What’s The Difference Between Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Dealers and Marketing Companies

To be part of the real estate industry, you must know about some terms commonly in use. Sometimes you can’t differentiate among many terms like Realtors, real estate agents, real estate brokers, marketing companies, and real estate dealers. Although they look similar, there is a little difference. After reading the following points, you can then differentiate them.


A Realtor is a professional person having the membership of the concerned association. Sometimes this term mixes up with real estate agents. For becoming a realtor, you need to fulfill the following criteria. You must have a valid and active real estate license. Furthermore, you have to engage yourself in real estate transactions, and you must have to present a clear image of your past career. You must have membership of National association realtors if you want to become a realtor.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are persons who assist people in buying and selling property and also in rental real estate. The agents must be highly effective communicators. They bring people who want to sell or buy their property and get their commission in percentage according to the value of the land. You can also call them real estate associates or salespersons. They do not require a proper license from the federal or provincial government.

Real estate agents serve as a bridge between buyers and sellers; between the owner of the property and the person who wants to rent the property. There is an agent on either side of the transaction. Sometimes, one agent can also fix the deal from both sides on fix rate of commission. The agents are well aware of paperwork, and before the deal, they ensure that both parties know about the requirements. The agent from the seller side is called a listing agent who sets price plans, development updates, etc., that can increase the home’s value. The agent on the buyer side is called the buyer agent, who searches for properties that match the buyer’s demands and proposal. Buyer agents deal with listing agents about the property. Both agents do their best to finish the deal and fix their commission.  

Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers have completed their education and have received a real estate broker license. They are more advanced than real estate agents. They don’t have to depend upon others and start their own business and hire real estate agents. They are technically more capable than real estate agents. Their work is not much different from agents. They earned money taking a commission from real estate agents who work under their supervision, but they don’t have to give percentage of income to the office. Real estate brokers know more technical things and can analyze the market more efficiently. Their responsibility is to manage and supervise.

Real Estate Dealers

Real estate dealers are a bit different than the rest of the three mentioned above. Agents and brokers work for other companies or dealers, while real estate dealers are persons who own property, but their primary purpose for holding that property is reselling. Dealers don’t keep the land for the long term. Their main functions are building subdivisions or property for purpose of reselling. They can also be wholesale dealers of the property. Shortly, persons who buy and sell properties can be classified as real estate dealers for the long term. If you have a property and have given it on rent, you cannot be included in the list of real estate dealers. Even though you have had the property for a short time but you are not selling it. For becoming a dealer, you must have to buy and sell the property. However, you can keep the property for the long term, but your goal must be to earn income by selling that property.

Marketing Companies

Real estate marketing aims to attract clients to the projects and promote the proposition in order to increase real estate transactions. Marketing companies are responsible for the research, analysis, strategy, branding, advertising, and promotion of the services. Some small real estate companies can manage their marketing strategies themselves at the initial stage. However, big firms hire marketing companies to meet their goals. The companies help everyone from executives to trim level salespersons in allocating them leads regarding market trends.

Great marketing companies have a team of experts who plan technically for your firm if you hire them. Marketing companies certainly raise your real estate business. In the modern age, marketing is an essential factor of any business. So, these companies are extra necessary for running your business smoothly.

Now, this is crystal-like clear in front of you. Before, you were unaware of these terms’ overlapping with each other. Sometimes you may make a mistake to judge all the terms real estate as they are looking alike. Do you have such problems in getting the meanings? If yes, then try to clear that by clicking here.