Qurtaba City 

There are numerous housing societies; however, Qurtaba City has a matchless level among them. It promotes brotherhood, solidarity, and traditional Islamic values. The city gives its residents a cultural and Islamic environment. The first project in Pakistan that is the desired destination for people from all walks of life is Qurtaba City.

Owners and developers

Madinatul-ILM is working on a project called Qurtaba City Islamabad. It’s a no-profit, no-loss company that’s partnered with Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission. The company’s founding directors include a number of professors, entrepreneurs, and leaders. The Madinatul Ilm was established to practically teach Islam’s social and societal norms. When we study Islamic philosophy, we learn that we must make the world a human place. To meet this objective, Qurtaba City developers created a completely independent city based on Islamic cultural concepts such as equality and unity.


The housing project is registered in agreement with the NOC/TMO/105, which permits development. It is the only housing project on Chakri Road with a government-approved NOC, whereas the other housing schemes have no permission for construction.


Qurtaba City is located just off the Motorway Chakri Interchange, 40 minutes from the rush and activities of Islamabad and only 30 minutes from the new International Airport. It is offering its residents the beauty and brilliance of its serene surroundings. Its sight is inspiring, but entry to the city is also simple, as it is accessible through Dhamial road from Rawalpindi Saddar.

location map of qurtaba city

Master plan

The total land area is divided into zones, according to the master plan. Modern amenities and outstanding engineering work are provided in each zone. Zone 1’s project work is near to completion, while other zones are still being developed. Each zone is connected by a network of roads ranging in length from 100 to 300 feet. Each zone has its own mosque. However, the developers aim to build a huge mosque in Phase 1 to serve a huge number of Muslims.

Master plan of qurtaba city


There are certain features to make you agree on spending your precious time there in Qurtaba City

  • Schools, parks, and hospitals are all examples of development
  • Every sector has Its Own Market
  • 200 kanals Jamiah Mosque
  • The main highway is 300 feet wide, while the roads are 200 feet wide.
  • Community Club
  • Hotels, offices,
  • Commercial Zone for Women Only
  • Business Centers
  • Electricity
  • Community with Secured Gates
  • evergreen environment
  • Integrated Security and Maintenance
  • System of Sewerage
  • Systems for Solid Waste Management and Disposal



Qurtaba city is bestowing you countless and beneficial amenities. Some of them are:

Qurtaba international university

Qurataba City Islamabad a historical Spanish city, was proud of its knowledge of Islam and modern sciences. Qurtaba City, inspired by it, has a modern and completely equipped International University located in the heart of the city, with an area of 872 kanals (365,000 sq. meters.) The university building itself would be a work of art and originality that would go on to become a national centre for religious and modern studies. Specific subject departments, such as Islamic Studies, Sociology, Medicine, and Engineering, will be placed in the blocks. Qurtaba University wants to give rise to a new generation of intellectual and professional Pakistanis. Students from all around Pakistan, as well as other regions and religions, will be happy to be a part of this university.

Jamia masjid qurtaba

Madinatul Ilm has planned a complete system of mosques to promote religious teaching and reach the holy goals of bringing forth and showing the basics of Islamic unity and consideration. The main Jamia Mosque Qurtaba, which covers 190 Kanals (80,000 square metres) and is inspired by its historical name, is richly constructed and remarkably well organised, resulting in a work of art and architecture. The flowering green gardens that surround the mosque, which is surrounded by the beautiful hills of Potohar, add to the beauty. Each block will include a sector mosque in addition to the main mosque.


Qurtaba City is a completely self municipality. Residents of this community have access to all of the essential facilities and services available in the area. There will be marketplaces at the central and sectoral levels. Around the institution, a massive shopping mall and multi-story markets are planned. These massive and well-equipped marketplaces will not only serve the city’s population but will also provide fantastic employment opportunities.

Residential Area

Qurtaba City residential sector is well designed, and the architecture is a piece of art. Every neighbourhood has its own mosque, school, park, and market. A minimum of 40-foot-wide streets are given in addition to 300-foot, 200-foot, and 100-foot-wide roads. The community’s underground electricity system, footpaths, street lights, and green belts make it a one-of-a-kind piece of sustainable actions. With plot sizes of 500, 272, and 138 square yards, it will draw people from all walks of life. Qurtaba City is a project that intends to realise everyone’s desire of owning a home, whether they are wealthy or not. This sparkling town, designed with modern lines, is a vision of your ideas and thoughts.

Public Transport Facility

Local buses stop at Chahan Bus Stand and Main Bus Stop Sihal on Chakri Road, as well as Parial Bus Stop on Parial Bypass, for residents of the housing community. All of the bus stops are located between 13 and 16 kilometres from Qurtaba City. By car, it takes nearly 18 to 28 minutes to get to the points. Locals can also take advantage of ride-sharing apps and taxis.


In Qurtaba City, a number of markets are being built. Some of the markets’ structures are already complete, while others have been selected, and construction work will begin soon. Residents of the city can visit surrounding markets such as Awan Market Saroba on Saroba Link Road, Parial Market in Parial, Mazhar Market, and Bhatti Market on Chakri Road Rawalpindi in the meantime. The marketplaces are about 10 to 35 kilometres from Qurtaba City, and driving there takes around 16 to 39 minutes

Mosques in Qurtaba city

The construction of the Grand Jamia Masjid Qurtaba is completed. Furthermore, there will be a mosque dedicated to each part of this project. In the meanwhile, residents can pray at Chakri Masjid and Masjid Chakri South on Chakri Road, which are both near Qurtaba City. The mosques are up to 46 kilometres apart, with a journey duration of over 58 minutes.

Educational institution in Qurtaba city

The construction of universities and educational institutions is ongoing. Meanwhile, local residents and those who live nearby can send their children to some of the most well-known schools in the area, which include:

  • Islamic Public School
  • Govt Boys Model Primary School
  • Misali Public School
  • Sawan Public School Siha

Cadet College Rawalpindi and Government Degree College Sihal are two colleges in the area that offer higher education. There are no famous universities in the area of Rawalpindi’s Qurtaba City. The nearest university is more than an hour away. This difficulty will be solved after Qurtaba City is fully completed, as quality universities, such as Qurtaba International University, are being built within the city. On a vast land area of 872 kanal, Qurtaba International University will be built in the centre of this modern town.


Askari Bank and Habib Bank Limited are both located on Chak Beli Rawat Road, whereas United Bank Limited is located in Jhatta Hathial. The banks are approximately 31 to 48 kilometres away and require almost 45 to 59 minutes to reach by vehicle.

Plots for Sale

Plots are available at reasonable prices in Qurtaba City. You can afford it and have your own house. Residential plots of 138, 272, and 500 square yards are available at low prices in Qurtaba City Islamabad. Qurtaba City Rawalpindi’s affordable plot costs enable the middle and lower classes to invest in their dream homes

Size Price Location type
1 kanal 5000000 Block j Residential
10 marla 3000000 Block L Residential
5 marla 2000000 Block D Residential
1 kanal 3500000 Block I Residential
5 marla 1000000 Block A Residential
10 marla 2400000 Block D Residential
1 kanal 4300000 Block C Residential


Booking Procedure

Follow the procedure to book your plot in Qurtaba City.

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Make a printout and fill the form.
  3. Contact us for information about the plot number.
  4. Link the following documents with your Application form
  • Copy of your CNIC
  • Two passport size pictures
  • Payment receipt
  • CNIC copy of the nominee
  1. Take all these documents to the office, or you can send them by post.

For submission of the amount, bank details are here:

  • United Bank Limited
  • Account title: Madinatul Ilm
  • Account number: 036301014819 Branch code: 1233
  • IBAN No. PK13UNIL0112036301014819 UBL Bank
  •  DHA Phase 2 branch Rawalpindi
  • Meezan Bank
  • Account title: Madinatul Ilm
  • Account number: 0102529928 Branch code: 0318
  • IBAN no. P92MEZAN0003180102529928
  • Meezan Bank, G-15 Branch Islamabad

Within seven days after receiving the paperwork and getting confirmation of payment from the bank, a booking letter confirming receipt of money and plot booking will be sent.

 Documents for allotment letter

  • A copy of the booking letter or Affidavit
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Two passport size pictures
  • Application to CEO

The format is given below:

Possession Letter Issuance

To have the letter of possession, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Copy of allotment letter
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Application to CEO Madinatul Ilm

The format of the application is given below.

Why invest in Quetaba City

Qurtaba City residential sector is well designed, and the architecture is a piece of art. Every neighbourhood has its own mosque, school, park, and market. A minimum of 40-foot-wide streets are given in addition to 300-foot, 200-foot, and 100-foot-wide roads.

The community’s underground electricity system, footpaths, street lights, and green belts make it a one-of-a-kind piece of sustainable actions. With plot sizes of 500, 272, and 138 square yards, it will draw people from all walks of life. This city was created to serve people from all walks of life, and it intends to satisfy everyone’s desire of owning a home, whether they are wealthy or not.

 Pros & Cons 


There are many beneficial factors for the residents of Qurtaba City.

  • Qurtaba city is located near the Airport.
  • The city has affordable prices.
  • Easy installment plan is adding more to its benefits
  • It gives you instant possession
  • The location of Qurtaba city is very soothing.
  • Friendly and peaceful environment
  • Basic facilities are at your door-step


There are some factors due to which the citizen may face inconveniences.

  • There are no hospitals in the surroundings of Qurtaba City, and just one clinic, Pasha Clinic, is located in Gorakhpur, Rawalpindi.
  • The development pace is slow
  • Main Gate is under construction
  • Commercial activities are less than the required


Qurtaba city is destined to fulfil all your dreams. This is a newly emerging society. It is expected that it would surpass all contemporary societies in the near future. After reading this article, you have a lot of information about the society. I have discussed this in detail and hope so there will be no hurdle for you in booking your desired plot in City. If you want to book your plot, don’t make any haste and visit sigma properties.


Q 1: Where is the location of Qurtaba city ?

A 1: Qurtaba city is located on the Chakri Interchange on the Islamabad-Potohar Valley Highway, about 25 minutes from the Islamabad International Airport.

Q2: What is the legal status of Qurtaba City ?

A2: The city got its legal approval under registration number NOC/TMO/105

Q3: May I know about the ownership of Qurtaba City ?

A3: Yes, the owner of Qurtaba City is Madinatul Ilm.

Q4: Are commercial plots available in Qurtaba city ?

A4: Yes, in Qurtaba city, residential plots, as well as commercial plots, are available.

Q5: Why should I prefer Qurtaba city ?

A5: Because of its fantastic position, the society is better than the rest of the housing societies.

Q6:Are there residential plots for sale?

A6:Yes, there are residential plots for sale.

Q7:Does the society provide basic facility of  life?

A7:Yes, it provides you with all basic facilities of life.

Q8:How can I have the registration form?

A8:You can collect the form from office or download it.

Q9:Does qurtaba city have account in UBL?

A9:Yes it has its account in UBL.

Q10:What is the price of 5 marla plot?

A10: Read the above payment plan.