Capital Smart City 

The Capital Smart City is a project of Future Developments Holdings (Pvt. limited) also called FDHL and Habib Rafiq (Pvt. Ltd). Both of these expert companies have worked in alliance to develop the master plan of the capital smart city. The designers are also a team of expert engineers. However, prominently the designers from Singapore, Surbana Jurong have played their role as the designers of the society.

Capital Smart City was initially established in Islamabad, in the region of Rawalpindi. However, after a huge success in Islamabad, the developers planned to make a similar project for Lahore. Hence, the Capital smart city is situated in Islamabad and Lahore as well.

The capital smart city in Islamabad (CSCI) is in the region of Rawalpindi, near the Islamabad international airport. Whereas the capital smart city location of Lahore is just outside the actual city Lahore but very near to it.


Capital Smart City Location

The Capital Smart City is situated in a region of Rawalpindi. This prime spot connects directly to Islamabad. The Capital Smart City Islamabad is near the Islamabad international airport. The society can be reached with a drive time of fewer than 10 minutes from the airport. The exact location on the map is seen on the most known route M-2, the Lahore-Islamabad motorway. This capital smart city address is at a distance of about 9.2 km from the Thalian interchange, near M2 Toll Plaza.


Capital Smart City location on map

The Capital Smart City Islamabad Location is illustrated on the map below:

Capital Smart City Location

Reasons to invest in the Capital Smart City Islamabad

Many reasons intrigue the investors and buyers into buying a property at Capital Smart City Islamabad. Some of them are explained below:

Prime location

The investors are extremely satisfied with the capital smart city location. The ideal location of the Capital Smart City Islamabad gives its access from multiple routes.

Guaranteed profits

The prime concern of all the investors is to make sure that the property they are buying gives profitable returns. The Capital Smart City Islamabad assures the investors about the profitable rate of returns on their invested amount.


Wide and spacious roads

This society has wide carpeted roads which in turn benefits in many ways. Most prominently there are convenient parking spaces available for the residents and also there are east chances of traffic jams. The wide area makes the beautiful views more visible and attractive.


Eco-friendly environment

The weather conditions in Islamabad stay friendly all year long. However, particularly in the Capital Smart City, it is extremely eco-friendly, the reason being it in the region of Rawalpindi.


Breath-taking views

The Capital Smart City has got breathtaking views of the skyline and mountains along with lake views. For more info read 9 Reasons For Smart City Investment


Why is the location is capital smart city ideal

The location of Capital Smart City Islamabad is ideal for several reasons. Some of them are as follows:

The area consumed

The area where the Capital Smart City Islamabad/ Rawalpindi is located is huge. This society consumes a space of around 55,000 Kanal on land. The advantage of getting to have a huge area credits the spot where this society is located.

Easily accessible point

The Capital Smart City Islamabad is basically in the region of Rawalpindi, connecting to Islamabad at one point. This central point has an advantage for the society of being accessible from both cities.

Accessible through multiple routes

The Capital Smart City Islamabad/ Rawalpindi has the benefit of being accessed through multiple routes. Such as the access is from the main Chakri road, the M2 motorway, and also from the Ring road.

Breathtaking views

The Capital smart City Islamabad/ Rawalpindi is located at such a spot of the land where nature holds much of its beauty. The CSCI housing society has breathtaking views of huge mountains, mesmerizing skyline, and beautiful lakes.

Fresh weather

It is said that Islamabad has the best weather conditions as compared to the other cities of Pakistan. However, in the area where the region of Rawalpindi starts, the weather conditions are specifically very fresh and eco-friendly. Now because the capital smart city exists in the Rawalpindi region, the weather is extremely fresh and good for health.

Near to airport

Capital Smart City Islamabad/ Rawalpindi is near the Islamabad international airport. This is generally the most prime spot of the capital city, and also there are many facilities around the area along with strict security.

The location of the housing society matters a lot to all the investors and buyers and there is no doubt to this. The reason for this is that the better area will have facilities and amenities available than a society which exits is a rough area.



Both of the capital Smart City is an extremely admirable housing project with endless facilities and amenities. The Capital Smart City Islamabad/ Rawalpindi is known as the first-ever smart city in town, whereas the Capital Smart City is known to be the second most smart city. There is no reason to ignore the capital smart city, for it offers a lot of goodness at such an affordable price.

If you are looking forward to buying a new house for yourself to reside in, or you wish to invest in a commercial property in Punjab then Capital Smart City is highly recommended to you. There are plenty of options available in blocks and then in the plot sizes that vary. The price range of each block is different and so do the features differ. The Capital Smart City Islamabad/ Rawalpindi is an approved project with its No-objection certificate (NOC) in progress.

This society is already on hype between investors and so the prices may get high in the future. Hence you may buy a property as soon as you want from now, as the prices are very low and reasonable right now.