Paradise City

Paradise City is a Paradise Developers’ ongoing residential project in Nowshera. Paradise City is one of Nowshera’s due to its modern planning, excellent location, and availability of all modern facilities. In Nowshera, Paradise City is the ideal place to live and invest in real estate.

Owners and developers

Paradise Developers has been in the development business since 1996. The firm seeks to achieve the objectives and expectations of its valuable customers. The firm offers various development projects that cover all aspects of successful real estate project management with complete competence and skills that are unmatched in the market.


The society is a project of Paradise developers and builders in Nowshera. The Pakistani government has given its approval under NOC 1260-71/TMA/NSR/ H.S 1 2008


Nowshera Canttt, KPK is only 2 km away from the society. The society location is great because it is surrounded by all modern facilities and excellent transportation links.

Master plan

The society will combine housing and related development on a 7500-acre land only two miles from Nowshera Cantt.

The scheme will mostly be residential in nature. The goal is to create a safe, green environment that will appeal to families that want or need to take advantage of all of the housing scheme’s facilities and benefits. There will be a variety of green places for relaxation and playing, as well as other pleasant spots.

The plan will include high-value family dwellings of various sizes and types.

The improvements to the environment surrounding them will benefit all of the residences. Local stores, a health centre, and community facilities are among the features to be included in the designs. Improvements to the area’s roads and transportation are also in the works.

master plan of Paradise city

Plots size and categories

The residential areas in the society have been adequately developed to meet your needs. This organisation has plots available for both business and residential use. Its residential plots are in various sizes, so you may pick one that suits your needs. The following plots are available for purchase in Paradise Nowshera:

  • Five Marlas
  • Ten Marlas
  • One Kanals
  • Two Kanals

Paradise City provides the above-mentioned plots for cash or in easy instalments; later posts will describe the payment plan for these plots.


These features add more to the significance of Paradise Society

  • Wide roads Green sidewalks
  • Standard sewerage system 
  • Footpaths
  • Basic health centers 
  • Community centers
  • Shops 
  • Green lawns 
  • Playground for children 


Commercial Areas

The investor can have better chances of profit as there are profitable commercial areas. The locality of Paradise society offers its clients the best opportunities for investment in real estate.

Shopping Centers

If you are a resident of Paradise society, you do not have to worry. There are many shopping centers that provide you all the basic and luxurious gadgets of your choice. At a very short distance, you can have the facilities.

Swimming pool

There is a swimming pool for your entertainment. If you like to get rid of the obstacles and tiredness of your life, you can go to the swimming pool to refresh yourself and your mind.

Health center

Health facilities are preferred as the first priority. There is a basic health center in each sector. The doctors in centers are available 24 hours. You need not mention any worry about your health. The society is taking care of your health.

Jogging tracks

Paradise society is curious about your health and fitness. You can walk on soothing tracks to maintain your health.


There are well flourish mosques in each sector. You don’t have to trouble yourself for going to distant mosques.

Water filtration Plants

Pure and filtered water is necessary for good health. To avoid being victim of many diseases, Paradise society provides you water filtration plants.


Paradise society is responsible for your security. You don’t have to be worry about the protection of your lives and property.


The residents of the society are getting featured from the wide and lush green playground. The playground provides you with facilities for playing different games like cricket, football, hockey, basketball, etc.


People always take great care about the selection of educational institutions for their children. Paradise society offers you the best educational institutions. You can enhance the education standard of your children. The schools situated in Paradise city are of a high standard. It provides you the best teaching staff and outstanding syllabus according to the need of the day.


Paradise city provides you non-stop electricity facility. Everyone is facing a headache regarding electricity, but the city has solved this problem.

Plots for Sale

Don’t make haste and make ready yourself you buy a plot in Paradise city. If you dream about your own house and your own commercial plot, there are big doors open for you to book your plot. The prices in Paradise society are affordable. Even the salaried individual may buy these. Anyone with a little down payment can readily purchase its residential and business plots. The balance of the plots’ price can be paid in instalments.

The following are the prices and details for the 24 monthly simple instalment plan:

 Payment plan

Payment Details 5 Marla 10 Marla 20 Marla 40 Marla
Booking 50,000 90,000 200,000 400,000
Allocation 50,000 90,000 200,000 400,000
Confirmation 50,000 90,000 200,000 400,000
24 Monthly Installments 10,000 12,000 25,000 33,333
Installment Every 6 Months 65,000 150,000 250,000 500,000
Total Price 650,000 1,150,000 2,200,000 400,0000

Booking Procedure for the plot

You can get the possession letter after 25 months.

  • Account title = Paradise city
  • Account # = 01262-0020-7
  • Branch code = 289

The form for booking your plot is given below.

booking form of Paradise city

Why invest in Paradise City

A question is waving in your mind that why select Paradise city for investment. People now a day are in search of getting as much profit as they can. The real estate sector welcomes them for investment. But for better use of capital that you invest in real estate is Paradise city. The city is facilitating you with the features you have craved for.

The society has emerged to a level of completeness. It provides you evergreen environment which will help you maintain your good health. Investment in Paradise city will lead you to acquire your goals. If you want to earn more from your investment, simply invest in Paradise city. The prices in paradise city are very low and affordable. Even if you are earning little money, you can buy the plot of your own choice. It offers you an easy instalment plan. The most agreeable feature which Paradise City gives you instant possession of your plot.  

Pros & Cons


  • No hurdles in water supply
  • Trained security staff
  • Maintenance staff
  • Public transport is available
  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Opportunities for best outcomes against your investment
  • Instant possession of the plots
  • Very cheap prices


There are no such problems are disadvantages regarding Paradise city, however these are some delay in facilitating progress:

  • sui gas
  • development progress


Q1: What is Paradise city?

A1: paradise city is a housing society.

Q2: what is the location of Paradise City?

A2: Nowshera Canttt, KPK is only 2 km away from Paradise City. Paradise City’s location is great because it is surrounded by all modern facilities and excellent transportation links.

Q3: does it provide all the basic facilities?

A3: yes, Paradise city offers you all the basic facilities of life.

Q4: Who is the developer of Paradise City?

A4: the developers of paradise city are paradise developers.

Q5:does it have the potentials to give me profit?

A5:Yes, the society has the potentials to give you your desired profit.

Q6:What are the plot sizes available in the city?

A6:There are 5 marla, 10 marla, 1 kanal, and 2 kanal plots available.

Q7:What is the booking fee of 5 marla plot?

A7:The booking fee of 5 marla plot is 50000.

Q8:What is the booking fee of 10 marla plot?

A8:Booking fee of 10 marla plot is 90000.

Q9:After how many months can I get possession form?

A9You can get possession form after 25 months.

Q10:What is the price of 5 marla plot?

A10:Read the above payment plan.


Paradise city is the best housing society. Though it is not well developed like others, it has acquired a very high prestige in a very short time. After reading the article, you are now able to book your own plot in the society. Don’t make any delay in booking your plot now. If you need more information, sigma properties and marketing always welcome you.