6 Situations When You Need a Financial Advisor

Do you know enough about Financial Management to take care of all your investing yourself ? . Or do you need advice from a seasoned expert ? .

These questions come up for millions of Pakistanis’ each year.

If any of the situations given below describes you, you could benefit from Investor Care .

Program offered by Sigma Properties:

  1. You’re retiring soon– Maximizing retirement income requires smart decisions around complex topics such as term-deposits with a bank. Keeping cash in hand and investing it for better capital gains.
  2. You inherited money– Have you noticed prize-bond winners often end up having nothing in hand and sometimes declare bankruptcy? . It is difficult to manage sudden increases in wealth.
  3. You manage your own investments– Individual investors should check their strategies with unbiased and trusted third parties. You may be overlooking a lot of
  4. You have children– Whether you’re saving for their education, wedding or planning their inheritance, there are several ways to ensure your children are taken care of.
  5. You have a Financial adviser – Depending on how you chose your adviser, there may be a better one for you. Family referrals are convenient but don’t always produce results.
  6. You want to build wealth– If you’re still decades from retirement, good decisions today can add thousands to your accounts which you can inherit to your children.

Financial advice from the industry expert before making a real estate investment is as necessary as oxygen for life.

Through Sigma Investor Care Program, we are bound to act in your best interests. If you are ready to get the benefit of this program to achieve your financial goals early and easily;  fill the form below.

* this is a free service. We do not charge.

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