Blue Hills Country Farms Islamabad 

The Blue World City presents the dreamful Blue Hills Country Farms engineering and superb quality. These lodgings shall provide a relaxing atmosphere with high-end amenities to enjoy alongside. Situated near the Federal Capital, the Blue Hills Country Farms waits to engulf you in the peace and serenity they offer.

Owners and Developers 

The Blue Hills Country Farms is a joint venture of the Imperium Group of Companies and the Blue Group of Companies. Both of these companies have worked hard to earn their names in the world of real estate. It is a collaboration on the purpose of the deliverance of dreams for the residents. 

Blue Group of Companies 

In 1989, the Blue Group of Companies was established. Its owner is Mr. Saad Nazir, the son of ex-Deputy Commissioner Lahore Chaudhry Nazir. Initially, the company’s headquarters were in Lahore, and it only provided architectural building services. As a visionary leader, Mr. Saad Nazir is steering the BGC in the right direction. The company is diversified into a consortium that includes the following companies:

  • Blue Properties
  • Brands Square
  • Art immix
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Media
  • WPZ
  • Mart Blue

Imperium Group of Companies 

The Imperium Group of Companies was founded in 1999 and has since grown to become a prominent real estate and development firm. It is currently renowned in Pakistan as a result of its dedication to its field and hard work. A group of international and local professionals makes up this worldwide real estate development enterprise. 

NOC and Approval

In 2018, the Blue Hills Country Farms’ No Objection Certificate was approved. The NOC was issued by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in response to Vide Letter no. RDA/MP&TF/F-PHS-PTR-10/148. The date is 07-08-2018. Following this acceptance, they submitted a new application for the expansion of Blue Hills Country Farms. For the ease of our valued readers, here is an image of the NOC.

Blue Hills Country Farms no objection certificate

Blue Hills Country Farms Islamabad Location 

Blue Hills Farms is located in a highly desirable and easily accessible location. Chakri Road and Chakri Interchange provide a direct route to the farms. 

The following Blue Hills Country Farms map shows the access and surrounding areas:

Blue Hills farms location map

Because of its proximity to twin cities, Blue Hills has a prime location that encourages investors to secure lifetime investments without a second thought.

 Blue Hills Country Farms Islamabad Plots 

The Blue Hills Farms is a well-planned phase of the exemplary Blue World City, complete with distinctive amenities and services. Residents and investors are attracted to the country farms because they project an environmentally friendly image. The adaptable and cost-effective farms are a fantastic investment opportunity for people who want to live in a place with features beyond their wildest dreams while still having access to all amenities. The master plan of Blue World City is as follows: 

Blue Hills Country Farms is offering a variety of premium plots in a variety of residential and commercial areas, including the following sizes:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal
  • 12 Kanal
  • 16 Kanal 

Blue Hills Country Farms Islamabad Payment Plan

Plots for sale in Blue Hills Farms are offered at fantastic rates and with flexible payment plans. The instalment plan is available for four years with 40 monthly instalments of PKR 86,000/- each or eight half-yearly instalments of PKR 430,000/- each. 

Blue Hills Country Farms payment plan


The Blue Hills Farms of Blue World City Islamabad offers a residential environment with a variety of world-class amenities, including: 

  • A golf course of high class
  • Cattle farms and horse stables
  • Riding club and sports club
  • Cattle farming’s central management facility
  • Experienced farmers and competent horticulturists are available 24/7

Why Invest in Blue Hills Country Farms 

Blue Hills Country is a well-known name in the real estate industry. Its characteristics are unmatched by any other housing society in Pakistan.

Blue Hills is creating environmentally friendly designs that are being replicated throughout the developed world. It is also surrounded by rich greenery and mountains, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

One wishes to retreat to a peaceful location where one can appreciate the beauty of nature while replenishing one’s energies. The green of the outdoors calms the soul and makes one feel at ease. Book your own home in Blue World City for this experience and a luxury lifestyle unlike anything else. 

Exemplary Living Experience 

The acclaimed Blue Hills offers a peaceful lifestyle, where you wake up to the singing of birds instead of honking the city roads. By booking a Country House, you shall get to live a lifelong dream of a perfect home built with top-notch technology and surrounded by nature’s beauty. 

Outstanding Location 

The Country Houses enjoy a favourable location as it is accessible from the Twin Cities, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. The Blue Hills Country Farms touches the Chakri Road and Chakri Interchange, making it the most approachable and convenient of the BWC’s blocks.  

Economical Investment 

It is too big an advantage that these farmhouses await you at reasonable prices and convenient instalment plans. When investing your money in a project, you must think about the long-term implications. And you may rest assured that Blue Hills will not disappoint you. You will have an abode in one of the top lodging societies equipped with numerous world-class amenities. 

Approved NOC 

RDA has approved the NOC of Blue Hills Farms. Investors always keep such approved lodging societies in their good books because it means that their investment will be safe and free from all pending legalities.   

How to Book a Plot in Blue Hills Country Farms?

You can visit the Sigma Properties office for booking information. Before booking a plot, make sure you have the following documents ready to ensure an immaculate transaction:  

  • Blue Hills has a form that you can fill out.
  • A copy of the applicant’s NICOP card is required.
  • Copy of the applicant’s next to kin’s ID card.
  • Passport-size photo of the applicant
  • The applicants must pay the booking fee in check, cash, or bank drafts. 


Thanks to the Blue Group of Companies and the Imperium Group of Companies, the Blue Hills is a dream come true. Most investors in Islamabad and Rawalpindi have turned to Blue Hills Farms as a viable investment option. The highest quality of amenities on easy and flexible payment plans is a golden opportunity for everyone. Most investors in Islamabad and Rawalpindi have turned to Blue Hills as a viable investment option.