Lifestyle Residency Islamabad 

Living in the Federal Capital has its benefits, and that is where the Federal Government Employee Housing Authority (FGEHA) and the EHFPRO present the Lifestyle Residency Islamabad. It will broaden the definition of luxury living with a delightful environment and world-class amenities.

Owners and Developers 

The FGEHA and EHFPRO have collaborated on the Lifestyle Residency initiative. These companies have contributed significantly to the real estate sector of Pakistan. Their main objective is to provide luxury accommodation to the citizens and government employees. There could have been no better collaboration but that of FGEHA and EHPRO for the Lifestyle Residency Islamabad.

Federal Government Employee Housing Authority (FGEHA) 

FGEHF was founded in March 1990 and established under the Companies Ordinance of 1984 as a company limited by guarantee. It is responsible for establishing self-financed housing schemes for Federal Government employees and other specified groups. Since its inception, it has provided almost 22,622 residential units in houses/apartments and plots.


EHFPRO is a private limited company, a formidable initiative of committed experts inspired with the zeal necessary to complete the project on time. It is registered with the SECP under the Companies Ordinance of 1984. It is a dynamic Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) founded by M/s Progressive Motels & Resorts and the Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF).

NOC and Approval

Because Lifestyle Residency is a government-owned company, the legitimacy of the high-rise apartments is unquestionable. The apartments shall be completed and assigned to the owners soon.

Master Plan 

A highly qualified team of engineers have created and conceived the Lifestyle Residency’s master plan. The master plan’s sole objective was to offer Federal employees and the general public a luxury and inexpensive housing system.

Lifestyle Residency Location

The Lifestyle Residency is located near the Srinagar highway in Islamabad, at G-13/1 and G-13/4. It is conveniently located near all of the Twin Cities’ major attractions.

It’s about 13 kilometers from the New Islamabad International Airport.

The location of the luxurious apartments is suitable for residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The map below shows the exact location:

Life Style Residency Islamabad Location Map

Landmarks in the Area 

Some of the nearest landmark areas with easy access to the project are as follows:

  • New Islamabad International Airport
  • International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI)
  • Daewoo Bus Terminal
  • Golra Road
  • Dhok Abdullah
  • Sector G-12
  • Sector H-13
  • Tarnol
  • Rawalpindi
  • NUST Gate #4 in Sector H-12
  • Golra Railway Station
  • Centaurus Mall

Access Points 

The following are some of the residential project’s conveniently accessible locations:

  • Srinagar Highway is 2 kilometers away
  • N-5 National Highway is 5 kilometers away
  • Daewoo Bus Terminal Rawalpindi is a 12-minute drive away.
  • NUST Gate #4 is a 13-minute drive away.
  • International Islamic University Islamabad is 16 minutes away by car
  • Centaurus Mall is a 21-minute drive away.
  • PIMS Hospital is 22 minutes away by car.
  • Golra Road is a 3 minutes’ drive away.
  • New Islamabad International Airport is a 25-minute drive away
  • Islamabad Toll Plaza M2 is 28 minutes away


Lifestyle Residency Apartments

The developers of this prestigious residential building offer five various unit types to invest in or dwell. The measurement of “square feet” has been used to design and create each variety (sq. ft.). The residential project is a 14-story structure. The following are the five categories:

  • Apartment Type A
  • Apartment Type B
  • Apartment Type C
  • Apartment Type D
  • Apartment Type E

The following is the residential scheme’s layout plan, along with the number of apartments assigned to each category:

Life Style Residency Apartments payment plan

Quota-Wise Allocation of Apartments

Life Style Residency allocation of apartments

Floor Plans for Category A

The category A apartments are the largest in square footage, measuring 2050 square feet with three bedrooms and three bathrooms in the unit. The floor plan below can help you understand better:

Floor Plans for Category A in lifestyle residency

Floor Plans for Category B

The Category B apartments are significant in terms of square footage, measuring 1750 square feet with three bedrooms and three bathrooms in the unit. The floor plan is given below:

Floor Plans for Category B in lifestyle residency

Floor Plans for Category C

The Category C apartments are significant in terms of square footage, measuring 1350 square feet. The apartment consists of two bedrooms and also two baths. The floor plan is given below:

Floor Plans for Category C in lifestyle residency

Floor Plans for Category D

The Category D apartments are significant in terms of square footage, at 1150 square feet. The apartment consists of two bedrooms and also two baths. The floor plan is given below:

Floor Plans for D category A in lifestyle residency

Floor Plan for Category E

The Category E apartments are small in terms of square footage, at 950 square feet. The apartment will contain one bedroom and one bathroom. The floor plan is given below:

Floor Plans for Category E in lifestyle residency

Lifestyle Residency Payment Plan 

Lifestyle Residency’s developers are offering a payment plan depending on two outcomes. The first is if you work for the government, and the second is for the general public. As a result, the pricing for each of the payment options is different.

Lifestyle Residency Payment Plan 

The management of Lifestyle Residency Islamabad has devised payment arrangements that are both inexpensive and easy to manage. Federal government employees will pay PKR 100,000 as a membership fee, while the general public will pay PKR 200,000.

Lifestyle Residency Payment Plan 


The Lifestyle Residency offers all of the latest conveniences and amenities at a reasonable price. The amenities are included in each modern deluxe apartment complex that can be considered a comprehensive residential concept. The following are the amenities available under the Lifestyle Residency project:

Safe Community

When it comes to apartment living, a sense of security is essential. A gated neighborhood provides security. The residents are protected by a security system that includes properly installed CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that is operational 24/7.

Laundry Room

The housing project will also include multiple laundry rooms to make it easier for residents to do their laundry without leaving the premises. This laundry facility will be equipped with fully automated washing and drying machines.

Water Management

The apartment management has considered the occupants’ water requirements. Water reservoirs have been built for this purpose, storing a considerable volume of water for residents to utilize in their everyday activities. The housing project will also include filter plants in the residences to guarantee that occupants can access clean drinking water.

Availability of Parking

Residents will have access to a complete and secure parking space as part of the structure, ensuring that automobile parking is not an issue. Their automobiles will be parked in a secure location and close to their dwellings.

Community Center 

The lodging society shall lay the foundation of community centers for socially active residents. They will be able to go for new learning courses, receive diplomas at the end and participate in social events of their liking.

Fire Alarm System 

An advanced fire alarm system will be installed as part of the complex multi-building project. There will be a quick reaction team and staff to assist in any emergency along with this technology.

Salient Features 

The salient features of Lifestyle Residency are as follows,

  • Global prestige infrastructure development
  • Water Resources
  • Grand Mosque
  • Eco-friendly neighborhood
  • Commercial Zones
  • 24/7 Security Surveillance
  • Underground Utilities
  • System of sewage and garbage disposal
  • Intercoms
  • Children’s Playground
  • Barbecue Zone
  • Medical Clinic
  • Day-Care Facility
  • Community Gym
  • Community Centre
  • Community Garden
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Community Swimming Pool

How to Book an Apartment in Lifestyle Residency Islamabad? 

To book your apartment, contact our consultants at Sigma Properties. You must follow the following guidelines,

  • Fill out your booking application form attentively.
  • Attach the CNIC Copies of the Applicant’s Pay Down Payment by Check or Pay Order in favor of “Lifestyle Residency,” but double-check the management procedure if there are any new modifications.
  • After the management approval, cash payments are also accepted.
  • Submit all required documents, make your payment, and receive your receipt.

Documents Required for Booking

  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Applicant
  • 2 Photos of Applicant
  • 2 Copies of CNIC of Nominee

Why Lifestyle Residency Islamabad?

The Lifestyle Residency Islamabad is a superb model of quality and excellence.

Business and Commercial Platform

The esteemed developers have considered all of the residents’ demands, including the economic and commercial ones. The apartments will serve as an all-in-one commercial space. Residents can meet all of their commercial needs from within the residences by using these areas. The development of the Lifestyle Residency Mall is underway. It will contain shopping and restaurants along with various brands.

Ecologically Friendly

The apartments will offer an environmentally friendly lifestyle with all of the modern-day conveniences. The proximity to nature will deliver a unique living experience like that provided by Park View City.

Reliable Developers 

The Lifestyle Residency is the vision of FGEHA and the EHFPRO. Both companies have been in existence for more than four decades and have worked in the real estate business to give maximum comfort and affordability. This project is going to be a dazzling beacon of their cooperation.

Backup Generators

The developers have ensured that the backup generators would be activated in a power outage, allowing the elevators and other electrical devices in the units to operate.

Quota Wise Allocation 

The lodging society has used the quota system to provide federal employees, widows, journalists, media workers, and disabled persons.

Pros and Cons


Easy Payment Plan

There is a simple payment plan for the booking of apartments. The project offers various floor plans for investment. The costs are reasonable and economical for the middle-class citizens of the country.

Gated Community 

The housing project is a gated neighborhood with a lovely entrance gate, similar to other gated lodging societies like Mumtaz City and Nova City Islamabad. When you and your family live in this residential building, the developers have made sure that you and your family feel comfortable and protected.

Prime Location 

The Lifestyle Residency apartments enjoy an advantageous location in the Federal Capital. The sector G13 has been rising steadily over the past few years. It is truly one of the most valued sectors in Islamabad.

Jamia Mosque 

The apartments will appeal to all of the inhabitants’ needs, including religious ones, as the developers are constructing a beautiful Jamia Mosque. This mosque will be a smart one, complete with ultra-modern technology and architecture.

Decent Housing for the Government Employees

In some occupations, a government employee’s remuneration may put them at a disadvantage financially. It may be tough to save money if you work in food preparation or janitorial services. These government professions may indicate that you lack the financial means to make a down payment on a home. Therefore, the Lifestyle Residency offers such government employees an accommodation at convenient instalment plans.


Perception of High Prices

Some of our clients have stated that the pricing of the apartments is too high for them. It is subjective, as there could not have been better amenities at the most convenient of prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What is Lifestyle Residency?

It is a high-end residential development in the heart of Islamabad’s G-13 Markaz.

Who are the developers?

FGEHA and EHFPRO are the developers of this prestigious housing project.

Where is it located?

It is ideally located in G13/1 and G13/4.

What are the apartment sizes available? 

The building has apartments in five different sizes. Each apartment has a different floor plan so that investors can choose one according to their needs and liking.

Does it have electricity and gas?

Yes, it does have the facilities for electricity and gas.

Is the housing scheme an approved one?

Yes, Lifestyle Residency is an approved housing scheme.

Is it an affordable housing project?

Yes, the Lifestyle Residency is among the most affordable housing projects.

What kind of investment returns does the housing project have?

An investment in this housing project shall help you acquire high returns.

Is Lifestyle Residency for government employees?

Yes, it is.