Golf Estate Park View City 

The Golf Estate Block at Park View City is the most exciting one yet. And I am sure you already know about this housing society. Park View City, a modern housing society and jewel of Islamabad, brings exemplary architecture and technology. It is intended to deliver the ideal lifestyle and tranquility you deserve.

Park View City 

The Golf Estate Block in Park View City Islamabad was recently opened. It is Islamabad’s most interesting and abundant block, with plots available at reasonable prices.

This block, conveniently located near Bahria Enclave, is created in a strikingly similar manner to the prior blocks. Park View City Golf Estate is a delicate blend of class, luxury, and style for those seeking the best.

It is a lovely development to provide people with the highest luxury and eye-catching beauty. This block will also include everything a modern living desire requires, including a 9-hole international-level golf course.

Supreme Location 

The site of Golf Estate Block has caught the interest of investors due to its proximity to the Federal Capital. It is close to Bahria Enclave and is surrounded by Bani Gala’s lovely natural environment.

Moreover, the lodging society is only 15 minutes from the main commercial hubs in Islamabad. Even Rawalpindi is accessible through a drive of 30 minutes.

According to the inspection by Sigma Properties, the Golf Estate Block will be accessible by Park View City Islamabad’s Gate No. 2.

Master Plan 

A master plan is a detailed planning document and spatial layout that guides land use and development. The scope of Golf Estate Block’s master plan is developed based on a 10-year regional implementation plan.

The architects followed a formal master planning procedure, and each design team will take its approach. In addition, the developers took decisions and directed activities that would result in long-term suitability.

They took these decisions to benefit current and future inhabitants’ public health, safety, and general welfare. Moreover, the planning of the block protects against natural and other calamities such as fire, flood, panic, and other natural and artificial disasters.

As per the master plan, all residents shall have enough light, air, and open space.

Furthermore, it is a vast area with a 9-hole golf course in the center and residential plots in its surrounding.

Payment Plan 2021 

You must be wondering about the payment plan of this brilliant block. Park View City Golf Estate has an economic payment plan with flexible installments.

For a long time, the demand for prices in Park View City has been continuous. The vast majority of those who have purchased plots in the society are end-users who have invested in the housing society for residential rather than investment motives.

The project’s success stems from its desirable location, amenities, and affordable rates.

Currently, the 5 Marla and 10 Marla plot sizes have been released. Plots are available on a first-come, first-served basis until October 27th.

The plots require a 25% down payment.

You can make the remaining installments either monthly or quarterly. After some time, the prices of properties are likewise anticipated to rise.

5 Marla 

  • The booking price of a 5 Marla property is PKR 14 lac.
  • Its total plot rate is PKR 55 lac.
  • There is a two-year payment plan with eight quarterly installments.
  • You have the choice of paying the sum monthly or quarterly.

10 Marla 

  • A 10 Marla plot has a booking price of PKR 24 lac.
  • Its total plot rate is a total of PKR 95 lac.
  • The plot comes under a two-year payment plan with eight quarterly installments.
  • You can decide to pay the amount either monthly or quarterly.

International Golf Course

There will be an international golf course of a high standard. The surroundings of this golf course are one of its most outstanding features.

While enjoying a great round of golf, enjoy a stunning view of the Margalla Hills.

The course features hilly terrain, changing winds, and a green area bunker, all of which may make it an interesting game.

Sports Complex 

This block contains its very own sports complex where young enthusiasts can learn how to play basketball, football, tennis, and a lot more. It will include the best trainers and training equipment.

Security Surveillance

When it comes to living anywhere, security is the first thing one needs. The housing scheme already contains first-rate security measures, so this block is perfectly safe.

There is an armed body of guards at every corner. Furthermore, there are CCTV cameras operational throughout the day.


The Golf Estate Block will consist of shopping centers, cinemas, and parks for the enjoyment of the residents. Indeed, the dwellers will not need to leave the lodging society for any need.


This block shall have proper sewage system maintenance to avoid the spread of waterborne infections. The management shall keep a sewage system in good working order; otherwise, it can be hazardous to the population and the environment.

How to Book a Plot in Golf Estate Block? 

Sigma Properties makes it simple to reserve a plot in Park View City. You can reach out to us online or come into the office with the following documents, which will be required at the time of booking:

  • Copy of the applicant’s ID card.
  • Copy of your nominee’s ID card or next of kin’s ID card.
  • A passport-sized photograph.
  • 25% down payment in the form of cash, pay order, or cross-check.

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Park View City Golf Estate Block, Islamabad, has been created with future homeowners and investors. The Golf Enclave Block brilliantly proposes to provide modern housing facilities to its residents. Furthermore, the block’s affordable prices make everything great, especially for those who want to invest in installments.

Sigma Properties and Marketing recommend that you buy your dream plot in this block today.