With the development of spectacular housing societies, the Real estate sector is reaching skywards. That is because housing societies not only offer ravishing amenities and comfort but are cost-effective and profitable investments. But before investing in housing schemes, one should properly check it’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) and approval. Only invest if it’s approved under development authorities. Last year, development authorities all over the country took legal action against unsanctioned housing schemes. Hence it is crucial to go through a background check whenever you are ready to invest in the housing societies.

If you are looking for approved housing societies under Capital Development Authority (CDA), then you are at the right place. As For the ease of realtors, we have come up with a list of CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad. Make sure to go through this list before taking your final investment decision.

CDA Approved Housing Societies in Islamabad

Enlisted below are the CDA approved societies in Islamabad. We have extracted this list from the official website of CDA.

  • AGOCHS, Phase-I
  • Al-Hamra Hills Agro Farming Scheme
  • AGOCHS, Phase-II
  • Agro Farming Scheme
  • Al-Hamra Avenue
  • Bahria Enclave Phase-I Housing Scheme
  • Al-Makkah City
  • Army Welfare Trust
  • Bahria Enclave-II, Agro Farming Scheme
  • Bahria Garden City
  • Bahria Town (Phase-III-E & IV)
  • Bahria Town (Phase-VII-E)
  • Bahria Town, Phase VII
  • Bahria Enclave-II, Phase-II, Housing Scheme
  • Bahria Town, Phase-II, III, V & VI
  • Capital Enclave
  • CBR Town
  • Engineers Co-operative
  • Cabinet Division Employees Co-operative Housing Society
  • Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF)
  • Federation of Employees
  • Grace Valley
  • Engineers Housing Scheme
  • Gulberg Greens Farm Housing Scheme
  • Gulberg Town
  • Gulshan-e-Rabia
  • Gulshan-e-Sehat
  • FIA Park Enclave Housing Scheme
  • Islamabad Gardens
  • Islamabad Model Town
  • Jeddah Town
  • Jinnah Garden, Phase-I
  • Jinnah Garden, Phase-II
  • Jinnah Town
  • Kashmir Gardens Farming Scheme
  • Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase (Extension)
  • Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase-I
  • Khayaban-e-Kashmir, Phase-II
  • Margalla View Housing Scheme
  • Ministry of Interior Employees Co-operative Housing Society
  • Morgah City
  • Multi Gardens, Phase-I
  • Multi Gardens, Phase-II
  • National Assembly Employees Cooperative Housing Society (NAECHS)
  • National Police Foundation
  • Naval Anchorage
  • New Islamabad Garden
  • OPF Housing Scheme
  • Pakistan Medical Cooperative Housing Scheme
  • Pakistan Navy Farms, Simly Dam Road, Islamabad
  • Paradise City
  • Park View City Housing Scheme
  • Parliamentarians Enclave
  • Rahman Enclave Housing Scheme
  • River Garden
  • Roshan Pakistan (RP) Corporation Housing Scheme
  • Senate Avenue
  • Services Co-operative Housing Society
  • Soan Gardens
  • Supreme Court Employees Housing Scheme
  • Tele Gardens Housing Scheme
  • WWF Labor Colony
  • Zaraj Housing

The aforementioned are the approved societies in Islamabad. If you are planning to invest in one of them or has already invested, then the investment is safe. On the other hand, if you have invested or planning to invest in a housing society other than mentioned one, then it’s the right time to have second thoughts.

Renowned CDA Approved Societies in Islamabad

We have taken to you a path that directly reaches your destination of approved housing schemes in Islamabad. But if you want the assurance of luxury life and cost-effective investment, then here are the well-known and renowned approved societies in Islamabad, that are your ticket to the wonderland.

Bahria Town Islamabad

Bahria Town Islamabad, a city within a city covering most of the area between the twin cities of Pakistan i-e Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Right after its completion, Bahria Town became a synonym of a luxurious and healthy lifestyle. Bahria Town offers profitable investment in commercial plots along with residential. It is ranked among the top business locations in Islamabad.


Gulberg is another residential complex in the list of CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad. It is a huge housing society, divided into two sub-districts Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia. Gulberg Residencia is purely a residential complex having apartments and houses. It comprises 22 different blocks. While on the other hand, Gulberg green is more of a farmhouse and a hub for commercial investments. Gulberg green has it all; aesthetic landscapes, breathtaking views, peace, a serene environment, and pleasing scenarios that bring joy and happiness. On top of all, this approved society in Islamabad is having a strategic location, situated on the Islamabad Expressway.

SOAN Gardens

SOAN gardens, another CDA approved society in Islamabad. It offers the best educational facilities and cutting-edge technologies to its residents. It covers a land of 2,900 Kanal, offering both commercial and residential plots. It can be accessed easily from Soan Avenue and is only 18 minutes away from the Zero Point Islamabad.

Bahria Enclave

After the successful Bahria Town, Bahria Enclave is constructed on the same infrastructure. The developers of both the projects are the same. Bahria Enclave is another CDA approved society in Islamabad that offers a lavish life and peace to its residents. Situated away from the hustle-bustle of the city, yet still connected to it, Bahria Enclave is divided into two different phases i-e Phase 1 and Phase 2. You can easily access this striking residential complex through Srinagar Highway.

Park View City

Last but not the least, Park View City is a revolutionary residential complex situated in the Zone IV of Islamabad. It is one of the CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad that offers an extravagant lifestyle to its residents. Luxurious facilities, unlimited supply of utilities, healthcare, educational institutes, walking zones, parks, comfort, and peace, Park View City has an instore. It is one of the huge housing societies covering an area of 5000 Kanal. Along with a lavish lifestyle, it offers a profitable investment.

Wrapping up! The aforementioned were some of the popular and renowned CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad. If you want to have a high standard of life with high-end facilities, or a cost-effective investment then consider investing in these CDA approved societies in Islamabad.