9 Reasons to Invest in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City is a highly recommended society to make investments in Islamabad. The Capital Smart City is an astonishing project that has been designed by the most experienced developers from Singapore,  Surbana Jurong, and well known Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd. Society is known to be the smartest plan of the City by far.

There are several reasons to invest in the capital smart city why this society is recommended to the investors. Besides having an amazing master plan Capital Smart City is also situated at a prime spot in Islamabad.


One of the reasons to invest in a capital smart city is its prime location. There is nothing better for an investor than having an added benefit from a single expenditure. The spot where the Capital Smart City is located, M2 Motorway which firstly gives the benefit of being near to the Islamabad International airport. Secondly, it is also conveniently reached from outside of the City because the entrance is granted via Rawalpindi too.

An extremely prime location of the Capital Smart City clearly gives an investor a double benefit on a single property, the reason being the access of the society to Rawalpindi along with Islamabad. Not to forget that the area where the Capital Smart City is located is also very silent and peaceful as it is away from the hustle and the bustle of the rest of the City.


One major concern of all the investors is to be sure that the investment they are making holds a background of some strong party. This project assures the trustworthiness of the developers and designers of the Capital Smart City. Along with this, a huge return of profit is guaranteed to the investors of the Capital Smart City. As mentioned earlier, the designer of the CSC is from Singapore and extremely experienced hence the infrastructure is designed luxurious and convenient that’s why to invest in a capital smart city.


One of the reasons to invest in a capital smart city is an amazing master plan and modern infrastructure along with the comfortable and convenient lifestyle have made this project rated to be the smartest Capital City of all. Obviously, any investor is concerned about the rate of returns, and Capital Smart City, being the best, assures a good return to the investors.

The design is made in such a way that a lot of needed facilities are made available to the residents so that a complete lifestyle with luxury can be offered. The resources are used to utilize the maximum of its capacity and the smart technologies are used to upsurge efficacy. that’s why to invest in a capital smart city.


The investors are highly concerned about the property being legal or illegal because the illegal property can give losses and a lot of trouble to the investor. The developers called Habib Rafique Private Limited are highly concerned about this issue and they have made sure that none of the investors get into trouble.

As a real estate project in Islamabad, there are some legal stages that need to be fulfilled and Capital Smart City has been successful in attaining these. The Capital Smart City is a CDA approved project and also the NOC of the Capital Smart City is recently o be granted. By far the total land that has been completely approved by the RDA authorities is around 8000 Kanals.


As an investor, the prime concern lies in the property being cost-effective along with an easy payment plan. The providers of the Capital Smart City have kept in consideration the ease of the investors, knowing that they would also have to bear paying the taxes the amount of property. One of the reasons to invest in a capital smart city is easy installment plan of 3 to 4 years has been introduced for the cause, along with the prices kept affordable.


The Capital Smart City has almost every facility available for the purpose to serve the best. The investor does not have to worry about the supply of basics like gas, water, electricity, internet connection even transport. Several recreational activities are made within society for the cause to relax and an added benefit is there because of a beautiful golf course that is present within the society.

The metro bus is provided within, along with the lush green beautiful and fresh environment, underground electricity wiring to avoid fluctuation, within malls, clubs, gyms, mosque and a lot more have been provided. The Capital Smart City is currently the best option to be availed for any investor who is looking for a property with endless benefits.


When an investor invests in Pakistan, security holds a basic concern because privacy and safety are most important in our country. However, Islamabad is overall a secure City, but an added benefit to the Capital Smart City is it being the gated community. This is beneficial for any investor who invests in the Residential block or even in the Commercial block.

The 24/7 CCTV coverage is extremely convenient for all the investors and this guards the whole society. This gives peace of mind and extreme convenience to anyone who wants to reside and even for those who do not live but buys a property at the Capital Smart City. That’s why People invest in smart cities.


There is a plan of constructing a financial square within the Capital Smart City for the purpose to facilitate the investors. The plan of the Financial Square is to have several commercial units along with the Residential blocks. The Financial Square tends to be a perfect spot for the companies and in general, it will be the financial hub of the society.

This unique idea by the international designer of Capital Smart City has intrigued a lot of investors.


Investors mostly look for beautiful locations, the reason being the importance of land that is situated in the beautiful area is extremely high. It attracts anyone even passing by and adds extra serene to the environment. There is a breathtaking view at the Capital Smart City of Skyline, which attracts almost everyone.

Along with this benefit of having scenic beauty, the society has a serene and peaceful environment due to the least traffic pollution and noise. One of the reasons to invest in a capital smart city is the roads of the Society within as well around are very wide and spacious enough to run the traffic smoothly to avoid the jams and also the vehicle parking is made convenient.

There are a few major reasons to invest in a capital smart city are mentioned above to explain why in general the CSC is the best option for the investors, however, there are many more reasons to buy a property in the Capital Smart City, Islamabad.