Reasons to invest in park view city

Park View City is an admirable real estate project initiated by the Vision Group and monitored by Mr. Aleem Khan himself. The project is approved by the legal authorities and this makes it a good decision to invest in the Park View City, moreover the prime location of Park View City is no less to attract investors. Park View City offers both, Commercial block and the Residential block, for the purpose to attract the investors as well the residents to live and experience a luxurious lifestyle.

It is located in the capital City of Pakistan and has a lot of needed amenities available around hence it is a prime spot to make investment. The investment at any real estate project in Islamabad is highly recommended in these days however the Park View City assures a good returns in means of profit and following are the major reasons that may intrigue you into buying a property at the Park View City:

Prime Location of the Park View City

Whenever the investors decide to make an investment, the core decision depends on the location of the property because a lot of benefits come along with it being a prime spot. However, the location of the Park View City is convenient enough to become the major reason why you should make at this project.

Park view city is at prime location,  park view city location Iv zone is extremely beautiful at the hilly area that gives a breath taking view of the Margalla Hills. Along with the scenic beauty the society is situated near to the Malot road next to the Islamabad´s famous, Kurri road. The Park View City can be reached within 20 minutes of drive from the Blue Area Islamabad.

Trustworthy Developers

One of the reasons to invest in park view city and most important thing to see while making an investment in Pakistan is to make sure that the investors that are involved in the development and ownership of the project are trustworthy enough. The reason is that the property dealings are done on a huge amount and a major risk is involved if the owners does not have a trustable past record.

The Park View City has a major benefit of having the trustable owners and developers with a good record of history in property dealings, Mr. Aleem khan (a member of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf), has monitored the project´s development. The company called Vision Group has several real estate projects all over Pakistan and they have also turned out to be successful, hence Park View guarantees the same level of trustworthy dealings.

Affordable Plots/Prices of Park view city

The investor have to be sure about the returns but in the first place it is also very important to see if the property is affordable enough to be bought without taking the loan from anyone. Park View City makes this easier as the payment plan is kept convenient along with the prices being extremely low and affordable.

One of the reasons to invest in park view city is that the plot´s prices range between 4.5 Million and & 6 Million along with a strategic benefit of 1.5 Million on the purchase in the Overseas block. The overall plots are affordable but prominently the Overseas Block have an amazing price range.

NOC and Land Approval of Park view city

There is no point in making investment when the project is illegal because this will prevent the returns and in fact put the investor in trouble. Hence one major concern of all investors is to make sure that the property they are investing in is legal.

One of the reasons to invest in park view city is it’s legally approved by the Capital Development Authority and have received a No Objection Certificate, which is a mandate for any housing project in Islamabad or else the project becomes illegal and brings trouble to the investors as well as the owners.

Security and Maintenance of Parkview city

The additional benefit for any project is it being the separate gated community. The investors may know that this ads security and it is beneficial in many ways, specially in Pakistan. The Park View City is a completely separate gated community that has a 24/7 CCTV coverage to make the area even more safe.

Easy payment Plans

The basic concern of every investor is the payment plan, which if made convenient can be very beneficial. As most of us cannot pay a huge amount all at once, the Park View City has helped the investors by introducing a 3 Year payment plan so that the investors may pay on their easiest convenience.

Along with this the booking rates are extremely low. The Overseas Block prominently has the most reasonable prices in the whole society.

Parks and other amenities

The additional benefits are a plus point that intrigues any investor to invest in property. The Park View City has an eco-friendly environment because of the beautiful parks and recreational areas within the society that adds freshness in the air and a beautiful lush green view. These parks can be an evening spot for families to spend good time, also the free internet is provided at several spots.

Basic areas and design

One of the reasons to invest in park view city is that the designers have planned the society in such a way that basic requirements are kept in consideration, it is made sure that places like mosques, schools, hospitals and malls are provided within and around the project. These places are slightly important for people who intends to spend any time in the area, so they do not have to go long ways finding such amenities.

Park View City Overseas Block is rated as the best Investment

There are recently many astonishing real estate projects developing in Islamabad. However, the Park View City is extremely amazing, also its overseas block is rated to be the best investment project recently. All the investors who have not yet made the decision of where to invest, are highly recommend in the Overseas Block of the Park View City due to its endless benefits and great discount offers.

The overseas block of the Park View City is designed with a modern infrastructure and endless facilities to make sure that any residents get to experience the same level of comfort that they can possible feel abroad.

And one reason is Park view city environmental initiatives .