Al Noor Orchard Lahore

Al Jalil Developers is known to be an eminent Real Estate Company, serving individuals for more than 20 years presently. They have set up as a leading brand in architectural development, and for progressing the standard of living by conveying a universal standard lifestyle community with a mix of an ancient legacy. With the help of a talented workforce, the organization has fulfilled to set a benchmark within the field of metropolitan framework improvement. Al Noor Orchard is also a tremendous project by Al Jalil.

Al-Noor Orchard Lahore is an LDA-endorsed lodging society that provides diverse modern bookings and engaging properties to meet present-day investors’ needs. Al-Jalil Developers has created this extend with brilliance. It is one of the modern and innovative lodging communities where you’ll purchase private plots and villas of diverse sizes in installments. These properties are extraordinarily planned to offer an extravagant way of life to the individuals of Lahore with reasonableness. Al-Noor Orchard Lahore has gained immense ubiquity inside a brief period. But still, this popularity, besides the request for the property, is ceaselessly expanding day by day.

Developers of Al Noor Orchard

Al-Jalil developers are the creators of this popular private society in Lahore. Al-Jail developers were established by Nasrullah Khan in 2002. The most accentuation of Al-Jalil was to develop a community that’s a genuine delineation of present-day society within the current century. The framework advancement was conducted with exceedingly experienced modelers and civil engineers. The speculators have enjoyed the society and believe within the Al-Jalil designers for giving one-of-a-kind lodging ventures. As they have already built Al-Jalil Gardens, which was a huge victory and highly praised by the sharp investors. All the universally connected urban town planning standards were taken under consideration whereas planning and creating the Al Noor Orchard. The finest experts were enlisted to preserve the tall benchmarks that the engineers continuously guarantee.

Location Map

Al Noor Orchard has the foremost interesting area among the modern gated communities in Lahore. Found on Primary Sharaqpur Street at a fairly few minutes’ drive from Faizpur Interchange on M2 Motorway, its vicinity to Ring Road, G.T Street, Lahore Sialkot Bypass, Multan Road, Orange Line, and Metro makes it effortlessly open and near from all over within the city.

The extend is found outside of the city whereas keeping in intellect the consolation and ease of the inhabitants. Found on main Sharaqpur Street, the property is associated with all fundamental commercial zones of the city. It is adjoining to M2 Motorway and the Grand Trunk road. With a couple of minutes’ drive to Lahore-Sialkot Bypass, Al Noor Orchard holds a critical area. It gives a calm and serene environment absent from the city whereas the city being a couple of minutes away which makes it effortlessly available. You’ll appreciate both city life and country life with the area property holds. This area is additionally perfect since it is fairly few minutes absent from the Multan Street and orange line and other primary commercial units of the city.

location map of al noor orchard Lahore


Master Plan

master plan of al noor orchard Lahore



The developers have planned the property in such a way that the residents don’t have to compromise on their luxurious lifestyle yet they enjoy living peacefully with all the basic and lavish day-to-day needs. The layout itself is very smartly planned with proper roads to commute. The property consists of parks and commercial zones to balance the living ambiance. It is like a complete city in the city. 40 Acre land has been allotted for this project which is divided into several blocks that offer plots of 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal for sale.

The Al Noor Orchard Lahore`s administration obtained endorsed NOC from Lahore Development Authority (LDA). The NOC was affirmed in later 2019 and elected for the society was held in later 2018. More than 150 plots were elected in Blocks A and B. The NOC empowered the engineers to start with the work on framework improvement. You’ll moreover get to the authoritatively endorsed NOC from the LDA site.


Al Noor Orchard Plot for Sale

Al-Noor Orchard maybe a created lodging society to supply lavish plots land region. The society is partitioned into the four Blocks to superior oversee and offer diverse sizes of plots with differing highlights which goes by Block A, Block B, Block C, and Block D. Each block offers a variety of plot options available for sale;

  1. 3 Marla
  2. 5 Marla
  3. 10 Marla
  4. 1 Kanal


Plots for sale in Al Noor Orchard Block A

35 X 0 – 65 x 0 65 23 KANAL
67 – 5 X 61 – 11 1 0.79 KANAL


Plots for sale in Al Noor Orchard Block B

22 X 6 – 33 X 6 24 3.46 KANAL
25 X 0 – 45 X 0 155 31 KANAL
35 X 0 – 65 X 0 65 32.5 KANAL
OTHER 44 13.32 KANAL
25 X 0 – 50 X 0 6 1.37 KANAL


Commercial Plots by Al Noor Orchard Lahore

The gated community not only offers residential plots but commercial plots as well. The location of these plots is central which is why the probability of the business growing is tall. Al Noor Orchard offers 4 Marla commercial plots. The details of these plots in Block A are as below;

30 X 0 – 30 X 0 29 4.9 KANAL
16 X 2 – 30 X 0 1 0.09 KANAL


The details of commercial plots in Block B are as follows;

30 X 0 – 30 X 0 10 1.62 KANAL
TOTAL 18 10.23 KANAL


Al Noor Orchard Payment Plan 2021

Costs and installment plans change from time to time keeping in determining the advertise slant of the genuine domain property showcase. Each division offers different extravagances and amenities and typically the reason that plot costs change from segment to division and with plot sizes.

Block A Payment plan

The installment plan for this block is divided into 40-monthly installments over the span of 4 years. This block offers plots of 10 Marla for sale, details of which are as follows:

 10 MARLA 6,352,500 1,500,000 800,000 4,052,000 57,333 251,311


Block B Payment Plan

The payment plan for Block B is similar to what of Block A as it too offers 40 Monthly installments with in a total time period of 4 years. The plots available for sale in this block are of 5 Marla and 10 Marla. Detailed as below;

5 MARLA 3,500,000 875,000 700,000 1,925,000 35,000 75,000
 10 MARLA 6,050,000 1,450,000 750,000 3,850,000 52,333 250,954


3.5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

A 5-year payment plan is also offered on 3.5 Marla and 3.5 marla (FP) in block B, details are as follows:

3.5 MARLA 5,700,000 140,000 1,150,000 3,150,000 40,000 1,115,000
3.5 MARLA (FP) 5,940,000 1,500,000 1,200,000 3,240,000 45,000 99,000



  • An additional amount of 1000 Rs per Marla in the case of plots, 2000 Rs per Marla in case of houses, and 25000 Rs for 5 Marla plots will be charged as processing fees.
  • Moreover, on 5 and 8, Marla Plot that is facing 40 feet street must be charged an additional 5% and 10% additional on 45 feet road. In the case of a 10 Marla Plot on a 45 feet street, the charges will be 5% additional. Though on 10 and 20 Marla Plot on 50 feet street extra charges will be 10%, 15% on 55 feet street and, 20% on 60 feet road. Plots in front of primary boulevards from 80 feet and over will be charged at 35%. On Corner of Park Facing Plot a 10% extra will be charged, in case of a corner plus park facing an additional amount of 15% will be charged. lastly, 5% Additional on Plot Confronting Commercial will be charged.


Amenities offered by Alnoor Orchard Lahore

Al Noor Orchard Lahore could be an arranged lodging society that gives all the advanced amenities and conveniences with highly-efficient frameworks. The high-level of sumptuous facilities are incomparable in the country. This lodging society is a favoring for the individuals of Lahore. All the facilities are advertised by the commitment and honest work of the regarded engineers. Engineers and designers are working every day to fulfill their guarantee. It is outlined to supply a chance for each course of the family to live a reasonable and extravagant life. Following are some of the amenities offered by the project:


This project moreover contains a primary Jamiah Mosque which could be a colossal structural thought. People from all over within the society can come to offer five-time supplications in a calm and peaceful environment. Individuals can, without much of a hassle, offer their prayers and other devout commitments. The mosque has the most excellent interior and exterior design, be that as it may, visitors are provided all the specified necessities and perfect environment for their supplications.


This private venture is a secured neighborhood with all high-level security endeavors through and through. It is encompassed by a boundary wall that fair has restricted any undesirable way to enter or exit the society. The complete extend is outfitted with the foremost later innovation and a committed security officer group that’s totally arranged for any incident or mischance. These watches are posted at different centers all through the lodging to keep up the respectability of the lodging arrangement. A working organization of CCTV cameras is additionally presented within the whole zone to screen all the works out giving secure heaven to your family.


The streets, constructed properties and, another significant framework is created with polished skills and the latest technology gear to preserve the culminate advancement. This was made conceivable by the commitment of the engineers and the engineers who have worked all through the development time plans to supply a cutting-edge private society.

Non-Stop Power Supply

Al Noor Orchard has guaranteed that the occupants of this private venture bargain with no issues by any implies, so to arrange of any power outrages; standby power generators are presented locally to ensure a smooth and nonstop power supply. Subsequently, the extension offers a total load shedding free zone.

Underground Wiring

The designers have guaranteed the aesthetics of the society by giving the fundamental utilities from laying the power lines underground. This makes society secure and wonderful. Since the advanced lodging society with old-fashioned shafts and overhead dangling wires give away a bulky and repulsive idea.


Gas is another essential utility that’s the requirement of each and every resident. The society has conveniently provided the gas framework to the doorsteps of the inhabitants to create beyond any doubt the arrangement of extravagant life with all the amenities and comforts.


Society`s engineers have made sure beyond any doubt that the inhabitants will live a lavish life with a solid and close relationship with nature and for this open recreational parks are created. In these parks, families and their children may spend their relaxation time and live a cheerful sound life.

Community Center

The society is advertising an extraordinary community club for inhabitants to assemble at events and perform social exercises that itself could be a solid action for the inhabitants. It’ll give the inhabitants a chance to meet with each other, make a bond, and gotten to be a family who is there for each other in need.

Smart Waste Management System

A fizzled waste disposal framework completely falls flat in a lodging society. The disposal component of the society is planned with the capability to manage up with all the overwhelming waste stack of the project. This will be an exceedingly productive framework with high-tech hardware and vehicles.

Water Filtration Plant

An extravagant way of life requires premium quality living comforts. Typically, the reason that the designers and organizers have consolidated the facility of the purest shape of drinking water through the water filtration process from the water filtration plant within the lodging society.

Hospitals and Clinics

Having a healthcare office near to one’s domestic is imperative. Al Noor Orchard recognizes the reality and gives nonstop prosperity by giving a fabulous hospital and clinic facility for its occupants with the foremost later and progressed advances and gear that are taken care of and worked by qualified specialists and trained staff to ensure complete care that is to be given to the residents. 


Q1: What is Al-Noor Orchard and how is it distinctive from other lodging properties?

Answer: Al-Noor is a moved forward form of a lodging society created with cutting-edge and high-tech innovations. It is a progressed developed society located near to the Lahore-Gujranwala Road. It is as it were a couple of minutes’ drive absent from the major commercial areas of the city which makes it distinctive from other properties.

Q2: is the property LDA approved?

Answer: Yes, Al Noor Orchard LDA approved and holds a valid NOC.

Q3: Is the development work in process?

Answer: Yes, the fast-paced advancement work is being carried out by the engineers without any delays to supply uninterrupted amenities to the speculators within the remaining Blocks of the society.

Q4: Are the plots available at a reasonable price?

Answer: Yes, the plots in all segments of private and commercial zones are profoundly reasonable compared to the worldwide standard facilities and conveniences. The differing nature of the plots is being advertised by society.

Q5: Does this society contains a potential positive investment return?

Answer: This property is a wonderful and reasonable lodging society with 100% potential to offer returns on ventures.