In Budget 2021-22 Pakistan, Rs 96 Billion Reserved  For Parliamentarian’s Schemes

On Wednesday, the federal government approved a grant of Rs 96 billion for parliamentarian’s schemes in budget 2021-22 Pakistan. The lawmakers recommended the plans for spending the amount.

The total expenditure of Rs96 billion includes Rs74 billion for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Achievement Programme, which is not part of the usual development programme approval procedure.

According to Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin, the Cabinet’s Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) approved a diversion of Rs456 million to the interior ministry to fulfill the SDGs Achievement Program’s requirements.

The PTI government had approved Rs 24 billion budget for the SDGs plan in budget 2021-22. The government has previously approved further grants for lawmakers’ programs.

However, the government of Pakistan has requested a huge portion of Rs74 billion for the SDGs program in the next budget 2021-22. This amount is 208 percent higher than the actual budget for this year.

The planning and development ministry has another amount of Rs18 billion to set aside as SDGs supplementary funds.

The PML-N government spent Rs32.6 billion on the PM’s SDGs Achievement Fund in the past year. Both the PML-N and the PTI, to advance their political goals, used the name of SDG.

If the project’s cost exceeds Rs10 billion, the standard approval process requires the Planning Commission to review it first, then the Central Development Working Party, and lastly, the Executive Committee of the National Economic Committee.

For example, 20 road projects were approved in haste on May 27 and are parked under the finance ministry and given an allocation of Rs22 billion for the next fiscal year.

For example, on May 27, 20 road projects were approved in a hurry and parked under the finance ministry, with a budget of Rs22 billion for the upcoming budget 2021-22.

According to authorities from the Planning Ministry, the overall budget for initiatives increased to Rs96 billion, which lawmakers approved directly or indirectly.

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