The 7 Best Real Estate Companies in Pakistan

The real estate companies are the tireless ones behind the curtain who are supporting the economy of Pakistan. Their superior development standards and persistent objectives have helped them offer a supreme infrastructure and luxurious lifestyle.

It is important to know the right real estate firms regarding real estate buying or selling. In Pakistan’s real estate market, numerous estate agents provide answers to potential purchasers.

Thus, in this blog, we will look at the seven best real estate companies in Pakistan.

Best Real Estate Companies in Pakistan 

Are you wondering about the experts in the real estate sector? It is a popular query among first-time buyers and sellers. The real estate companies that you can put your trust in are as follows,

  • Sigma Properties and Marketing
  • Zameen
  • Graana
  • Agency21
  • Star Marketing
  • ZEM Builders
  • Chohan Estate

Sigma Properties and Marketing 

The most dependable and respected name in the real estate world is Sigma Properties. They keep up with the ever-changing real estate trends and collaborate with the very best housing societies in Pakistan. Capital Smart City, Nova City, Park View City, Lahore Smart City, Rudn Enclave, Blue World City are priorities.

Sigma Properties and Marketing are functioning successfully in Pakistan and Abu Dhabi. As a result, it has arisen to become one of the most renowned sales and marketing companies in both countries.

During the initial days, the company only focused on lease management and logistics. Later, it broadened its services. As a result, the firm has worked with the leading multinational companies of the Middle East. Moreover, Sigma Properties has served as the lead contractor for Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center (ADNEC).

The company has contributed to the real estate of the Federal Capital through Sigma Arcade and Abu Dhabi Mall.


The following real estate company that qualifies as the best is Zameen. It is the largest property portal in the country. Moreover, it has secured a position among the top 5 property portals in the world. Its parent company is the Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG).

When it comes to its website, it provides a straightforward yet useful panel. Some of the key categories that Zameen covers are finding homes, commercial plots, rental property, wanted the property, agents, and projects (concerning location, featured, and new)

There is also a Forum section where non-experts can get extensive investment advice. Blogs and news are other intriguing features. Zameen is also credited with popularizing the trend of real estate expos and fairs.


Graana is Pakistan’s Online Real Estate Marketplace, intending to revolutionize the country’s real estate market. The Imarat Group of Companies owns and operates it. They believe in providing quality content.

They have built a transparent and useful gateway to assist consumers in buying, renting, selling, and investing in real estate. serves as a one-stop-shop for all of your real estate needs.

Graana is one of Pakistan’s most capable real estate portals. They made the process of seeking a house simple, dependable, and stress-free.

Since they are also developers, they are coping with their projects as well. Their projects include Amazon Mall, Imarat Builders Mall, Mall of Arabia, Florence Galleria, Amazon Hotel, and Golf Floras.


In 2016, Agency 21 was formed to change the way people think about real estate in Pakistan. Since then, Agency 21 has grown at a breakneck speed, establishing itself as the market leader of the Twin Cities.

Agency 21 has gained its clients’ trust and peace of mind by promoting corporate culture and fostering work ethics. As a result, agency 21 became the first national real estate brand in consecutive years. It did so by extending its networks in all major cities of Pakistan.

Agency 21 set itself apart from the competition by exemplifying service, expertise, provision, and perfection in pursuing its goals.

Star Marketing 

Another one of Pakistan’s leading real estate builders and developers is Star Marketing. It has introduced inventive marketing concepts and promotional measures.

The company has achieved huge success in promoting important residential and commercial projects in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Mardan, Gwadar, and other cities of Pakistan.

STAR Marketing advertises real estate developments that have great potential. These real estate entities contribute to transforming Pakistan’s cities into contemporary metropolises that satisfy worldwide standards.

ZEM Builders 

The ZEM Builders is the Zeeshan Estate Management & Builders. Zeeshan A. Qureshi founded it 12 years ago to establish a new level of exceptional luxury in Pakistan. They excel at providing the best. Furthermore, they achieve their goals by being real estate experts who effectively manage their customer and investor relationships.

The organization’s main focus is on offering marketing services for real-estate projects, keeping buyers up to date on market trends, and providing ethical consultancy services to builders and developers.

Chohan Estate 

Chohan Estate is another well-known real estate firm that services the community in Pakistan. They cater to investors worldwide and are renowned for their ability to meet their requirements.

They provide their clients with an investment care program. Among the sites, they offer to their clientele are Nova City, Capital Smart City, Smart City Lahore, and Park View City Lahore. Capital Smart City and Smart City Lahore’s most successful initiatives have reaped great rewards.

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These are the 7 best real estate companies in Pakistan. Now that you know which platforms to trust, you can easily enter the world of real estate. Sigma Properties and Marketing are ready to assist you in getting the investment of your dreams.