Al-Kabir Town Apartments

To live in a luxurious apartment has been your desire since you were a child. However, your longing for the fulfillment of your desire is ending here. Al Kabir Town offers you the opportunity to have your apartment. This project of al Kabir town overtook all other projects in facilitating their residents with luxurious and peaceful lodgings.

The luxurious apartments in Al Kabir town creates an amazing atmosphere of quality and convenience that makes every moment of your life memorable. You can now wake up to spectacular views of a wonderful neighborhood, which will refresh your body, mind, and spirit as you engage on another exciting day.

Al Kabir Apartments offers a relaxing and soothing influence on its residents, enhancing social and familial bonding, which is necessary for your peace of mind. A team of reputed architects and interior designers designed it on outstanding themes.

About Al-Kabir Town Apartments

Al-Kabir Town Apartments is one of Al-Kabir Developers’ LDA-approved buildings on Main Raiwand Road in Lahore. It’s a project in the town of Al-Kabir. Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III are the three phases of Al-Kabir Town. The Al-Kabir Town Apartments project has been launched in Al-Kabir Town’s Phase I and Phase II. These apartments come with either one or two bedrooms. In both Phases I and II, the apartment sizes are the same.

Developers of Al-Kabir town

Al-Kabir Developers is working on a project called Al-Kabir Town Apartments. Following the successful launch of Phases I and II, the developers announced the launch of a new project in which they plan to construct luxury apartments in both phases of Al-Kabir Town. The housing project developers are a group of planners, designers, architects, builders, and engineers who are highly professional, efficient, dedicated, and skilled. They constructed residential apartments in accordance with the standards and protocols provided by the relevant authorities.

Al-Kabir town apartment location

The Al-Kabir Town Apartments are nicely located along the Main Raiwand Road. The Raiwand Road is easily accessible to Phase I and Phase II. Several well-known residential societies are within walking distance of the housing community.

Apartment for sale in Al-Kabir town

The developers have designed the apartments according to your living standard and taste. All the apartments for sale in Al-Kabir town are located parallel. You can choose your apartment now. Check out the complete details and point out your dream lodge. We will help you get you there.

Master plan of the apartments in Al-kabir town

Master plan of the apartments in Al-kabir town

Payment plan of the apartments in Al-kabir town


In phase-I there are standard and luxurious apartments. The payment plan is here below.

Standard Apartments

Category Booking 60 monthly installments On balloting On possession Total price
650 SQ FT 300000 20000 150000 350000 2000000
950 SQ FT 500000 25000 250000 550000 2800000


Luxury Apartments

Category Booking 60 monthly installments On balloting On possession Total price
700 SQ FT 500000 22000 200000 500000 2500000
1100 SQ FT 800000 35000 250000 800000 4000000



Apartments in phase 2 are also available at agreeable and affordable prices. We can help you in buying standard and luxury apartments in phase-II of Al-Kabir town.

Standard apartments

Category Booking 60 monthly installments Installments after 6 month On possession Total price
650 SQ FT 400000 23000 80000 800000 3400000
950 SQ FT 600000 27500 150000 1000000 4750000

Luxury Apartments

Category Booking 60 monthly installments Annual Installments On balloting   On Possession Total price
750 SQ FT 500000 30000 150000 700000 700000 4450000
1050 SQ FT 800000 45000 200000 700000 800000 6000000

Studio Apartments

Category Booking 40 monthly installments Every 6 month Installments On Possession Total price
450 SQ FT 300000 28500 100000 500000 2750000


These features really would bring you here to buy an apartment. You are looking for a well-developed and designed home, but also you want facilities at your doorstep. So, don’t be anxious about it. Al-Kabir town offers you unique and matchless apartments with basic and luxurious facilities.

  • Car parking is covered with sheets for protecting your vehicles from stormy rain and hales.
  • 24 hours security services make you free of any risk
  • Uninterrupted power supply let you continue your daily work schedule
  • The structure of the apartments is earthquake resistant
  • There are a roof-top garden where you can spend your precious weekend
  • Roof-top restaurants add more to the significance and beauty of the apartments
  • There is also a mini-theater where you can watch your favorite series
  • Al-Kabir town has always been caring about your fitness problem. There are standard gyms where you can maintain your health.
  • There are roof-top swimming pools which make the apartments according to international standards.
  • The high-speed elevators save your time and also give you easiness.
  • A gated community helps you interact with your neighbours and create a peaceful community
  • There are fire-fighting pieces of equipment that enable you to cope with any kind of fire incidents.


We always care about you and your living standard. Set up your journey toward a better future for you and your family. You will be glad to know that we can help you in buying your favourite apartment. Al-Kabir town comes true on all your expectation and needs. If you are curious and want to know more about Al-Kabir town apartments, click here sigma properties.