Gulberg Green

First time in Islamabad, a modern, competitive, and demanding housing society offers services to its residents. Gulberg residencia and Gulberg green basically, projects of the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme. The best thing in this housing society is the availability of different sizes of plots and apartments for the middle class and upper-class people. Furthermore, the prominent location, outstanding facilities, fascinating surroundings, modern technology, and public interest add much more importance. Indeed, this society, if for those whose taste of living a luxurious life and maintain a living in a high class, is more excellent than usual.


People always trust in societies that have legal status approved by recognized authorities. However, Capital Development Authority has issued NOC to Gulberg green, a project of IBECHS, for the development area of 19390.36 Kanal under letter no. CDA/PLW/HS-(127)2020/vol/V/23.

Owners and developers

As you know, Gulberg Green, a project of the Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme. IBECHS is a welfare trust. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the employees of IB. The designers and developers are working under the supervision of IB.

Location map

Gulberg green is located at the end of the Gulberg expressway. 220 feet wide and clean and carpeted Gulberg expressway has two lots. At one end there lies this society while at other there is park road of Islamabad. Gulberg residencia comes under zone-5 and is located in the middle of the capital city main Expressway. The society’s most convenient location and easy access points make it a dominant culture in Islamabad.

Gulberg Green location map

Access points

  • Gulberg residencia is on 17-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport.
  • Zero-point is only on the distance of 17km
  • It has 14 km distance from T-chowk

Master plan

There are 23 blocks in alphabetical order. Almost 3100 residential plots are available for customers. Plots are designed according to the demand of the people. As you know, gulberg green is offering both commercial and residential plots. However, there are certain blocks that are offering commercial plots while others offer residential plots. Block D offers commercial properties, and the rest offers residential plots. Plots in blocks E, F, I, G, J, L are available for sale, and also you can have possession of your properties in these blocks.

Gulberg Green master plan

Commercial area

Society has many ongoing projects in the commercial area apart from the residential area. Many societies have commercial areas but in little quantity and high prices. However, Gulberg green has a separate commercial area in which plots are available for sale at very reasonable prices. The area provides its residents golden opportunities for investment in real estate and to earn much more profit. Accordingly, two of them are listed below:

Commercial blue area

The area is connected with the D block of the Gulberg residencia.It is the latest, great, outstanding, and luxurious commercial blue area, and there are also some more commercial projects. Furthermore, the area of plots is 80 by 80, 50 by 50, 40 by 40, and even some plots are 8 Kanal. The high and beautiful buildings in the commercial area catch the attention of many people.

In addition, excellent infrastructure, building designs, modern facilities, luxurious lifestyle, and expected outcomes against investment add more to the fame commercial blue area. Some notable projects near the site are Karakoram Greens, Gulberg Arena, Aurum residences, and Fortune Destiny. There are much more factors that make it stand in the row of modern societies.


This is another commercial area of the two. There is no doubt in the importance of D-Markaz that it is boosting the demand for Gulberg green. Many shopping malls are being constructed in commercial areas. You can shop anything you need under one roof. You might need groceries, clothes, cosmetics, a salon, etc. the site is a little world for its residents. Some reputed places near the D-Markaz are Marvel mall, Elanza Gulberg, The Acradia, and Opal square.  


There are many blocks in the society.

Block A

The developers completed 30% work, and 60% work is yet to be completed. They recently announced the possession of 250, 1 Kanal plots. Some plots are near the village whose owners will be given plots in some other places as they are not ready for possessions.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 60,00,000 – 85,00,000
10-marla 9500,000 – 160,00,000
1-kanal 115,00,000 – 250,00,000
2 -Kanal 225,00,000 – 275,00,000

 Block B

In block B, the developers did not announce the possession for 7 marlas 120 plots, though there is no incomplete work on these plots in Gulberg residencia. It is only 10% of the whole piece. The rest of 90% of the work is remaining. Indeed, there is no court issue in this sector. But, due to some machinery unavailability, work is processing slowly.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 55,000,000 – 65,00,000
10-marla 75,00,000 – 90,00,000
1-kanal 115,00,000 – 225,000,000

Block C

90% development work is completed in this sector, and also the possession has been given. The remaining 10% is under litigation.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 55,00,000 – 70,00,000
10-marla 110,00,000 – 140,00,000
1-kanal 175,00,000 – 225,00,000

Block E

E block is the most fascinating and attractive block in Gulberg residencia. It is in those few blocks in which have all the work completed. Block E is popular among all other blocks, and investors willingly have a plot in this sector. But, the price plan is a bit higher as compared to others.

Prices (PKR)

1-kanal 175,000,000 – 250,00,000

 Block F

80% of development work is completed in block F. moreover, the owners have got possessions of their plots. This block is trendy among other in Gulberg residencia

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 100,00,000 – 125,00,000
10-marla 140,00,000 – 160,00,000


Block G

80% of work is remaining in this block G. there are some reasons due to which the developers have not started construction work. However, we cannot say the exact time for resuming the construction work. Furthermore, rates also got increased in this block.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 50,00,000 – 70,00,000
10-marla 70,00,000 – 90,00,000


Block H

You should not worry that the 40% of land in block H is under court trial. However, the developers will make sure the adjustment of the plots presents in the area in some other blocks. You can locate your plot after CDA issue the map. Meanwhile, owners have received possession of 10 marla plots. Furthermore, 7 marla plots are near to completion and possessions.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 50,00,000 – 85,00,000
10-marla 55,00,000 – 150,00,000


Block I

Plots in a smaller size are available in this block in Gulberg residencia. 100% work is complete in this block, and also this block has given possessions. But, only 50% of construction work is underway.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 100,00,000 – 125,00,000
10-marla 150,00,000 – 190,00,000

Block J

This block has 60% completion of the work. The developers have granted possession of developed plots. In this duration, construction of work is undergoing.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 65,00,000 – 80,00,000
10-marla 60,00,000 – 75,00,000
1-kanal 100,00,000 – 225,00,000

Block K

Development work is not started yet. However, it is good news that developers and landowners will make the deal which would soon cause the work progress.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 50,00,000 – 65,00,000
10-marla 70,00,000 – 90,00,000
12-marla 95,00,000 – 125,00,000

Block L

Landowners can now get possessions of plots that are 90% completed. Only leveling ground is remaining of 10% of the land.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 65,00,000 – 100,00,000
10-marla 75,00,000 – 140,00,000
12-marla 95,00,000 – 150,00,000

Block M

In this block, 30% of work is completed. The developer announced possession of 100 plots of 7 marla. The developers aim to complete work in this block on a priority basis.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 55,00,000 – 80,00,000
10-marla 60,00,000 – 85,00,000

Block N

Development work is currently on hold in block N. only 5% of work in this block. Soon, the developers would take action to start work again.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 45,00,000 – 55,00,000
10-marla 60,00,000 – 75,00,000
1 Kanal 150,00,000 – 250,00,000

Block O

There are 1300 plots in this block. O block has granted possession for only 150 plots. Developers will soon start work in Gulberg residencia.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 48,00,000 – 60,00,000
10-marla 65,00,000 – 150,00,000
12-marla 55,00,000 – 70,00,000
1 -Kanal 60,00,000 – 80,00,000


Block P

Work on 95% of the land is underway, while the remaining 5% is still litigation. This sector is located on the edge of society, so the rates are low compared to other blocks.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 33,00,000 – 75,00,000
10-marla 42,00,000 – 90,00,000
1-kanal 75,00,000 – 130,00,000
2 -Kanal 130,00,000 – 150,00,000


Block Q

The developers completed only 40% of the development work. In addition, the speed of work is very rapidly ongoing.

Prices (PKR)

10-marla 60,00,000 – 80,00,000
1-kanal 90,00,000 – 200,00,000

Block R

80% of the development work is completed, and plots are available for possessions. However, the remaining 20% of the work is due to some legal issues. Soon the society will receive the decision in its favor.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 50,00,000 – 80,00,000
10-marla 60,00,000 – 90,00,000

Block S

30% plots are available for possession. This block deals only in 1 Kanal plot that is why the transaction rate is a bit low in block S. indeed, the block is free from any litigation.

Prices (PKR)

1-kanal 90,00,000 – 180,00,000


Block T

The possession of a plot having 90% of work completion is available. The good thing about this block is that it is entirely free from any litigation issues. The demand for plots is increasing gradually in this sector.

 Prices (PKR)

7-marla 55,00,000 – 80,00,000
10-marla 65,00,000 – 115,00,000
1-kanal 100,00,000 – 180,00,00


Block V

The 40% land in block V is in litigation, while 60% of development work is completed. However, 20% of that 40% is going to be clear soon. As we discussed above, that the owners of the plots who have a plot in that litigated area would have their plots in some other blocks.

Prices (PKR)

7-marla 40,00,000 – 75,00,000
10-marla 70,00,000 – 80,00,000
12-marla 50,00,000 – 125,00,000

F & E Block Extension

Gulberg Green F and E Block extensions

Gulberg Green IBECHS Employee Payment Plan

Gulberg Green IBECHS Employee Payment Plan

Commercial projects

Besides these blocks there are commercial projects in the society. 

  • Prism heights
  • Gulberg paradise
  • Gulberg Rabi center
  • D8 heights 
  • Sky park one
  • Gulberg mall
  • Gulberg oasis 
  • Gulberg dream heights
  • AJ towers 


The society has many features that can drag your attention toward investment in Gulberg green.

  • High-level security
  • Sui gas
  • Pure water
  • Underground electricity
  • Gated community
  • Solar system for street light
  • Green environment
  • Waste disposal management
  • 24 hours electricity
  • Electricity back up


The natural presence of greenery makes it the perfect location for residency and investment. Society is rapidly developing its status to provide high standard facilities to its residents. In addition, to grab the attention of more people, society is primarily working on numerous facilities.

Grand mosque

In religion, a place for religious duties is a must to build. Pakistan is an Islamic country. People want to offer prayer 5 times a day. The society made it its first priority to build a grand mosque within the society, and they succeeded in its commitment. As a result, the residents of the community do not have to travel or walk long to offer prayer, as there is the grand mosque that gives them the opportunity to pray comfortably.

Education institutions

Every one of you wants to achieve education and to provide standard and quality education to your children. Thus, society has managed to provide your children quality education. In society, there are branches of many well-known education institutions of Pakistan. The staff members in these schools are highly qualified. Society will not only aim at providing better education but also provide job opportunities. If you are skilled enough and can teach, you can have the chance to get a job in these schools.


Reading makes an exact man. If you want to read more, gulberg green is doing everything for your appetite. The residents of the society can take benefit of the public library established in the society. The library has a lot of books for readers on different topics and problems. You can also borrow your coursebook from the library. The presence of the library in society makes it unique and prominent. Indeed, the library attracts students and fiction readers.

Shopping malls

No one can deny the presence of shopping malls in society. Women have a unique sense of shopping. Therefore, society has developed a lot of shopping malls where all the needs of life are available at very affordable prices. If you are a brand lover, there are many products of different and standard brands. It also gives you the opportunity of window shopping.

Hotel and restaurants

A society will look incomplete if there is no place for eating. However, Golberg Residencial is very careful about you. The developers have ensured the establishment of high-class restaurants and hotels. There are cafes of ice cream, deli foods, fast foods, etc. some famous hotels present there are Gulberg coffee planet, Chaye Khana Gulberg, and Pizza Hut.

Sports complex

Maintaining your health is the need of the day. If you are physically fit, you are in peace. Society is taking care of its residents by providing them with facilities for sports, gyms, etc. There in the society, a vast sports complex is home to many sports as cricket, football, volleyball, etc.  

There are also green parks for your entertainment. Furthermore, walking on tracks that are surrounded by lush green lawn will play a vital role in your fitness. In addition, the gym facility in the society is unique as there are very rare societies that can afford the availability of a standard gym. Skilled and professional trainers in the gyms are ready you help you in maintaining your fitness level.

Health centers

The establishment of health centers and hospitals is necessary for any society that wants to emerge as the best society. Gulberg green has many hospitals for its residents. To give them advance health care facilities, the society taking the services of qualified doctors. Health centers are equipped with modern and new instruments.

Network of roads and petrol pumps

A wide network of roads is really necessary for any society. In the populated area of Gulberg green, you would hardly stick in a traffic jam. The fascinating factor of this society is to have lit the solar lights alongside the road to smoothen the way at night time. Besides, there are accessible petrol pumps in each block. Indeed, fuel stations are the foremost need of every driver. Therefore, while living in society, the availability of petrol pumps distinguishes it from other societies located there.

Development status

Gulberg green has completed work on some blocks and is ready for ownership. However, it is currently developing other blocks, too. Currently, It is the most efficient society. The tenants in society will soon take advantage of all the facilities in society. The housing society is focusing on improving the living standard of its residents. Surely, it will cover a high notch in the near future.


Why invest in Gulberg green?

Here are some factors that why you should invest in this society. In the society, plant, flowers, and trees cover a major portion of land that let you breathe in clean, green and pure environment. The ratio of greenery is increasing with the ratio of construction to overcome environmental problems. Furthermore, for the comfort of its residents, a network of wide roads is constructed. The network includes the Gulberg expressway, which is 220 ft wide. It makes the traffic trouble less for residents and tourists. In addition, the security system of the society is matchless. The security system includes many CCTV cameras and a staff of 500 alert security guards who stay wide awake 24/7. Other reasons for your investment are its affordable payment plan and state-of-the-art structure.

Pros and cons


  • Society main aim is not to earn money but to facilitate the employees.
  • It has a 24/7 electricity system and back up for shortfall.
  • You will feel secure in high profile security system.
  • The lush green parks are the natural beauty of this society.
  • This society focuses on development work as we as for making it lush green.
  • Many blocks from A to Z allow you to choose your desired plot.
  • There are luxurious malls if you want to live a high standard of life.
  • The availability of solar lights makes it better than other societies.


  • In some blocks, development work is yet to be completed.
  • Some plots have very high prices and installment plans.


Gulberg green and Gulberg residencia would be for you if you were in search of a society that can give you the opportunities to live in a society where you can have a lot of facilities and chances for investment. Society focuses mainly on green and peaceful communities to live in. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Visit sigma properties and book your own plot.


Q1: Are Gulberg residencia and Gulberg green the same projects?

A1: Gulberg residencia is sub project of gulberg green.

Q2: Did CDA approve it?

A2: Yes, CDA approved it.

Q3: What is its license number?

A3: Its license number is CDA/PLW/HS-(127)2020/vol/V/23.

Q4: How many blocks are there in society?

A4: Many blocks are ranging from A to Z in alphabetical order.

Q5: How many families have shifted there?

A5: Almost 20 families have shifted to society.

Q6: How many owners have started construction work?

A6: Almost 150 owners have started construction work on their residential plots.

Q7: Is 1 Kanal residential plot available in society?

A7: Yes, it is available in society.

Q8: Is it only for IBECHS?

A8: No, it is also for civil servants.

Q9: Can non-government employees book a plot in this society?

A9:Yes, they can easily book their plot.

Q10: In which blocks plots are available for sale?

A10: Plots are available for sale in E, F, I, G, J, blocks.

Q11: Does the society provide plots in easy instalments?

A11: Yes, plots in society are available on easy instalment plans.