The demolition of historic buildings in Abbottabad has led to an FIR

Abdus Samad, the provincial director of archaeology and museums, has requested the Abbottabad district police officer to file an FIR against the cantonment’s executive officer for the demolition of historic buildings from the British era within the cantonment limits.

There is an accusation against the Abbottabad cantonment board about destroying colonial period/British era monuments.

On June 25 the directorate of archaeology and museums addressed the DPO in a letter to demand the filing of an FIR against the Abbottabad cantonment’s executive officer under sections 44 and 56 of the Antiquities Act 2016 of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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The directorate of archaeology has written to the Hazara commissioner and the deputy commissioner, DPO office, and executive officer of the cantonment board, Abbottabad, to stop demolition of historic buildings of the British-era. According to the letter, the directorate had documented/registered all the historical and archaeological buildings located in Abbottabad district in 2008-09.

The letter further stated that the executive office of the cantonment board had recently demolished an old cantonment office known as “Major Abbott Office” without consultation, NOC, or prior authorization from the directorate, in clear violation of sections 44 and 56 of the Antiquities Act of KP.

The directorate asked the DPO to order the concerned police station to take urgent action and file an FIR against the executive officer of the Abbottabad cantonment board.