Apprenticeship Act

To provide skilled youth with better economic opportunities is the main goal of Apprenticeship. This would give birth to an increase in employment. Apprenticeship is the first step toward earning a career. Most of our youth are wandering jobless despite having higher degrees. Eventually, they gave up because they don’t have the required skills and experience. The act allows them to start their career as an apprentice. The province of Punjab is prominent in providing Apprenticeship to its citizens. The apprenticeship act 2021 includes a clause which is favouring the youth.

Apprenticeship System

Apprenticeship is a dual system that combines on-the-job training at the business sector with technical education at institutes to train a new generation of experts in a trade or profession. The apprenticeship act of 2021 will follow the European dual-track training system to bridge the gap between industry and TEVTA, which is widely used in advanced economies. Every year, the act will create around 100,000 employment opportunities for youngsters.

Apprenticeship Ordinance 1960

The Apprenticeship Ordinance of 1962 applies to those businesses that the Provincial Government may list in the Official Gazette. The Ordinance defines an undertaking as any establishment that employs fifty or more people. The notified undertaking is required to establish and operate an apprenticeship programme, as well as to register the programme with the central authority. The registered undertaking is required to train apprentices in a proportion of at least twenty (20%) of the total number of people working in apprentice-able trades under the apprenticeship programme.

Revised Apprenticeship ordinance

The government has reshaped the old Apprenticeship Ordinance of 1960, which was only applicable on the manufacturing sector and is now applicable to all sectors of the economy. The apprenticeship act of 2021 will follow the European dual-track training system to bridge the gap between industry and TEVTA, which is widely used in advanced economies. Every year, the act will create around 100,000 employment opportunities for youngsters. The new Apprenticeship ordinance also abolish time-consuming procedures for permissions linked to apprenticeship programme registration.

Advantages of Apprenticeship

  • Apprenticeships are organized  training programs that enables you to work towards a qualification. They assist you in gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve your desired career. Getting a job early in your career means you have a lot of opportunities to advance quickly. You might also start making a solid living much earlier in life.
  • Apprenticeships provide invaluable job opportunities and allow you to put your abilities into work in a real-world setting, and help you acquire confidence in the workplace.
  • You can make money as you learn. There will be no problem for student. The students  may get handsome amount from their employers.
  • Apprenticeships gives you the opportunity of doing practical work. You don’t  have to study all day; you have work a a company most of the time. It’s all about learning while you’re doing it and from others in your field.
  • There are countless advantages of an Apprenticeship. An apprentice learns real and practical work. Now a day, youngsters have degrees, but they don’t know about the work in a firm.


TEVTA Punjab Praises Apprenticeship Act

The Apprenticeship Act, according to TEVTA Punjab Chairperson Ali Salman Siddique, is a vital step toward creating the goals 2023, which focuses on excellent demand-driven skills with economic opportunities for trainees. The trainees would receive not only technical and vocational education but also on-the-job training in the industry.

In the past, the apprenticeship act was used against the industry, but TEVTAEVTA’s new skill ecosystem developed a direct relationship with the industry through sector skill councils and public-private partnerships, empowering the business’s decision-making process.

By authorizing private sector skill councils to regulate the Apprenticeship Act, this new industry and TEVTA link would be strengthened even more.

The chairman of TEVTA emphasized the importance of a significant public awareness campaign in Punjab to educate businesses and organizations about the benefits of apprenticeships for employers. He promised to continue to expand and convert all of the company’s 350+ vocational institutes to the apprenticeship model based on the German and British apprenticeship models.


In the race of life, you will leave far behind if you do not go parallel with technology. However, it may be a problem for you that how to be an apprentice somewhere. Now, you don’t need to be worry because the Punjab government launches a platform for the young to utilize their prior knowledge. This step of the government will certainly enhance your economic status. It will also boost the ratio of technical experts in the region if you want to be part of that program contact sigma properties.