Ground Breaking Ceremony of Harmony Block

The Capital Smart City is a project of Future Development Holdings – A sister concern subsidiary of the renowned Habib Rafiq Limited (HRL) This project has already won the attention of the major stakeholders and the government of Pakistan. They are primarily concerned about the growing housing demands in Pakistan. The development pace of Capital Smart City is at par with international standards and this will be a pioneer smart urban settlement of entire Pakistan.

Recently, Capital Smart City launched the mega award event for the groundbreaking ceremony of Harmony Block & Annual Sellers Convention of Capital smart city, organized at the smart city project site on the most precious day of EID MILAD UL NABI on Saturday, 31st October 2020. Capital Smart City invited Sigma Properties in this annual award ceremony along with our most great personalities Chairman Mr Faisal Akhunzada, CEO Mr Mudassir and the sales team; also a large number of investors, realtors and buyers were invited by the COO HRL (Pvt) Ltd. Malik Aslam Malik, GM Sales & Marketing Mr Mujeeb Ahmed Khan along with their management team Capital Smart City.

In this ceremony, The Management of Capital Smart City Announced “The New Harmony Park Block and shared The Future Development Plans.” The COO, Muhammad Aslam Malik and GM sales and marketing in their remarks stated: “We are the only housing society with an approved interchange on Motorway and the first-ever smart city in Pakistan, we are trying hard at work in completing the amenities that will accompany the home you have envisioned with us.” Also, they highlighted some details about The Harmony Block that “The harmony block has been introduced to take up the challenge of low-cost housing that Pakistan presently faces and is being developed for encapsulating the interests of all segments of the population. From high-end blocks meant for overseas Pakistanis to executive sectors that will offer housing facilities for local Pakistanis. The harmony park block in the capital smart city is situated beside the executive block. The facilities and amenities in this block are the same as other blocks of Capital Smart City. The unit size is the major difference between Capital Smart Citys Harmony block and other blocks. This block includes land plots and villas spread over 3.5 Marla whereas, in other blocks, the dimension of the land units is at least 5 Marla.”

In this ceremony, the Management team capital smart city distributed some of the best-sellers awards in which Sigma Properties received one of the best seller performance award, given by Col. Faheem Uddin & Ch. Mukhtiar.

Top Ten Sellers of Capital Smart City

  1. 5G Properties
  2. Royal Business Solutions
  3. Sky Marketing
  4. The masters Real estate
  5. Al Nawaz Property Exchange
  6. Elahi Real Estate & Builders
  7. Home key Enterprises
  8. Beakon Investment
  9. Currentage Associates
  10. Deals & Deals

Mr. Faisal with Mr. Mujeeb (GM sales and Marketing Capital Smart City)

chairman sigma properties with GM capital smart city


Sigma Properties  with top 3 best Sellers

Sigma properties with top 3 sellers of capital smart-city

Mr. Obaidullah Anwar (GM Sales & Marketing Simga properties) receiving the best seller award by Col Faheem Uddin and Ch. Mukhtiar.

GM sigma properties receiving best seller award of capital smart city

Sigma Chairman Mr. Faisal Akhunzada celebrating best selling performance along with his SIGMA sales team

sigma properties celebrating best seller award

The COO, M. Aslam Malik, discussing harmony block development and possession with Mr Fiasal Akhunzada and Mr Obaidullah Anwar.

chairman sigma properties meetup with COO of capital smart city