Capital Smart City Interchange Development

The Capital Smart City (CSC), located near the Federal Capital and Rawalpindi, is a modern housing society. Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited have formed a joint venture for Capital Smart City. 

The housing scheme is equipped with the most advanced technological infrastructure. As a result, the citizens have been given a new dream of wonderfulness and reality. Indeed, it is the dream of a luxurious lifestyle unlike any other, thanks to the brilliant developers.

The unmatched Capital Smart City is already exceeding the expectations of investors. The lodging society has achieved remarkable progress in a short period. Now, it has begun work on an exciting interchange that shall alter the accessibility to the housing scheme beneficially. 

Mr. Muhammad Malik Aslam is the Group COO of Capital Smart City. He has given an overview of the new interchange planning. So, let us look into the most recent development of the interchange, as it has widened the idea of the perfect real estate dream. 

Importance of the Interchange 

Initially, the access to Capital Smart City was only from Chakri Road. There was no direct access from the M2 Motorway. Therefore, the entrance at Chakri Road required the visitors to take a longer route of over 40 minutes to enter the housing society.  

Therefore, there was a dire need for an interchange leading to the housing society from the M2 Motorway. Furthermore, the interchange approved by the National Highway Authority shall eliminate the extra time that the visitors usually spend to access the housing society. 

Approval of NHA 

The National Highway Authority (NHA) supervises the planning, development, operation, repairing, and maintenance of National Highways and Strategic Roads. These highways and roads are committed to NHA by the Federal Government. 

NHA was analyzing the perfect location for the interchange in Capital Smart City. So, it was carefully inspecting three different sites for building the interchange. Everyone was keenly waiting for their final word. 

Accordingly, the NHA has finalized a location out of the three and announced it. 

There was an exciting curiosity among the investors about the interchange. They were wondering where it will be and how will it affect the lodging society. 

Therefore, the answers to all of those curiosities are here. There are no doubts about the location of the interchange.  

CSC Interchange Location 

The decided site of the interchange is in front of the Overseas Block 2. It will connect pass through the block and go all the way to its connection to the Main Boulevard. The interchange of Capital Smart City will increase the accessibility of the residents to the New Islamabad International Airport. 

CSC Interchange Procedure 

The project’s design phase will go through stages, from conceptual design to final design. The contracting authority is responsible for acquiring any required consents relating to the design, construction, engineering, technical, and installation standards.

The management of Capital Smart City has submitted the design of the interchange. The procedure for it includes two stages. 

Firstly, the concept design needs acceptance. It is submitted to the concerned department with a report. Its approval is expected in the following days. 

The design is ultimately the responsibility of the contracting authority. However, the government has the right to inspect the structure and notify the private jurisdiction of any contract violations. 

The contract of NHA and Capital Smart City stipulates that they cannot begin building until the NHA has given its consent to proceed after reviewing the design. 

As soon as it is approved, the management will proceed to the second stage of the procedure. The second stage contains the structure design. First, the venture designers will create a plan for the pipes, bridges, and all else that needs assessment. Then, they will submit it for approval.  

Revision of Master Plan 

Surbana Jurong is a reputable consultancy business headquartered in Singapore. It has devised the Capital Small City Master plan. 

The company has approximately 120 offices around the world. Furthermore, it is one of Asia’s major urban, engineering, and infrastructure consulting firms.

Currently, Surbana Jurong is revising the master plan of Capital Smart City. Within the next 3 to 4 weeks, the management will receive the new master plan. Furthermore, the developers will share the master plan with the investors in 7 to 8 weeks. 

Interchange and Overseas Block 2 

The land in the Overseas Block 2 is in the works. The development work on Overseas Block 2 was slow due to rainy days, causing delays. And more importantly, the focus of the block was on the pending interchange decision. 

Now, the placement of the interchange has been announced. The NHA has approved for it to be right in front of the Overseas Block 2. 

A portion of the Overseas Block 2 is coming under the link road area in front of the new interchange. As a result, this demands the necessary modifications in the master plan. 

Of course, this brings the balloting of Overseas Block 2 into question. Is the balloting linked with development, or will you do the developers do it beforehand? 

The aspect to understand is that the fixing of the interchange matters. The location where it is placed is going through the center of the Overseas Block 2 and goes to the Main Boulevard. It will be connected to the Main Boulevard. 

Therefore, the changes in the master plan mean that there is a wait for the balloting.   

The developers will need to relocate the entire portion coming under the link road. Hence, after revising the master plan, the developers will immediately go to the balloting phase of Overseas Block 2. 

Latest Interchange Development 

Capital Smart City has patiently waited to have its own designated interchange. The latest update in the matter of the interchange is that its location is approved. 

Consequently, the master plan is in revision according to the site chosen by NHA. The construction of the interchange is to begin by the end of 2021. 

However, the interchange will face a long period of construction. It is because the activities that take place during construction are numerous. Yet, the most time-consuming is the phase in which all of the work packages are delivered.

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The interchange development of Capital Smart City will increase property value in the Overseas Block 2 and of the rest of the blocks. Indeed, it will be a fruitful development for the venture designers and the investors dedicated to the project every step of the way. Therefore, Sigma Properties and Marketing recommend that you book your dream house in the housing society today.