Capital Enclave

In March 2016, the Services Cooperative Housing Society (SCHS) in Islamabad launched a new “Capital Enclave.” This housing society is safe, secure, and peaceful. However, the most attractive aspect is its connection with nature, as well as the variety of business and residential facilities available in the 2nd most beautiful Capital in the World, Islamabad. All of this was confirmed by the outcome of society.


Capital enclave is the project of the Services Cooperative Housing Society.


Capital Enclave, a project of the Services Cooperative Housing Society (SCHS), has been approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and is one of the area’s Authorized Housing developments.


The society is in Zone 5 of Islamabad, with a front of more than 2 kilometres on the major Islamabad Express. Pakistan Town and Korang Town are two examples of developing housing societies.

Directly across the street from this society are the Federation Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Pakistan PWO Housing Society, Media Town, Bahria Town, Police Foundation, Doctor’s Town, Soan Garden (CECHS), AGOSH, and CSR Town, among others.

No location compares to this one, as there is none available from Blue Area to Rawat. This is the sole area that will serve as a junction for future business operations.

The total area of the society

The proposed land area for Capital Enclave is 2000 Kanals. This is the only place where you can go to Blue Area directly.

Access points

  • Zero Point 14 kilometres
  • Rawalpindi District Courts 9 kilometres
  • Faizabad Interchange 10 kilometers
  • Benazir International Airport 4Kilometers
  • Airport Chowk 3kilomteres

Nearest locations

The Capital Enclave is close to Islamabad’s commercial and residential areas, including:

  • CBR Town and Soan Garden are located about 5 minutes drive from the Capital Enclave.
  • The distance between Airport Chowk and Islamabad Airport is approximately 10 to 15 minutes by car.
  • Jinnah Garden Phase I & II, as well as Naval Anchorage, are about a 2-kilometre drive away.
  • The society is situated between Rawat and the Airport.
  • WD, Pakistan Town, Bahria Town is only about a 5-minute drive away.

Master plan

master plan of capital enclave

Commercial plots for sale

In Capital Enclave, 4 & 6 marla commercial plot is for sale.

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Area Location Price
6 marla Islamabad 1.75 crore
6 marla Islamabad 35 lakh
4 marla Islamabad 2.15 crore


Residential plot for sale

1 kanal residential plot for sale

Area Location Price
1 kanal Islamabad 1.4 crore
 1 kanal Islamabad 1.55 crore
1 kanal islamabad 1.65 crore

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10 marla residential plot for sale

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Area Location Price
10 marla Islamabad 74 lakh
 10 marla Islamabad 65 lakh


 8 marla residential plot for sale

Area Location Price
8 marla Islamabad 59 lakh


7 marla residential plot for sale

Now is the best moment to reserve your plot as it will be a profitable long-term investment. Purchasing a Residential Plot in society is a good decision because the area is in high demand. This Residential Plot is located in Islamabad and appears to be a successful long-term investment. Islamabad is rapidly developing, and there are some excellent property deals to be had. The Residential Plot for Sale is a fantastic offer, as it comes with numerous amenities.

Area Location Price
7 marla Islamabad 55 lakh
7 marla islamabad 75 lakh


6 marla residential plot for sale

Area Location Price
6 marla Islamabad 68 lakh


5 marla residential plot for sale

This Residential Plot of 5 marla is ideal for your household. Stop wondering and start searching for the greatest pricing on residential houses in Islamabad. Capital Enclave offers a modern lifestyle. If you have the means, investing in property is an excellent choice. You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for a Residential Plot to invest in. When we declare that you should certainly acquire this home, we have something unique in mind for you.

Area Location Price
5 marla Islamabad 19.5 lakh



  • Grid station
  • Waste disposal system
  • Kids play area
  • Lush green sidewalks
  • Community lawns
  • Club
  • Theatre
  • Sui gas
  • Underground electricity system
  • Wide roads
  • Filtered water


Watching the following facilities will make you ready to book your residential or commercial plot.

Shopping mall

There is a big and standard shopping mall which offer you luxury products as garments, cosmetics, daily grocery etc. the shopping mall in the society are according to your budget limit. If you want to have luxurious items, you are welcomed there. There is also material available at low prices.

Car parking

The car parking inside the society gives you the opportunity to take care of your vehicles. They are covered with iron sheets which protect your cars from dangerous sun rays and rains.

Educational institutions

You always care about the education of your children, Capital Enclave gives you chances to enhance the education standard of your child. There are standard education institutions inside the society.


Don’t be careless about your health. Capital Enclave provides you with the best hospital. Qualified and skilled staff is always ready to serve you. You don’t need to go so far in terms of your treatment. The hospitals are equipped with modern technological equipment.


There are many parks inside the society. Park is the best place where you can amuse yourself and your children.

Network of roads

The society overtook all other societies in the race of sewerage system. The system is underground and faultless.

Basic facilities

The best thing in the society is that it has all the basic facilities in standard form. Sui gas is available 24 hours without any delay in full pressure. There is a separate grid station for the community so don’t be worry about the electricity. A system of pure water adds more importance to society.

Why invest in capital enclave

There are many reasons which are enough to consider on. The best thing about this society is that it has all the facilities that investors demand. Society is said to be the best among others. So far, there is no regret from any investor who had invested their money in society. The investment in society gives you fruitful outcomes. Keeping in mind the payment plan of this society, you would come to know that they are cheap as compare to other housing societies.

Pros and Cons


  • Commercial and Business Activities are the best.
  • Peaceful and natural surroundings encircle the property.
  • Stylish For weddings and social occasions, grassy lawns are available.
  • Business Routes of Celebrity status
  • Business areas
  • The Rawalpindi District Courts are the closest to Islamabad Airport.
  • Blue Zone Direct Access Only place in Islamabad that will serve as a crossroads for business activities will be on the Islamabad Express.


  • Slow development process
  • Some payment plans would outreach your budget.


Q1:What is Capital enclave?

A1:It is a housing society in Islamabad.

Q2:Is it approved by any authority?

A2:Yes, Capital Development Authority (CDA) approved it.

Q3:Can I buy a plot?

A3:Yes you can buy as there is very easy instalments plan.

Q4:How can I buy the property?

A4: You can search by the property to download the form online or visit sigma property.


Capital Enclave, a project of the Services Cooperative Housing Society (SCHS), is advantageous from both a residential and a commercial standpoint. It delivers all of the luxury life amenities that are required for a comfortable lifestyle at affordable prices. This site is unmatched since it is a better location for commercial activity and will be the Business Hub in the future.