Park View City location

Park View City Islamabad is an amazing housing society surrounded by heavenly views and has a very tranquil atmosphere. It is a modern society along with all the facilities. It aims to provide a secure place for families who want to live in a family-friendly environment. It has an aesthetically pleasing infrastructure which includes, houses, apartments, zoos and parks, club ,community centers, hospitals, schools and mosque with the 24/7 availability of electricity, gas and water. It has an underground supply of electricity and 24/7 surveillance as well. It is located in such an area where there is a proper access to roads. This society’s NOC has been approved by CDA in June 2018.

Park view Plots :

The Park View City has created their  different alphabetical blocks that are both, residential and commercial. Such as A, B, F, J, H, I etc. The sizes of plot varies according to the blocks like  Blocks A, B, F, J and K consists of 5 Marla plots while 10-marla plots are in  A, B, F, H and I. Blocks B, C, E, F, N and M has 1 Kanal plots and Blocks D and P contains 2-kanal plots in the society. While commercial Plot sizes are currently available in 5 and 8 Marlas. Booking of the above mentioned plots in park view housing society can be done from 20% down payment, the rest of the amount has to be paid in 8 equal quarterly installments in the time span of 2 years.

Park View City location 

is also one of the factors which attracts the investor as it is the commercial and residential areas of both Islamabad and RawalPindi. It is a 1200 kanal land located opposite to Bahria Enclave. Park View City location can also be accessed through main Jinnah road and Kuri road and access to gate 2 can be from Bhara Kahu. Park View City location arrival is from Rawal Chowk. It is 8 km away from Chak Shahzad and the  route is  from Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road & Islamabad Highway and just 10 minutes away from Faizabad. The location of Park View City is so perfect in every manner such as that it is close to all the vital destinations of the main city yet away from all the scrutiny of noise, dust and pollution, making it an individual’s dream place to live in. This Project is located on Malot Road with easy access from Kurti Road, 200ft road has been approved by the CDA to make way for the mega project.

Facilities in Park View City

Park View City Islamabad is a gated community with the most comfortable living facilities, making it safe haven for its residents, being studded with modern infrastructure with 24/7 availability of gas, electricity and water.

  • Each block of the society is fully planned with a unique perspective and functionality to provide its all residents an exalting living
  • This is the perfect paragon of luxury and entertainment, having the Cinemas with IMAX and 3D technology which will surely provide unimaginable cinematic experience.
  • Commercial zones include many renowned brands. The facility of Club and Community centre inside the society will give the residents a chance to enjoy variety of indoor and outdoor experience of sports including bowling, snooker, cricket, tennis, swimming pool and golf.
  • Zoo and Parks are designed for all the ages of individuals. To facilitate health issues with modern equipment and latest technology, hospitals will be designed.
  • The incorporation of best schools and educational institutions are planned to be setup in society, offering best course in proximity to the residential blocks.
  • Beautiful Turkish Model Mosques will be part of this fabulous housing scheme.
  • Due to the current monsoon conditions in Pakistan. The society has included the best drainage system with different sewage lines which makes sure the continuous flow of water. Rain harvesting system is one of the most effective method to store and cycle water. Park view’s commercial hub called Downtown Islamabad will have a central lake of around 200-300 canal, main source of water being the rain.
  •  Electrical system is totally underground to avoid any incidents.
  • Park View Society takes the security very seriously thus to ensure that, a network of CCTV cameras is installed throughout the society.
  • Park View offers luxury Apartments fully equipped with fitness centre , laundry facilities, swimming pool and convenience stores in the premises of apartments.
  • The Society is divided into different alphabetically ordered Blocks, consisting of commercial and residential blocks. Block A,B,F,J and K consists of 5 Marla plots while 10 Marla plots are in the Blocks A,B,F,H,I. 1Kanal plots are in Blocks B,C,E,F,N,M and Blocks D,P offer 2kanal plots.

Park View City Installments plans

Park View  city offers plots on easy instalment plans from 1 to 3 year . Park View City Islamabad is definitely an investor’s paradise. It is the Best option for the ones who want to live life without any worry with an extravagant healthy and safe lifestyle, with breath taking views and state of the art infrastructure.

Group and Wwner 

Park View City is a project of Vision group which is owned by Aleem Khan, a senior member of PTI. Vision group is believed to be one of the most reliable Pakistan’s developing group. Park View City is the architectural magical project by the Vision group. The ultimate goal of this project is to establish a luxurious living through unique construction ideas of urban landscape projects. Investment in Parkview city will not disappoint you in anyway.