DHA Peshawar

DHA has many projects in the country. It is the most prominent authority around the country. There are five projects of DHA in Punjab. This time it gives the opportunity for the people of KP to invest in their province instead of waiting for investing in other projects of DHA in other provinces. DHA has projects in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Karachi, Quetta, and Bahawalpur. In addition, the DHA Peshawar is the first project of the defense housing authority in KP, especially in the capital, Peshawar. This project allows the people of Peshawar to live a standard life. It provides the residents of KP with all the facilities that are necessary and desirable. The project aims to facilitate the people with a residential and commercial plot with easy installment plans and ensure their standard of life reaches a higher level. This would be a benefit for the people of Peshawar to have the defense housing authority project at their doorstep.


The province of KP has a population of 30 million. People from here would go to other cities to invest in real estate. They also wanted to spent time with their families in a soothing and peaceful environment, so they would tend to live beyond the KP as there were no leading and trustworthy housing authorities in which they could believe. With the announcement of DHA Peshawar, the people of KP found their destination in their own city Peshawar. DHA made life easier for the 3.4 million people of Peshawar.


KP Assembly Act, 2009 announced the establishment of the Defense housing authority in Peshawar in 2014. The assembly launched the project with the purpose of facilitating the people of Peshawar with a high standard of living. The DHA in Peshawar has emerged to a vivid level in the last six years. It outdid all other contemporary societies. With the development of the society now the city of flowers Peshawar is becoming center of economic activities. It draws investors from the whole country and even from abroad to start their journey with DHA Peshawar. After the announcement in r2014, the authorities made it available for the general public in 2016. In 2017, the authority declared its balloting, and in 2018, the development of sectors A, B, and C were announced. In 2020, it made steps toward commercial launching, and in 2021, work on the development of Sector D is under process, and also the authorities are focusing on the development of Nasir Bagh commercial.


When you buy a plot, you have worries about the NOC of the concerned housing society. However, DHA Peshawar has no such ambiguities. It has received the go-ahead call under the KP government act x 2009.


The projects related to DHA are well known across the country. it shows the utmost effort of the developers. Frontier Work Organization (FWO) and National Logistics Cell (LNG) are joint developers of the DHA Peshawar. FWO is a reputed organization determined to develop hundreds of projects in the country.

Location map

The DHA Peshawar is close to Nasir bagh road, Askari VI Peshawar and other reputed and well-known societies like Hafiz Town Peshawar, Yaseen town Peshawar, and run along with Regi Model colony. It is located among the developed and well-known societies of the area. It is located on a very prime location of the province, KP.

DHA Peshawar location map

Master Plan

DHA Peshawar master plan


The DHA Peshawar has many features that are enough to convince you.

  • The smart and unique infrastructure
  • Emergency treatment facility
  • Mosques
  • Beautiful and green parks
  • Wide and clean roads
  • Best sewerage system
  • High-level living facilities
  • Gated community
  • Standard education institutions
  • Graveyard
  • Non-stop electricity
  • Modern town planning
  • Playground
  • Gym centers
  • Jogging tracks
  • Commercial markets
  • 24/7 high security


You are searching for a society that can meet your desired facilities. DHA Peshawar offers you all the facilities.

Educational institution

Education is considered the backbone of any nation. Keep in mind the importance of education, and society has mainly focused on improving the standard of education. There are plans for building many standard educational institutions within society that play a vital role in the standardization of education. However, DHA is still getting developed. You do not have to take worries about the education of your children. You can admit them to any school you want. The authorities will also help you in providing your children with quality education. Just take a step forward and book your commercial or residential plot in DHA Peshawar.

Health centers

For taking care of your health, the developers arranged the best facilities of emergency health centers. The centers provide services 24 hours a day and seven days a week to facilitate the residents. Health has to be given the most priority. If a person has all the facilities, but if his health does not allow him to do something, all his facilities are useless. So, too for your better and immediate treatment, there are, in the society, the well-equipped hospital is built where qualified doctors and skilled technicians are ready to serve the residents of DHA Peshawar.

Graveyard in DHA

There is some vacant space in the society reserved for the graveyard. The facility is for the people of the society, so they may not have to go far for the burial of their relative’s dead bodies. In contrast, other societies have no such facilities for their residents. They always go long for the burial of dead bodies. Though, developers of many societies do not pay any attention to the allocation of space for graveyards. Because they think that it is not important but, it should be included in the necessary parts of the plan so the residents might not have to do struggles.


Religion is the basic institution of society. Muslims must need a place where they can practice their religious duties. In addition, some time for performing religious rituals, Muslims use mosques. There are many sectors in DHA. Each sector has its own mosque. The prominent feature which attracts the people is Jamia Mosque, as there is lacking in most societies. In contrast, some societies have mosques, but they are not as developed in accordance with the structure. Well furnish mosques in the DHA society contributes more to the importance of the society. If you also want to pat the back of the developers for this facility, then join and complete the desire you are longing for.


You must have to develop your taste in reading. To read more is a sign of perfection. By reading, you can know all about your upcoming investment. You can master the art of reading by frequently visiting the libraries. DHA, Peshawar has many libraries in different sectors. You can go there and quench your thirst for reading. All the libraries have got their NOC from HEC. There are many books available in the library in different fields like education, health, economics, literature, religion, real estate Pakistan, agriculture, etc. The knowledge will help you in various parts of life.

Commercial markets

The daily usage of groceries is hardly available in certain societies, and if available, it is located very far from the reach of common residents who don’t have their own car or bike. However, DHA Peshawar has commercial markets in which all the essential elements of daily usage are available at very agreeable prices. Sometimes, in societies, commercial markets are available, but they charge very high prices. In the end, if you are linked with DHA projects, you don’t have to worry about buying your essentials. In addition, there are also sub-markets available at the corner of each street to provide easiness to the community member. There are also vegetable markets from where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables.


After you return from a whole day long work, you want to refresh your mind and have some free time for yourself you always go to a park which can soothe your mind and bestow your peaceful environment. Furthermore, all the housing societies have parks for the amusement and recreation of their residents. However, the DHA housing society keeps something extraordinary for the development of the mental health of its residents. Walking in a park not only maintains your physical fitness but also gives you the opportunity to refresh your mind and get your mind out of the mental pressure you had observed during your work hours. The parks in DHA have jogging tracks, a swimming pool, and flower gardens. There are also some botanical gardens on some sidewalks of the parks.

Network of roads

You always get frustrated when caught in a road jam. Spreading the network of the wide road is the highest capability of every housing society. Housing society which has the widest roads and streets, drives more investors and people to choose to live there. DHA society has a network of clean and wide roads that enables you to reach your aimed place within minutes instead of hours. The roads are newly constructed by skilled engineers and adept designers. Hence, barely-there will be any dig or patch. The roads are smooth that boosts the life of tires of your vehicles. Road in DHA is 130ft, and internal roads are 80ft. 1 Kanal plot is available at 50ft road and 10 marlas on 40ft and five marlas on 30ft roads. The roads lead to each and every sector.

Sewerage system

You have witnessed in some areas dirty water surface of the road due to useless sewerage system. The improper system of disposal of used water and other wastes can cause the spreading of many contagious diseases. To avoid being the victim of a disease, always select the proper society for your residency and commercial investment. Apart from all other societies, DHA Peshawar has a modern underground sewerage system that takes the dirty water and wastes far outside of the society through long and strong pipes. The modern disposal system also helps in setting free the environment from pollution. The paved drains also help in cleaning away the society.

Payment plan

1 kanal plot for sale

  • 1 kanal residential plots are available on three monthly installment plans of Rs417000 with a down payment of Rs500000. Total price of the plot is 5500000.

10 marla plots for sale

  • 10 marla residential plots are available on three monthly installment plans of Rs212500 with a down payment of Rs250000. The total price of the plot is Rs2800000.

Verification of property

If you have a property in the form of a commercial or resident plot, you must have to verify it. But how to verify your property needs to go through a proper procedure. You must follow the following steps.

Documents required

  • The verification fee is Rs650 which will only be applicable within 24 hours.
  • Copy of CNIC of the owner
  • Copy of CNIC of the authority holder
  • Originally paid voucher of the verification fee
  • Copy of the property dealer’s Registration Card(if you have made the transaction through a property dealer.
  • Copy of Allocation/Intimation/ Allotment and transfer letter.


  • You can have the verification form from the window office at the finance desk of the Defense Housing authority Peshawar.
  • Submit the file to the DHA office along with all the documents mentioned above.
  • The next day, the customs officer will collect the form from the DHA office.

Why invest in DHA Peshawar

If you intend to put your assets in a real estate industry with the hope of getting more profit, you are on the right track. However, the section of society which can come true on your expectation will take a few moments for you to think. So, don’t be lazy and select DHA Peshawar for investment. The main features of the society may lead you to invest in this society. As you know about DHA projects across the country, it have drawn the services of very skilled persons. It is an opportunity for you to invest as the developers are rapidly upgrading society. Now, prices of the commercial and residential plots are very low and soon, it would emerge into high and stable prices, which can give you more profit. If you have already invested in this society, you will be glad to know that in recent times, many investors bow their steps towards investing in DHA. The most prominent and important feature of DHA is its security. You don’t have to worry about being cheated or something else. You will be regretting your decision to book a plot in society. You can know the importance of investment in DHA by exploring the ratio of investment in this area for the last year.

Development statues

The development work on DHA Peshawar is very rapidly ongoing. However, work on sector A is 100% completed. The authorities are toiling their best to bring sea changes in development sectors. They are aiming to build the rest of the project in accordance to international standards. As you can read above, many facilities are unique and luxurious. The completion of this project may take some time as there were many factors that cause a halt in work progress.

Pros and cons


  • Here are some pros for drawing your attention
  • Pure water is available 24 hours a day
  • No electricity shortage
  •  Sui gas is available with full pressure
  • Schools in the society are according to international standard
  • There are many parks and recreational parks and beautiful gardens
  • There are many markets and shops from where you can buy anything of your need.
  • Peaceful environment
  • well-constructed roads are the real assets of the society.


  • The development work is no completed yet.
  • Very few plots are available for sale.


Q1: Who are the developers of DHAP eshawar?

A1:Frontier Work Organization (FWO) and National Logistics Cell (LNG) are joint developers of the DHA, Peshawar.

Q2:Is it approved by the Government?

A2:Yes, it has received approval under the KP government act x 2009.

Q3: What is FWO?

A3: Frontier Work Organization (FWO) is a reputed organization determined to develop hundreds of projects in the country.

Q4: Does the society have basic health facilities?

A4: Yes, the society has basic health facilities.

Q5: Can I buy a plot on an easy installment plan?

A5: Yes, payment plans are easy and affordable.

Q6: What is the location of the society?

A6: The DHA Peshawar is close to Nasir bagh road, Askari VI Peshawar and other reputed and well-known societies like Hafiz Town Peshawar, Yaseen town Peshawar, and run along with Regi Model colony.

Q7: How can I verify my property?

A7:You can verify it very easily. All the procedure is given above.

Q8:What are the prices of the plots?

A8: The payment plan is given above. And if you need more detail, contact us.


In the end, now you are pretty sure where to invest your money. Undoubtedly, the investment in DHA Peshawar will commence all your expectations. Don’t freeze your capital and take a step into the real estate industry. If you have any obstacles, visit sigma properties and find the solution for your problems.