which naturally attracts potential residents. It is said that the project was a dream which has come true as it is. Furthermore, the predictions are that the property will be complete and fully developed in the coming two-three years based on the development process to date.

Amenities and Facilities

As we picture ourselves living in our dream home, we see a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Gulberg Green offers a peaceful and green environment in which one is close to nature, and at the same time, he or she is not compromising on the luxuries of living. A dedicated land of around 80% towards greenery will closely relate to nature and peace of mind. Not only refreshing parks but located in the vicinity is a beautiful lake. The lake is one of the most visible places of interest of the property, attracting visitors worldwide. A beautiful entryway is built with a boundary wall that provides an additional security layer and security guards and CCTVs.

There is proper infrastructure in the venture. The developers have built underground electric wires, drainage lines, gas lines, and water lines to avoid inconvenience. Furthermore, it provides the facilities of standby generators as a back-up. The property offers different underground and overhead water storages are to cater to the need of the residents. Even the telephone lines are also structured underground to avoid any damages, keeping in mind Islamabad’s weather.

Plot Prices and Payment Plans

Another engaging factor of the property is the cost of the plots and apartments. When we compare Gulberg Green and other well-known developed projects nearby, we clearly can see a massive difference in the price range. Moreover, there are multiple options for different range buyers to facilitate from. The developers introduce a new range of sizes to make it feasible for the buyers.

One of the Reasons to invest in Gulberg Green is its easy payment plans. The developers introduced A three-year installment plan to the buyers in 12 quarterly installments, with a minimal down payment of 35% of the total cost. The prices and payment plans are very well relaxed and accessible to many people, so there is a reasonable chance of the project’s property rates to rise in the coming future. So at present, investing in Gulberg Green may be the best option in Islamabad.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, the following are some more reasons to invest in Gulberg Green Islamabad.

  • The developers have made an underpass enter society without any trouble and highway restrictions.
  • The Project has allocated a vast area towards parks, lake, green spaces that leads to a healthy and active life.
  • The owners well-planned and executed the infrastructure of the society. The roads are properly paved and networked along with wide boulevards.
  • Moreover, they have ensured hi-tech security for the safety of residents. Modern technologies and a team of efficient security guards are assigned to maintain the security 24/7.
  • Many Famous schools, such as Froebel’s International School, are already operational in the project to provide quality education to the children of inhabitants.
  • They have also provided medical and clinical facilities to the residents with modern medical equipment and qualified doctors.
  • The developers also built multiple commercial complexes within the vicinity, such as retail businesses, shopping malls, and hotels. The planners also designed various leisure centers for entertainment purposes.
  • Gulberg Green provide its residents with all the necessary amenities such as water and electricity supply.
  • The project offers a foolproof sewerage system and all the water lines and electrical wirings underground to maintain a clean environment.
  • Solar lights are installed on the streets to save power consumption and sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle.